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  1. Eager

    Sooo done a quick compression check. She isn’t good boys lol. What’s the official number order by the way? 1 being at radiator, in this case below, 6 at bulk head Results on cold engine 140-150 odd on 1,2,4,5 3 gets to 140/145 but takes a few extra cranks. 6 is 60 or so and jumped to 70 odd with a little oil in the cylinder. Going to do a leak down test and bore scope next to decide what is leaking. But the car runs fine, revs fine and has no misfire or nasty noises once the fuel is adjusted on the hand commander.
  2. Eager

    That’s the next plan as even at idle it’s like 16 to 1 and that’s cold start so fuel enrichment be running on power F.C. few revs to 2 or 3 thousand rpm sees 17 or 18:1 and lumpy. Add lots of fuel in the fuel adjustment area and it comes back to normal
  3. Eager

    Car still is using the factory voltage regulator or modulator at the pump. I intend to run 12v from battery, but is that something that plays up ? Other than that Is the stock fuel pressure regulator known to mess about ?
  4. Eager

    Lol. Ye. Then I tried a known good z32 afm too.
  5. Eager

    So plugs changed to no difference. Z32 swapped for a known food item and still same, fuel pump swapped for known good item still lean and struggles to idle or rev
  6. Eager

    Ok so ive had another look around the engine bay and noticed there is a loom that runs along the suspension strut area, off it comes a few things like the o2 sensor, stock boost solenoid plug, it runs over to the afm and then into the wing, maybe headlight? it seems a bit charred, it’s not completely burnt but certainly has had some heat from the top mount install running fairly close can anyone tell me is that part of the main loom or is that a piece I could replace easily ? It might not be at fault but it doesn’t look great
  7. Eager

    Oh I know, it was just to get me home, but even I richened it up there was no missfire present but certainly no missfire is evident, and on the 15 minute test drive the other night it ran perfect. With power F.C. on its map just, no adjustment, I thought the pipe adjustment sorted it as it ran perfect At idle there tonight it’s stable just lean, not missing
  8. So the other day I took my 34 gtt to work, it’s running a 3076 6 boost power F.C. and z32 etc etc, got to work fine which was a 8 mile basic commute with the last mile a poor road surface anyway came out of work to drive home and noticed a miss or a bit lumpy, looked down at the wideband and it’s running 18 or so to 1. So very lean. From idle to cruise right through its lean I went into the power commander fuel adjustment and dumped the fuel in up to 1.3 to get it running smoothly and back to about 15:1 and limped the car home so first investigation was car seemed low on fuel so chucked a can in, in case it was to low, also inspected some hoses and noticed the pipe on my z32 afm to turbo was not sealed perfect, it wasn’t off much but I squared it up and tightened it anyway, started the car and it seemed spot on so assumed it was fixed, 15 minute test drive and all was fine so put the car back in the garage Went to take it a run tonight and reversed it out of the garage and it’s lean again, at idle and through revs do just put it back in the garage, any pointers ? its a fairly recent top mount turbo install and map, 300zx fuel filter and a new Walbro was fitted at map time 500-700 mile ago just. Injectors are r35 gtr and also low miles. Voltage still regulates for pump so would like that hard wired, I want to swap a different z32 in too just to rule it out but any other ideas ?
  9. Eager

    With the gate properly plumbed is that likely to combat my creep too ? It would be nice to hold a fairly steady 1 bar as per spring ill try get a few hours spare to set the controller up over the next few days
  10. Eager

    Hi dale cheers for reply Ye, I have now replaced that grub screw, at the tuning shop we didn’t have any handy so took me a day or 2 to find a 1/16thNPT grub screw, but it’s sorted now so just waiting to get a bit of free time possibly Friday to reset the controller and go through the steps to add however that 465 is at crank, I’m in the UK and most tune companies measure at crank so it’s not rwhp man, sorry for confusion
  11. Eager

    It’s a grip car so that’s what I’m after, and I’m guessing that progressive way the boost does come in helps that too, I’ll try get the controller running. Does my plumbing make sense ? 1.4 is my target on 97 Ron fuel but if it seems reliable I’ll possibly try 1.5, i don’t want to forge the engine however so baby steps I guess. What’s the opinion ? On a safe level for a unopened neo
  12. Eager

    To add, I’ll describe my boost control lines if one of you could maybe confirm for me I’m correct ? its a hks evc 6 on the solenoid, looking down on it, barbs out the top Right barb, goes to inlet manifold centre barb reads pressure from nipple on intercooler pipe, also T’d over to stock map sensor and To middle port on wastegate left barb, goes to end port on wastegate included a pic of the manual and solenoid as described above Can see here the grub screw was missing now replaced the missing bung look ok lads?
  13. Eager

    Hi chaps so tonight I got the exhaust vband released from the turbo and plugged a port on the wastegate, that was meant to be plugged with a 1/16th bung. So up until now I’ve actually just had the controller turned off however, I’ll now attempt to set the controller over the next few evenings. As for driving, it drives nice, a touch laggy but unless provoked it puts all power to the ground without breaking traction. I get what your saying and that’s a fair point? Run a lower rated spring and use the controller to bring it up to 1.4. That may prove to be more steady i looked at how the wastegate is mounted to the manifold, there isn’t a lot of room on there for a install that allows a more ideal mounting with easier gas flows
  14. Eager

    Ye but my turbo or manifold isn’t setup like that
  15. Eager

    Ye, I’d prefer a small runner pipe up from the manifold wastegate port then mount the wastegate, giving a more direct flow