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  1. Belongs wherever ya like, it’s still the most used jap tuning solution I would say and most recognised around the world. It will do my job, I’ve installed 3 link’s in previous toys and super ecu but for day to driving there wasn’t a lot of difference to my previous power F.C. tuner cars
  2. God your really up your own aren’t ya lol. Mot doesn’t detail anything about pipe sizing either
  3. Ive searched plenty but can’t find anyone saying exactly what they done or what’s needed
  4. I’m thinking I’ll just run a z32 afm as getting any solid info is hard enough Donr see much point changing to nistune and I like the power F.C. hand controller if I was changing ecu it be to link or adaptronic
  5. Yep, I gather that. Just wanted a bit of chat and experiences on the subject to try gain some know how. Is it difficult to form this table from scratch ?
  6. Anyone on here have any info on the vq table required when tuning the r35 afm on power fc. Have yet to decide but possibly 3.5” pipe or 4” thanks
  7. Are you sure ? I thought it maxed out the voltage in a smaller pipe if it flowed to much air. Hence the need to go up to 4” but im all ears
  8. Hmm, im not sure if the intercooler pipewoek is big enough to handle the 4” I likely need. So would need to mess about and make a new pipe there up to the throttle body is it just tuning as normal when positioned there on the cold side pipework?
  9. Or just buy one of these http://www.nzefi.com/product/afm-adapter-harness-rb25det-s2-neo-upgrading-r35-cartridge-afm/
  10. I’m not sure but I’m thinking a 3.75 or 4” pipe to suit my needs, with the extra air of the 3076, but I don’t want to go to big and loose to much low down resolution could anyone advise on that? and also, I have a tail on the plug from the r35 afm, is it only a matter of chopping my own cars afm loom plug and joining the wires? cheers
  11. And what sort of fittings do the lines need on the ends ? Banjo for water in and water out? M10 ? I know the water return end needs a special fitting to fit behind the head is oil feed from the block banjo too? I know it’s screw in fitting on the turbo
  12. So aeroquip type fittings or should ends be swaged on ?
  13. So I’m gathering up bits to help the install of my parts im fitting top mounted 3076r gen2 to a 6 boost, v band setup, rb25 neo has anyone used this kit for lines ? Or could they possibly advise on what I need, or lengths required https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/MAMBA-For-NISSAN-RB20DET-RB25DET-Turbo-Oil-Water-Line-Garrett-GTX3076R-Top-Mount/192419511661?hash=item2ccd18bd6d:g:MiAAAOSwcj1Z9huv or am I better specifying the lengths to a hose supply shop and making them fit. I gather from Garrett website I need a 1mm restrictor, 4an oil feed, oil drain large enough to freely flow but it doesn’t tell me what size water pipes to use? cheers
  14. Is it easily accessible to replace ? Need a special tool or just slip a slim spanner onto the nut between the plug and the block ? cheers
  15. Ah, a cunny funt. Excellent. Now we got the basics out of the way, how about where is it located lol and is it neo specific