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  1. Can anyone help source these parts, or give me part numbers ? front lip with allowance for bumper vent as shown in pic, rear wraps, side skirts Thanks
  2. Anyone have the above ? OEM type front lip that fits stock bumper with vent on passenger side (see image) side skirts rear bumper wraps Shipping will be required
  3. SO to bring this back up the car was re-tuned by a second tuner, who has left my evc turned off, as again the setup was creeping. I did have the boost controller working but he seen no point leaving the evc on as the turbo was creeping on its own to the area of boost intended to run. I maxed out my fuelling so the 570 injectors will be coming out, to allow beyond 1.3/1.4 bar of tune. He also thinks a precision wastegate will solve the creep, The creep is giving a very linear delivery rather than coming on boost harder.
  4. That’s definitely happening buddy. Will be wired with relay for full power. I’m also moving from power F.C. to link g4 plug-in anyone feed wideband into link and put parameters around it for safety ? Is it a reliable safety feature or even possible?
  5. I’m unsure of details but remember at around 1.3 bar the tuner said he was running out of fuel can I find out what duty they are at in the fuel table or is that somewhere else ?
  6. I’m hoping with the full alternator power it should provide plenty of fuel yes, currebtly wired as factory and it was struggling for fuel at 1.3 bar. Would have liked some more safety. Would raising the pressure slightly using a upgraded regulator help much ? Cheers
  7. Hi boys can anyone give some opinions on the ideal boost pressure a 3076 gen2 should be ran on a forged neo for road use ? On 97 Ron, mapped on link g4, 6 boost top mount etc and will a basic in tank 460 walbro be enough to feed enough fuel ? And 570cc r35 injectors are currently fitted? I’m thinking these may be stretched along with stock fuel pressure regulator ? opinions welcome :)
  8. I pulled the plugs and they all looked very similar dude, and ye the average of all 6 cylinders doesn’t help a lot they are very fresh r35 gtr factory injectors, would a item fail so early ? Having changed the pump the only other bits is, pump voltage regulator, fuel pressure regulator that’s factory or injectors or fuel filter(500 miles fresh z32 item)
  9. Yep I have wideband mate. Innovate. So can monitor things. It was running well, healthy, generally idled about 14.4 to 1. Then suddenly runs lumpy and reads about 17 or 18 to 1 once warmed up, needing some revs occasionally to keep it ticking over, but if I pick up the power F.C. hand commander and dump in fuel on the one time adjustment page and watch my air/fuel gauge slowly swing back, the idle sounds normal and happier, it takes up to about 1.2 or 1.3 of enrichment to start getting normal readings on the wideband gauge im only talking about idle to keep my descriptions as easy as possible, but the problem is true across the Rev range, try to drive it and it feels like dragging a big anchor unless I dump that fuel in on power F.C. commander is this all symptoms of down on compression on one cylinder. Or is this a result of running lean possibly without me noticing and it’s done a piston and hence it’s now down to 60 on one cylinder ? Chicken and egg type thing
  10. Sounds familiar to my issue, see my thread. Can you check fuel pressure ? Pump maybe failing? Mine went all sudden to running poorly and after some testing, swapping afm and fuel pump etc, I’ve found it’s down compression on one cylinder
  11. To follow this up would one cylinder down to the 60psi, cause a lumpy running motor that reads very lean on wideband? Or is it possible I have a problem that caused the engine to run lean and then do the piston ? when I up the fuel on the hand commander to 1:1.3 or so and bring the air/fuel ratio back towards what the normal readings were, the car idles and runs, quite healthy, but like a bag of crap when I just run it’s map at 1:1 so im trying to work out what has came first, is it a fuel problem that has caused lean running and melted a piston. Or is it the piston has failed and now not running right/firing properly on that one cylinder that it’s giving the lean reading sorry if that is hard to understand
  12. Yeh I’m prepared for a piston issue. It is what it is and at least if I forge I will get to run my turbo at a decent level of boost with some reliability. Lesk down test this week.
  13. So following this thread I done a compression test and have found the cylinder against the bulkhead to be about 60 psi. It’s a unopened to my knowledge neo with a 3076 at 1.4 bar. Engine was cold, rest of cylinders are about 140 so, some more checks needed and will do a leak down test soon but in experience of others, Is this likely a piston issue or a valve or a gasket ? engine runs and idles with no bad sounds etc, just lean and needs me to add fuel on the hand commander , this may or may not be connected. Many advise welcome
  14. Sooo done a quick compression check. She isn’t good boys lol. What’s the official number order by the way? 1 being at radiator, in this case below, 6 at bulk head Results on cold engine 140-150 odd on 1,2,4,5 3 gets to 140/145 but takes a few extra cranks. 6 is 60 or so and jumped to 70 odd with a little oil in the cylinder. Going to do a leak down test and bore scope next to decide what is leaking. But the car runs fine, revs fine and has no misfire or nasty noises once the fuel is adjusted on the hand commander.
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