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  1. Bit of a revival but I got a new battery fitted as my old one was dead. Also today I found out the grounds for the water temp and TPS? ( you know the two on the intake mani) we’re disconnected. so I grounded them to the inlet mani and now I can get my TPS set to .48v closed and 4.16 WOT. Great if anyone has issues like mine, make sure your grounds and connected and clean. The grounds are in the pic.
  2. Hi. Recently just discovered one of the ports for the power steering was blocked off? sorry for bad pic but basically the hose that I’ve circled in red has been cut and had a bolt clamped in the hose to block it what would be the reason behind this?
  3. Thanks for the reply. Yeah I’ve got a nistune, okay so the red wire is fine? what volts should the black wire be? Okay ill try my 34 TB Thanks
  4. So after going FFP on my r34, used R33 throttle body. I figured I should adjust my TPS as when I swapped my R34 TPS onto the R33 throttle body it was most likely off. So after reading through various posts on here I found my answer quickly. Probe the three wires until I find the signal wire and adjust TPS until .4-.5v. Easy enough.... Trouble is the signal wire (white) reads at minimum 1.00v and won’t go lower and full throttle reads adjusts 4.65v max black wire reads 0.83v which is crazy as it should read 12v right? the red wire reads 5.91v and should also read 12v? do I need a new TPS? Should I try a S2 tps?
  5. Yeah I always just assumed it was prob just an r33 box until I seen the mounting holes.
  6. just wanting to know what gearbox is this and if it’s a push or pull type clutch? The car is an R34 GTT NEO, factory auto but has been converted to manual prior to my ownership. Hope this image helps lol
  7. Ok seems a good idea, I’ll give it a shot. thanks
  8. Ok so after a few months of upgrading the turbo on my RB25DET Neo, had new manifold, top mount holset hx32, custom oil feed line, return and exhaust. bla bla all the required parts, primes the turbo with new oil, removed spark and cranked engine over. No oil what so ever came out of the oil feed line, tried cranking about 4 times. Still nothing. Removed oil feed like completely from the block to check for any possible blockages and kinks. The line is good. So I left the line off the block and cranked a couple times and not even a drop of oil cane out the side of the block ! It’s been sitting in my drive and last time it was started was July, could the oil pump be seized? checked the dipstick the oil still looked quite clean (still gold tbh) and no sludge. Should I take the sump off and inspect the pickup tube ? Need advice please Rory.
  9. Lmaooo f**k sake I have a multimeter. I tried yesterday but think I f**ked up it was only showing 0.4someathing at idle, I’ll try the other plug as I’m guessing that one I tested was the sender maybe?
  10. Got some time to look at the car again, what’s the best way to measure the voltage on the pump?
  11. Hi all, deleted the bov recirc and oil breather - the two pipes the connect to the turbo intake pipe. I have blocked them with bungs. Now wondering where do I put the hose that goes to the boost controller/solenoid. As the nipple it used to connect to was on of the pipes that I removed. Where’s the best place to put it? T it with something else or drill a hole in the intake and put it there? Thanks
  12. Bought a branded fpr(malpassi/sytec) it adjust below 40 psi no problem needle is still. As soon as I get to 40psi it flutters like crazy. What else could caus this? Don’t think ther is a fuel leak anywhere doesnt sound sweet either, could be injector maybe?
  13. It adjusts down and needle doesn’t fluctuate. Gets to 3 bar and doesn’t get any higher and fluctuates. what’s a good brand fpr? Malpassi any good?
  14. Put new pump in, the only difference now is the needle sits at around 3 bar but it’s fluctuating like mad and still won’t adjust pressure up or down 😔😔
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