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  1. Hey, wanted to see if anyone has a known working r33 s1 MAF green label I could borrow to test mine? I'm out west Penrith way.
  2. got an Apexi PowerFC and hand controller for a r33 GTR, bought it thinking it was for rb25. $350 + postage
  3. WTB r32 gtst stock exhaust and a steering rack, prefer west sydney.
  4. Hey lookin for the headlight globe holder / clamp on a r32.
  5. Exodus01

    WTB Evo 9

    Hi, I am looking to buy an Evo 9, cash ready. If anyone knows any for sale, please let me know.
  6. R32 gtst Accelerator cable Hi, I have an r32 gtst that has never shown the speed on the tacho. I have recently done a rb25det conversion and want to replace the accelerator cable to get this working. I am in western sydney.
  7. i need the stereo surround, its a dark blue color tho, all the ones ive looked at have been lighter than what i need.. not sure if thats a series difference?
  8. looking for a stock r34 gtt gear knob and some interior pieces if u have any?
  9. R34 GTT stock gear knob Looking for a stock R34 GTT gear knob.
  10. yeah ok, not fixed on it being silicone. just need a replacement
  11. Hey, Im after this pipe for my r34.
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