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Found 61 results

  1. FC-Datalogit for sale Haven't used this for about 3 years. Bought it new. Tuned maybe 3 cars with it. No CD but that's not a big deal. Will transfer to new owner to get access to the forum. Great condition $300 Eastern suburbs Melbourne. $20 to send wherever you like
  2. Hi guys, long time listener, first time caller. So I've done some basic mods to my 33 and was somewhat disappointed with the results. Mods as follows: Front mount GCG high flow running 18psi 740cc apexi injectors Upgraded coils (yaris) Walbro pump Z32 afm Power fc Exhaust and bellmouth dump E-boost 2 Maybe more, can't remember............ Any who, I live in the NT. Car made 201kw on the dyno on 98ron. My question is will a set of cams help me power wise? Not chasing huge numbers, just wanna flog it up to the 130k speed limits here ;) Car is responsive, drives really nice, but everyone wants more power yeah? Any feed back or advice on next step for upgrade/more power appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hey guys, first time poster, looking for some advice/help with my R33 S2 gtst. Pretty sure my CAS just died as the car cranks but wont start. A few weeks ago I took it out to get to my power steering pump and the key on the camshaft side was snapped and floating around. I managed to realign it when I put the car back together and it ran with no issues. Went down to start it yesterday and the car would not start. Cranked with enough battery voltage to start, ecu came out with code 55 so I have nothing else to suspect other than the CAS being faulty. I took the spark plugs out and they didnt smell like petrol. Going test with a multimeter to make sure but I had a question before I go ahead and buy a new CAS for $550 (if anyone has one id buy it for cheaper, im located in Sydney). I have a power fc I have yet to install, and I have not been able to find anywhere a Trigger kit that says it will work or have enough information of their page. Since ill probably have to get a new CAS my thought was why not just upgrade to trigger kit for around the same price, or just a little bit more. I'm not particularly aiming to make power that requires a trigger kit, but aligning the CAS everytime without the key is gonna get annoying. (I will eventually upgrade to tomei cams but am holding off until I finish the rest of the work I need done) I've had a look at most of the trigger kits out there (PRP, Ross, Hi Octance, etc.) but if anyone has any insight whether any of them will work with a Power FC that would be helpful!
  4. Up for sale is my Apexi power fc L-jetro with hand controller for r33 GTR. I’m after $700. Selling due to upgrading to Haltech elite. Located in Melbourne 0432164099
  5. So just brought a power FC, go to plug it in and it won’t connect, laptop keeps saying “please check ecu connection”. Car start with it plugged in so it works, just won’t connect to laptop. Has anyone else had this issue and have a solution?
  6. Set of 6 Genuine Splitfire coilpacks. Only removed as no longer required. $450 Free postage Australia wide.
  7. Hey fellas, upgraded my ecu recently. Have my D Jetro up for sale. Mint condition comes with two map sensors and hand controller. Works faultlessly!! $900ono
  8. Price drop!! I have Decided to go with a Haltech ECU. So I am selling a brand new Apexi Power FC with hand controller (L-Jetro) model: 414BN032 Apexi Power FC & 415-A030 EL series Hand controller Revised Hand Controller functionality Back lit display $900 ONO Also have a brand new genuine Z32 airflow meter with plug $150 ONO
  9. Anyone on here have any info on the vq table required when tuning the r35 afm on power fc. Have yet to decide but possibly 3.5” pipe or 4” thanks
  10. Hi all, Haven't posted on here before, so hopefully this is the right section! Recently I encountered a problem where my R33 would not start. The engine cranks, but it will not catch and turn over. I checked all the basics: spark plugs were fouled, changed out with new matching plugs with same gap, coils firing, injectors pulsing, getting fuel, no cooling pipe leaks that I can see or hear. Eventually I had someone come round and the only way we could get the car started was to physically advance the CAS timing slightly and the engine fires right up. I'm running some light modifications: PowerFC (car has been tuned etc..) GTX3076r Turbo 740cc injectors Z32 AFM Walbro pump (not sure which one) LS1 coilpacks (direct on coil incl. igniter) Once the car is idling with the timing advanced slightly, the powerFC is showing 20 degrees, with my base ignition timing being 15 degrees originally. The maps and settings on ECU have not been changed since it was tuned several years ago and has run perfectly fine for years, so I'm wondering if I'm most likely looking at an issue with timing belt jumping some teeth? Any insight would be great! I don't have a timing light at the moment and wanted to see what some thoughts were before trying to start working out how to verify alignment of everything. Cheers!
