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  1. Cool boys, thanks for that its a road car so reliability is the thing I’m after not every last horse from the engine. first thing when home is to check base timing is correct, it’s me and a friend tuning it, he’s quite clued in but the z32 will be easiest for us as it’s directly supported by the power F.C. I’m not familiar and I did try do some research about a r35afm before but it was not as straight forward as I would have liked.
  2. Hi my current power F.C. map is for a basic setup including a hks2530 on a rb25 neo. Was mapped to 1.3 bar with usual supporting mods, intercooler, r35 injectors, stock afm etc etc. with a conservative road map the car is away at my mechanics getting a new setup fitted, gtx3076 gen2, 6 boost top mount, turbosmart external gate, stock plenum remains in place. I will plug the standard afm back in, would this be ok to limp back to my home with keeping below 2500rpm and no heavy throttle? i will map it from home with a friend and change to a z32 afm then Next part of my topic its a unopened neo run on 98 ron. Not after lots of power, about 1.4 bar max would be my intended boost, would that be safe enough? I don’t want to risk the engine to much few pics of the fabricators work, I know i expect to hear should have ditched the plenum and throttle body and stuff, but at the lower power goal at this stage it will be fine, next year I may add a head gasket and studs etc, at that point I’ll privably change the plenum thanks all
  3. Is there a nicer method of water return on the rb25 ? i know the fixed rigid pipe runs into a rubber hose behind the head, just do the same ? With a braided hose and a barb type fitting ? Or what’s the method when doing a whole new turbo install other lines I’m ok with
  4. So you mount the wastegate to that v-band then pipe it away cheers
  5. Not in the uk we get the manifold and are required to make external wastegate pipe to suit
  6. I’m installing the 6 boost top mount setup on my neo. Using a turbosmart wastegate. Anyone any pics of the routing of there wastegate pipework etc ? How far away is the wastegate from the manifold etc ?
  7. Eager

    Cool lads. On the wheels turning when in the air, they turn the same way so suggests viscous, which is what I suspected as I had a s15 before with the standard helecoil diff and my car does behave differently I.e one wheel wonder at times so a Nismo is deemed a good purchase ? I struggle to find a Nismo retailer in the uk, could you recommend anywhere and I could get it shipped?
  8. Eager

    I have a 1999 gtt 4 door. Factory manual drivetrain as far as I’m aware. Any way of knowing if I have helecoil or a viscous setup ? And does that matter if I buy a 1.5 or 2 way or is it specific to the type of diff I currently have ? It’s a road car and will likely upgrade at some point cheers
  9. Eager

    Belongs wherever ya like, it’s still the most used jap tuning solution I would say and most recognised around the world. It will do my job, I’ve installed 3 link’s in previous toys and super ecu but for day to driving there wasn’t a lot of difference to my previous power F.C. tuner cars
  10. Eager

    God your really up your own aren’t ya lol. Mot doesn’t detail anything about pipe sizing either
  11. Eager

    Ive searched plenty but can’t find anyone saying exactly what they done or what’s needed
  12. Eager

    I’m thinking I’ll just run a z32 afm as getting any solid info is hard enough Donr see much point changing to nistune and I like the power F.C. hand controller if I was changing ecu it be to link or adaptronic
  13. Eager

    Yep, I gather that. Just wanted a bit of chat and experiences on the subject to try gain some know how. Is it difficult to form this table from scratch ?
  14. Anyone on here have any info on the vq table required when tuning the r35 afm on power fc. Have yet to decide but possibly 3.5” pipe or 4” thanks
  15. Eager

    Are you sure ? I thought it maxed out the voltage in a smaller pipe if it flowed to much air. Hence the need to go up to 4” but im all ears