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  1. yea, was thinking even if someone could 3D print the connector, thanks for the link!
  2. Can anyone make a harness for this to go from original plug to gtr cluster or know a company that would?
  3. @Tobz how much did you want for it? @Unzipped CompositesI'd definitely be interested if you could do something similar for ic7
  4. Nice build mate, hectic work!! I'm going to see if I can model one myself.. im terrible at 3d printing ahha.. was thinkin I'd buy a new mfd outer shell and see if I can print an inner bracket to fit it https://vegaautosports.com/collections/r34-gtr-skyline/products/mfd-hatch-dash-finisher-to-suit-nissan-skyline-r34-gtr
  5. just an update, guessing my order was not at the painter and ready to be shipped as my order was just cancelled... I did receive a full refund (thankfully). extremely disappointed, coming up to a 6 month wait + the tease of it almost being ready and now nothing and also now have no way to fit the ic7.
  6. Thanks Sammi, they did respond to me and apologised, they are expecting shipping this week.
  7. how did yours turn out? got a pic? they replied to me yesterday saying theyve fixed the print and it with the painter being shipped next week. will keep updated.
  8. Cheers, I'll just modify an existing mfd cover and see if I can make it look good and hope one day it may turn up.
  9. yea agree its a heap of work, if its a main listed product of yours i would expect you have priced appropriately to make it worthwhile and actionable within a timely manner. I dont mind waiting i just want to know im not forgotten / its getting done (and if not refunded).
  10. It was the Centre MFD Dash Mount for the Haltech IC-7 https://3dracingsolutions.com/collections/nissan-skyline-r32/products/r34dashmfd I also offered to take my car down if it helped them with any fitting, design issues they were having.
  11. hey, anyone used 3D Racing Solutions (https://3dracingsolutions.com/)? I put an order in on the 30th December and at first they were quite responsive and advised there were delays, when i chased up after the ETA I was told next week (approx 15th Feb). I received an email saying they had an issue with the design and are fixing this. I am happy to wait as i need the part. I have since made several attempts via facebook and email and have received no response. If anyone has any alternative way to contact them it'd be much appreciated.
  12. R34 garage impul body kit brand new. 250 firm. Pickup glenmore park nsw 2745
  13. Hey, wanted to see if anyone has a known working r33 s1 MAF green label I could borrow to test mine? I'm out west Penrith way.
  14. got an Apexi PowerFC and hand controller for a r33 GTR, bought it thinking it was for rb25. $350 + postage
  15. WTB r32 gtst stock exhaust and a steering rack, prefer west sydney.
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