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  1. That’s no good then im after 245 wide rear min so I guess I need 9.5 wide et35 or 38 or maybe 9” rim the arches are like absolute new so I don’t want to start rolling them, but I need new rims and reasonable rubber width as car will be fairly tuned, gtx3076 gen2 rb25 setup
  2. I don’t want to touch the arches. No rolling or pulling.
  3. Any chance of a we video ? Or how savage is it. How does it grip and what’s your setup on that front
  4. Will the above fit on standard rear arches, 9.5” et30 on my r34 gtt saloon ? Cars on coil overs and standard arms, completely factory arches thanks
  5. On a weekend car that’s out once or twice a month the nosier and more daft the better, I’m sure it will entertain me
  6. So another question car is currently mapped on a hks2530 to 1.35 bar on stock afm When the new setup is installed, gtx3076 and top mount 6boost, will I be able to limp to a tuner if I leave the stock afm in place. I mean limp, basic drivin. 3k rpm max. Or will the map be so far out it will drive awful and risk motor damage
  7. No your right. But it might run a bit better
  8. Nothing to do with cool as such. I’ve had 3 power F.C. equipped cars before, one nistune, one emanage ultimate and 2 link g4 setups over the years... and I’ve yet to notice a huge pile, yes a link might have pulled a bit more power out of say the emanage setup, but all provided a safe tune so seeing as I have the power F.C. in this car I’ll stick with it. For now So... now that’s out of the way.. lol.
  9. Anyway.... about the power F.C. lol. I don’t think I’ll change for now.
  10. Have to say, in the uk we don’t take to do with flex or at least have never heard it mentioned. Also not much support for adaptronic or haltech. Power F.C. is my intended route, for now anyway.
  11. I’m going to be building my neo up soon with a top mounted gtx3076 gen2, 6 boost etc. Don’t intend to push for lots of power, just a nice road setup. On 98 Ron I have what I believe to be a r35 gtr afm already, came with the power F.C., although I currently am tuned on the stock afm if I want to use this gtr afm, I have read I need it in a 4” tube, is that accurate ? Or how have others mounted them. Also, is there much to tuning the power F.C. using the r35 afm or is it easy enough, will it limit my tune much or will it be a good job. Some tuners I have spoke to are trying to get me to go for a link ecu, but for now I have the pfc.
  12. well I’ll try it to atmosphere and if and when I get bored of it I’ll have it merged with the main system
  13. SO it shouldn’t restrict me then at my power level. I see the Garrett website recommend a restrictor if the engine makes more than 40psi at max engine speed which most rb25’s will I guess
  14. Well after a we bit more research, there won’t be a issue with having it here. It will pass road test as it’s not going to be generating boost through the test process. And it’s not a daily so I’m not concerned about it being loud
  15. It’s not something I’ve gave thought. I just know there is plenty with external wastegate over here with screamer