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  1. That's not a R35 that's a JZA80 supra. http://www.veilsidejpn.com/en/product/toyota/veilside4509gtr.php
  2. I have used them too last month. Part arrived fast and communication with them was great. One thing though, if you choose to pay with paypal go back to your receipt and click the pay button. It doesn't go automaticly like with ebay. I didn't know and they contacted me and ask if I had trouble paying.
  3. Hi You can read this thread for info. It's been done in a r33. Don't know if it will be the same as a r32 four door but maybe it can clear some things for you.
  4. Hi Mate, nice build. Great that you were able to get the car in the 12's on stock ecu and a shot of nitrous, very impressive.
  5. Hi Josh. Nice thread. Hope it goes well on the dyno. Do you have a picture of the speakers installed? I'm looking for new speakers too. I bought pioneers for the front but they won't fit in the back. Did you have to modify for them to fit?
  6. Hi everyone. I'm also very interested in knowing this.
  7. Vibrant performance has one too. http://vibrantperformance.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=1527_1032_1535_1052&products_id=1166 Don't know if they sell them in AUS.
  8. Hi, that's the water hose that goes from the intake manifold to the turbo. There should be a hard pipe that goes from that hose to the turbo. At least that's how mine was. @kingtube69 You got to go lower in you pics, near the 6th injector. Right at the end of the manifold to see it.
  9. Hi, try this part number 48955-35F20. Steering column dust cover.
  10. Hi Jonic. Which transmission hose if I may ask? Thanks,
  11. Any update on this? I'm having the same problem with my car and curious to know if you found the problem, thanks.
  12. Subscribed! this looks like an interesting project. Don't know much about that engine but keen to see it's potential.
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