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  1. Hi admin etc, My mate has been trying join the forums over the last couple of days. Each time it tells him an error has ocurred. Any idea why?
  2. i did mine a few years ago mate.........once you pull your taillights out you'll see what the pics are meant to show.......just clean off all the old black gunk and re-apply new
  3. Hi guys, What is the going price for stock r32 gtst wheels?? Thanks Mick
  4. Mate I know it like a week old thread but I got focal krx2 in my front door. I think I have posted photos on the forums
  5. so let me get this straight, you put on a boost guage, then get pulled over, the cop notices the guage and asks to lift your bonnet, he cant notice anything but you got a guage so he pits you to get it further inspected, then you will come on here and complain about pit inspections???? why oh why??
  6. Yeah, I couldnt attempt this myself. My mechanical abilities are limited to general servicing lol - the biggest thing ive done myself is replacing a water pump when I had the rb20 in it and swapped over the shocks/springs to coilovers twice. It just looks embarrasing really, like I dont look after my car. Looks like I will be waiting for my mates brother to return for a couple of months.
  7. Ah ok thanks for the explanation.......yeah if you know the road its a long steep downhill run. I rarely touch the accelerator pedal so what your saying makes sense to me. Expensive fix?, while the seals are getting replaced, what else should I be doing/replacing to keep the engine maintained?? would the car need a retune after??
  8. Im not too mechanically minded jiffo, my mates brother said this could be it also (he is a diesel mechanic but currently overseas). Can I ask why you say this??
  9. I dont think it was particularly cold outside, maybe low 20s, would that be considered low?? Also I know the turbo was brand new when I did the conversion and upgrade, well when the workshop did the upgrade and conversion, I also got them to replace all coolant hoses on the engine, rear main seal on the engine, new water pump, timing belt cam seals etc, basically everything was replaced with new while the engine was out and easy to get to, however the engine itself wasnt opened up. It was a low km 2nd hand series 2 rb25 so I was told. It was a known workshop, but has since closed down, but the owner now works at a powertune. Im sure the seals for the turbo to exhaust would have been new also if thats what you mean?? I will prob take it to powertune - where the owner now works as he knows the car, just trying to get an idea of what the problem could be, hence how much I am looking at to getting it fixed as money is kinda short at the moment. Thanks for your help guys so far
  10. Hey guys, I've noticed white smoke coming from my exhaust the last couple of times I've driven down Bulli pass when I stop to turn left on Lawrence Hargrave drive. It doesn't do it any other time except coming down that hill which is a pretty steep grade - 1 in 6 I think its posted as. My car is a r32gtst with an rb25, 3071r turbo, injectors, power fc etc. The engine and mods have only seen about 40000km in three years since the conversion. It does not appear to be using more oil than usual, coolant levels are good also. I have checked most vacuum/boost lines and I don't their is any air leak. Any idea what could be causing the smoke?? Thanks Mick
  11. don't have my engine anymore, but I got a loom for the old girl still if your interested
  12. yeah I get it all the time on appin road / appin bulli road (Sydney)..........I really don't give a f**k about how far up my arse they are, im doing the posted speed limit, if they highbeam me I just fold my side mirrors in then I care even less about what I cant see.
  13. mii11x

    Good Tow Cars?

    just a though about insurance and authorities should there be an acco. if you didn't have the correct towing capacity on the towing vehicle, and I don't mean what the towbar is rated at, you might have a problem. im not 100% how insurance companies would view this
  14. i dont think it went further than the gong mate, though i had to leave at thirroul. Was a good day
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