  11. Hey all, I have a brand new Apexi Power FC for sale, comes with later and backlit EL series hand controller. It is an L-jetro type and will also come with a brand new Z32 airflow meter. I have decided to go with a Haltec ECU. price is $1300
  12. Power FC for R32 GTR Selling my Power fc to suit R32 GTR Comes with hand controller Apexi super suction kit with genuine Z32 airflow mteres and plugs Boost controller kit (need new 3port boost controller) $900
  13. Power fc is for sale. It was removed from a GTR R33, as the ECU was upgraded. The units works perfectly and will suit an GTR R32. It is in excellent condition. Selling the unit for $550 pick up or can post at an additional cost. Ringwood Melbourne area. PM me or call me on 0417 102 310
  14. RB26 package value? Hi guys To cut a long story short, I have a Laurel with a 26 in it and the engine isn't registered to the car nor engineered. I have a few RB20's in various states and am reasonably tight for funds so thought I might sell the 26 off and put a 20 in for more legality and $. Here's where SAU helps: I can't find any RB26 packages for sale to get an idea of a price without ripping myself off or anyone else! I'd either sell it complete or part bits and pieces off it. Internals are unknown, will pull the sump off and have a look when the engine is out. Specs are as follows RB26 internally unknown, runs quietly and smoothly and does all the right things Trust (or copy?) stainless manifold HKS gate Garrett T04Z pretty sure 0.82 rear Power FC tuned very poorly, was told it's a "run in tune" Bigger injectors but unknown specs Twin Z32 AFM's genuine Trust Y pipe to suit Missing coil pack cover I think that about sums it up Any help would be greatly appreciated. Kindest regards, Nick
  15. R33 RB25DET power FC and hand controller R33 RB25DET power FC and hand controller Suits S1 and S2 Will sell w/o hand controller for $750 $950
  16. RB25 + R34 Garage Clean-out Garage Clean-out: Everything has been pulled from various working setups. Open to offers, prices copied from previous posts, welcome to inspect/test. $300 - Blitz R34 RB25det Return Flow Intercooler $850 - HKS GT-RS Turbo $600 - Kinugawa TD-06 20G Turbo + Highmount Manifold (RB25) + TiAL Sport Gate + Custom Dump Pipe $800 - Apexi Power-FC ECU with Hand Controller R34 RB25det $250 - Impul R34 RB25det ECU $200 - Custom Plenum Creations RB25 Forward Facing Plenum $400 - Exedy HD Organic (NSK-7172SO) Good Condition $50 - Stock GTR Fuel Rail and Injectors $20 - Stock R34 RB25det SM Intercooler $50 - Stock R34 RB25det Throttle Body $50 - Stock R34 RB25det Pink Label AFM $100 - Stock R34 RB25det Cams $100 - Stock R34 RB25det Turbo - Suits Rebuild $100 - Stock R34 RB25det Coil Packs The Kinugawa TD-06 20G was part of an engine package I purchased. It apparently made ~300kw on an RB25, I have not used myself. The GT-RS made a reliable and responsive 260kw on my R34. Sold as is where is - Located Morningside, Brisbane. Happy to provide further photos/info if required Selling due to upgrades I also have a Stock RB25 Engine available, currently stripped. Cheers,
  17. NEGOTIABLE IF SOLD BY SATURDAY! (11/03/2017) FOR SALE: brand new in the box apexi power fc with hand control to suit R34 GTT (RB25NEO) Had this sitting in my room for over a year and I have no use for it as I've gone for a haltech instead. Pretty firm on price, it is brand new & prices are around $1200 from Japan brand new If you can get it cheaper good for you, go get it. Looking for $1000ono shoot me a price worst I can say is no. Located near Campbelltown NSW, can post at buyers expense. Or will ship Aus wide for $1000 flat. Message me for any questions, cheers.
