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  1. yeah I used rubber gloves with clamp for alloy inlet and for the hose used degreaser can and clamped it for smaller pipes just bolt and clamp. I thought about the plugs too and I changed them last week for NGK BCPR7ES... they should be fine right?
  2. NEO25T: I think I m gonna try it on the weekend Kinkstaah: yeah it is an Apexi Power FC with Datalogit I have a log file what is happening... the AFR at the cut point is about 10.75 (so it s not too rich or too lean) I ve tried to adjust the airflow data....change the whole MAF...still the same... after the car is hot the cut is happening at 4320 mV or less... It is a Garrett GT28 turbo, 7psi wastegate with a turbosmart tee set to 10psi RB25detonator: yeah i ve done it too leaking out on the same places (crankcase and inlet)
  3. nop...at least on this setup theres no other line... I have leak like this on my mind... even if there s no play on the shaft and it s not burning oil...
  4. Sorry about that i just didnt make a picture how the smoke was connected so i tried to improvise.... I connected the smoke to the inlet before the turbo (blue arrows).... I blocked the inlet from the intercooler so it should hold the pressure... but it s not holding any pressure since the smoke is coming out from the inlet manifold and the crankcase where the red arrows are with the ???.... And that s what i m asking if it s normal?
  5. Hey guys, I d like to ask for advice... My newly bought skyline running perfectly on 7 psi but if i raise the boost to 10 psi it cuts out at 6000 rpm and i just cannot tune it out.... when the engine is hot its getting worse (5500rpm)... I connected a smoke machine to check for leaks...I marked the blocked pipes with red X....the smoke is immediately (at low pressure) coming out from the crankcase and from the inlet manifold... It just doesn`t make sense to me how can it smokes from the engine when everything is blocked... Is my turbo leaking through the bearing housing back to exhaust and through the open valves comes out at the inlet? Or is it normal? Any idea? I m kind of getting hopeless for now maybe just i m the dumb and cannot tune it out (datalogit power fc, Z32 maf)... pls don`t spare me everything helps, have a good one