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  1. That sounds just like the problem i am javing mate. Mine runs prefect when cold and as soon as it gets to op temp the boost wont kick in till about 3k rpm and then after 4k rpm it pops and cuts in and out. I have tried new spitfire coils and plugs gapped to 0.8mm, manual boost controller and redoing vac lines and its still doing it
  2. Thanks mate. Im having a weird issue too. Does your car run perfect when it is cold?
  3. @zirbmail hey mate sorry to bring back this old thread but did you end up fixing the issue? If so what ended up fixing it? Thank you
  4. Sorry thats my fault this thread is 4 pages long. Im pretty new to this kind of thing and very new to turbos. Remove the boost solenoid altogether? Wouldnt it make the ecu upset? Yeah thats all done, the only line i had to block was the line near the wastegate. I think i have it set up correctly. The wastegate vac to the waste gate side of the boost tee and then the vaccum line form the intercooler return pipe that comes from back of turbo to the boost side of boost tee. Yes i did, i had it set all the way anticlock wise with one click clockwise so it was opened alittle bit
  5. Hey @GTSBoy and @Robocop2310 thank you so much for your help. It turns out the vacuum lines were all wrong. I connected the turbo outlet pipe vac line to the boost tee and just blocked off the turbo inlet vent line off and the car seems to run perfect now. It still seems like the boost kicks in around 3k but it doesnt cut out anymore and feels much smoother.
  6. Thanks mate i will try that. I can see the one your talkong about that goes from the tirbo outlet pipe so i will connect the turbo boost tee to that on the turbo side nip. Where does the turbo inlet vent line go to?
  7. Hey guys, still no luck looks like i will just have to bite the bullet and take it to a shop hopefully this week. I did however notice something. When i get to 3krpm ans the boost kicks in until it hits just under 4k rpm. When i hit the 4k rpm the car does a loud pop noise from the exhuast (this is just as thr boost cuts out) and the check engine light comes on for about 2 to 3 seconds and then turns off again. Thanks guys for all the replys
  8. Thanks mate, will give it ago. Should i adjust the manual boost controller or is the setting its on good? (Turned all the way anti clock wise) with one click clock wise)
  9. Hahah sorey mate, everytime i reload this page the order of photos keep changing. This is the photo of where the 2 lines are going to off the manual boost controller
  10. Ps. Irgone my edit the photo order kept charging so i changed where wach photo is. 1st two photos are turbo tee. Last photo is throttle body
  11. Thanks mate, i will show you want i have done before i test it. I hope the photos arent confusing. The 2rd and 3rd are of the turbo tee. Waste gate to tee and i couldnt find anyother line down there so that has to be for the turbo that other line near the waste gate? Anyway thats connected to the turbo tee. I blocked off the sononoid. I blocked off the tee piece that was going back from the turbo to the intercooler. Also that line that is coming from the throttle body is already connected to something else (first picture)
  12. Thanks mate, will give this ago. Im probaby thinking it will have to go to a mechanic as well. I was hoping to avoid that because im kinda broke after the manual conversion. I have checked and cleaned afm before because thats what i tried first. Also changed coils and sparks as well. Fingerscrossed this works.
  13. Ok so i would just attach the vac line that is in white direct to the boost controlller and then just block off that other line or leave it open? Thanks mate
  14. Ok so i would just attach the vac line that is in white direct to the boost controlller and then just block off that other line?
  15. Ok i will get rid if the t piece. Switch one do i have the other end of the boost control go to? The white circle or the black circle? And do i just block the other one off or just leave it with nothing? Sorry for the dumb questions
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