  18. R32 R33 GTR Power FC D'Jetro - $1000 Brisbane R32 R33 RB26 GTR Power FC D'JetroIncludes MAP sensor Includes hand controller$1000 - Happy to get wife to box and postI can also provide a dyno or road tune, should it be required. Jase0428 849 062Nudgee Brisbane
  19. For sale is a HKS front pipe to suit all rb26 engines r32-r34 Measurements: 70mm x 2 to 85mm merge Only removed due to upgrade, cam off r34 GTR 350kw at 19psi $400 For sale: Apexi Power FC ECU to suit r34 GTR In perfect working order. Was removed by DVS Tuning as upgraded to haltech Current tune is 350kw at 19psi $650 delivered Location Wollongong
  20. Apexi Power FC to suit R34 GT-T Hi guys, I have a power fc for sale to suit an R34 GT-T. Still in my car running, perfect working order. Comes with new EL type hand controller. Roughly 6 months old Asking $1,100 - open to offers. Happy to ship it anywhere.
  21. RB25DE+T PFC idle Hey guys, Had this minor annoyance for a very long time, from memory probably since the powerfc was installed and tuned 6+ years ago. Maybe because I'm getting older it's starting to annoying me more. I turn the car on in the morning and idle is high, 1500-1700rpm, but stable. On the hand controller it all looks pretty stable, not sure if idle this high when cold is normal with other powerfc's but so far it doesn't annoy me. As I'm driving around and idling at lights while the car is still warming it's still sitting at 1500rpm, on the hand controller once the water temp gets to about 59-62 degrees it starts hunting, from 1500 rpm down to 900rpm and back and forth every 1-2 seconds and will continue like this until the water temp gets to about 72+ degrees then idle is perfect, 850-900rpm. The only way to control it during this time is let off the clutch a little bit until it bites and slowly lower the revs, then I slowly press my foot down on the clutch again. If I put my foot down too quick on the clutch or roll forward a little the hunting starts again. Only happens when the car has been sitting for a long time, eg overnight or all day and then come back from work and turn it on. If the car gets to operating temp and then I turn it off for 1-3 hours and the engine is still pretty warm no issue, idle is perfect. Now before I start playing with the TPS voltages and mucking around pulling apart things I'm wondering if this is just something in my maps in the low load/idle section that needs adjusting as it only happens for ~10 degrees so I would have guessed the voltages on the TPS are fine? Car has been tuned a number of times many years ago by a very reputable tuner. It happened as soon as I swapped the standard ECU to the powerfc and it has been like this ever since, even with adding in cam gears and a z32 AFM. I have used contact cleaner to clean the AFM and I've cleaned the AAC with throttle body cleaner and ear buds in every little knook but no avail. Any suggestions? I've found this post from long ago which seems almost identical so I'll give turning off O/2 feedback a go (not sure if it's enabled currently or not) but wanted to see if others had the same issue? Thanks.
  22. Battery disconnected to Power FC for a long period - will it forget? I'm going to be putting my car into long term storage (1-2 years) and am considering disconnecting the battery during this period as I may not have access to a power point for a trickle charger or solar maintenance charger. I know a couple of months is fine, but have never heard of anyone disconnecting it from a PowerFC for extended periods of time. Does anyone know if my PowerFC will "forget" its settings? I don't really want to have to get it completely retuned when I reconnect the battery after a long period.
  23. Apexi Power Fc with hand controller, To suit Gtst S2, Location Melb Vic $750 James 0433716157
  24. Hi all, Made some major changes to the car so the following parts are up for sale: R34 GTt APEXi power FC with commander and boost controller- $700 PFC with hand controller, boost control kit harness, 3 bar pressure sensor and solenoid, great plug and play ecu and boost controller without having to cut and shut stock wiring, good condition had no issues, just selling since I decided to give e85 flex tune a go this time hence I'll need something different. Hicas lock bar- $80 Comes with almost new tie rods, only used for less than 10000km, tightens the rear of the car and keep the back end planted. suits r33 and r34 Hardrace adjustable caster rod- $150 Adjustable caster rods, rubber version with the rubber replaced by Superpro urethane bushes, keeping it legal whilst getting a sharper steering suits r33 and r34 and maybe r32 Split dump- $50 Short split dump hks style to suit all rb20 and rb25 cars, heat wrapped, pulled 270rwkw with it on highflow turbo Braided turbo lines (brand new)-$60 Mamba Braided water line x1 and braided oil line x1 to suit rb20 and rb25 standard turbo. Oil line suits standard ball bearing turbo, makes turbo installation and upgrades a walk in the park Located in Sydney, Chatswood. PM if interested, happy to post at buyers expense. Photos to come soon
  25. For R34 GTT. Hand controller only. FCC2 NT 020-02419 $150 ono. Located Adelaide
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