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  1. Really a blocked cat can do that? Ok thanks mate. I will have to find a diagnostic tool with the consult end or take it to a shop.
  2. Hey mate. Everything is stock expect the exhaust with is a hks. No cant be fuel, i havent filled up since the conversion and it was running great before when auto. Does it matter that its still running auto ecu? Ok thanks i will have a look at those sensors, is there a way to test them?
  3. Hey guys i just recently got my r34 manual converted. since i have had it back it has been running slugish (worse then my NA r34). so while driving it the boost gauge goes up in boost and you can hear the turbo spooling but it feels like i am not getting any boost at all! the part that seems weird is that it seemed to drive normal when cold? (felt like it had boost. i didnt test that to ghard though since the car was cold) any help would be much appreciated, thank you
  4. Update: hey everyone i was playing around with the car and i think i have narrowed the problem down to a turbo issue. it seems like i am getting no boost. the boost gauge reads all the way up the top of the gauge at max and i can hear the turbo spalling but it feels like im getting none of it? does anyone know what could be wrong from that kind of an issue? is the bov broken? thank you
  5. Thank you for that, i will check that out as well. It could be anything at thid point haha. It does run guttless so it could be that
  6. Ok definitely will try that tomorrow. Do you think it could be a boost leak causing all this?
  7. Thanks for the tips mate, i will check that out too
  8. No mate, everything is stock except the catback. Everything else is standard
  9. Ok thanks for the tip mate. It wasn't me who did the conversion, i got it done from a shop so i really hope its not the wiring because i wouldn't know what to do then because the shop isnt sure why its like that either. I will charge the coils anyway and will put some spitfires in. I should also add that at random points in the higher rpm it seems to kick in and then drops back out again. Sorry for all the questions and stuff
  10. Ok thanks mate i will give the diagnostic tool ago and see what it finds when i get home. The car seemed to run fine before it was converted. If the car was running fine before could it still be the coils? Also the car has no aftermarket mods except a hks catback
  11. Hey everyone. I just got a manual conversion done on my 1998 r34 gtt and now it is running funny. It revs very slow and goes slower then my na r34 now. It is still running the auto ecu. Im thinking that might be the problem? Or maybe the coils? Please anyone that has had this kind of problem let me know. Ps. Sorry if this is in the wrong part of the forums
  12. Thanks alot mate, i will give this ago
  13. Hey guys. first of all i would like to say sorry if i have put this post in the wrong place, this is my first post. i have bought this r34 NA and all the vacuum lines are disconnected. im having trouble finding pictures or diagrams of the vacuum lines for a NA rb25de neo. does any one have a diagram or pictures of theirs please?