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  1. For Sale: My trusty old faithful Apexi Power FC Commander Suits: R33 GTST Currently running a 30/25 w VCT approx. 500 hp atw. This is a Great ECU !, has been a real work horse, never missed a beat, and is in as new condition!, I am the first and only owner, and have treated it with care and looked after it well. Comes with original retail box and receipts and manuals etc and Hand controller! Reason I am selling: need more inputs so I need to run a more expensive ECU. Asking: $1050 Also for sale is my Geniune Tomei Z32: Awesome piece of kit, runs over 100% resolution, and is able to handle big HP. same deal, first owner, as new, and looked after. (if u want to keep it near stock but need more flow from an single AFM setup, this is the way to go). Asking: $400 Reasonable Offers welcome, Will sell them together or separate, happy to negotiate package price if purchased together, Will post Interstate at buyers Expense. SMS or call Dale on 0432 279 166 ITEM Location: QLD can SMS Pictures of the units upon request once I am home.
  2. HCD Velcra


    From the album: Dipped.

  3. Hi, after going to the drags again and still failing to get into the 13’s I think my next step is to get hold of a high stall TC. If anyone has one for sale that stalls up around 2800/3000 or anything more than the standard TC then I’m interested. Car is an R33 Gtst spec 2. Cheers Paul
  4. Hey guys, Got a custom hardpipe made to go from my highflow 21U to stock airbox on my R33. They made bungs for the breath and bov return. Seems to hold boost fine but now the car sounds N/A, no audible whoosh on decel. I can only just hear the bov if I take off the airbox cover and filter. From what I've been told by others it should be louder with a hard pipe not significantly quieter. Just surprised and wondering if they're maybe another problem ie bov not working properly.
  5. Howdy I bought my first skyline about 2 months ago. And haven't really been able to enjoy it yet. Basically heres what it came with Ive been wanting to purchase a skyline for years but kinda feel like i bit off way more then i can chew with this backyard modified skyline. I have no previous mechanical knowledge but was hoping to pick up a new hobby with this. Since purchasing, i had a nightmare trying to get it roadied and transfered from NSW to VIC. 2.8k later, exhaust is plugged up so its quiet (pretty restricted) wastegate plumbed back into exhaust. And its completly thrown out the tune. Its currently in RnR , cant boost as a result. Runs crazy rich, absolutely stinks etc. Its a stock ECU that does have a G1 link chip and a tuning plug. But it doesnt have the hand controller that also has a serial port on it. Basically my next step is to get a new ECU ( or a cheaper alternative such as a pfc or nistune) in an attempt to keep costs down but i feel like I wont be able to do that with the gear its running. I am in country vic and (warrnambool area) and was hoping to get away with not having to work out who/how i can get a trailer to melb. From what i know its been mafless tuned due to having no AFM. Im wondering what my best options would be, if there are any tuning /JDM specialised workshops that are near ballarat or geelong (south west vic) without going all the way to melbourne that i could take my car to for a new ecu, tune, and a good service. It is driveable but barely, its pretty unreliable, its been surging, spluttering etc so i didn't want to drive it too far (100-150kms). Sorry for the poor grammar i smashed this out. ill edit and fix things as i go on. Intropost with a bit more detail Pictures 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Or should i cut my loses, try and sell it quick while it still has current RWC and VIC rego /shrug and buy something thats less of a nightmare hehe
  6. Hey everyone ive had a look through all the post and i cant seem to find anything that helps my problem out. Ive got a R33 GTST was a rolling shell and i had a spare rb25de motor laying around so i chucked em together and since the skyline is a series 2 body and the motor WAS a series 1 i had untold problems trying to get it to start. So next move was to convert the motor to series2, NEW: Throttlebody with s2 TPS, S2 coilpacks and loom, S2 Ecu and S2 engine loom. Since doing that ive got the motor turning over, fuel injectoring, pulse signals and power signals everywhere they should be, so should run right? Well not yet, ive got power and signals to all 6 coilpack plugs but no spark brand new plugs and still nothing. For some reason power wont go through the coilpacks? Anyone know a trick to these?
  7. R33 black beast restoration It all began over a week ago with cash in my hand after selling of my 2012 Holden Cruze. I had little cash and was expecting to buy a lemon or something jdm that needed repairs. The project was set into motion the day I inspected a black R33 manual that needed much attention to the body and other minor areas. i paid the deposit and the listing was removed the day it was listed. I was not going to give up this opportunity. As the picture indicates, the door has faded clear and the roof pretty much needed a respray. Bonnet has faded clear and that gtr wing was going off for sale. The car has LED tail lights and the body did not have any dents or needing major work. Gearbox and motor is mint condition. GTR front bar. 18" wheels. Hd clutch. Spare turbo (AR .70) gt 3582. Trust intercooler. Bov. Coil pack. Boost t. 3" exhaust to hks superdrager muffler. Full body kit and some spare parts. Will post repair pictures along with current state shortly.
  8. R32 GTR calipers front & rear WTB R32 GTR calipers front & rear or R33 GTST rears
  9. Newbie Hi everyone, Im Sammy and I'm from Queensland, Australia. I am a car enthusiast and want to learn as much as possible. I own a 1995 r33 GTST, which is pretty well stock at the moment apart from the fmic I finally had fitted just today. ?? I have joined this page so I can learn, ask for advice and make race car friends. Please be nice and friendly ?
  10. Hi guys i know this is probably pushing it but i have to ask Is there such a thing as a quiet 3 inch exhaust for a R33 GTS~t. If so does anybody have Db test something close . other wise i may have to do a stealth system like pic....
  11. hi everyone, im after a wheel or set of two wheels the starcorp impul 19X8.5 +38. if anyone has anything laying around please let me know i need them. they are like shadow/silver spokes n machined lip. to suit r33 gtst thanks
  12. SLUGRB


    anyone have any piping for turbo/intercooler for cheap for an r33 gtst rb25det????
  13. For Sale: R33 gtst coupe rear seats great condition $70 R33 gtst coupe genuine nissan floor mats great condition $120 R33 gtst coupe parcel shelf great condition $40 R33 gtst stock air box and filter, can supply snorkle $50 R33 gtst hicas system $20 R33 gtst stock smic $20 Universal Roof Racks $100 Xforce Cannon 3" in 5" out $50 Space saver wheel $50 All prices negotiable Located Lutwyche Feel free to txt 0479 025 954 as i do not come on here often
  14. I have a 1996 r33 Gtst with about 180,000ks, stock turbo running 10 psi, plazmaman Front mount intercooler, new splitfires and new plugs, stock ecu. Recently i have been getting quite alot of white smoke on a cold start which increases when revved. It all goes away when car had warmed up. I did have some problems with a pcv vlave and also installed a catch can which i have taken off for the moment and installed all new hoses and i have replaced the pcv valve and grommet. I have done a chemical radiator test which came up neg everytime and there is no oil water mix. I did a compression test which was my first time ever and forgot to open the throttle! so dont know how accurate it is but results were: 1. 125 2. 125 3. 120 4. 120 5. 130 6. 130 i took the intake pipes off the turbo and there was a bit of shaft play in and out, a little bit more play than there was up and down. The intake pipes were pretty clean and no real signs of oil. Does this sound like turbo seal failure or leaking valve stem seals? Any help would be much appreciated
  15. 18 month old aeromotive stealth 340lph fuel pump suit e85/98 octane fuels. came out of r33 gtst, perfect fit for upgrade from stock pump. done around 5000kms since new. pump wont flow anymore then 500hp at wheels on e85 so need to upgrade. pump will be out of car within the week. Chasing $100, can post anywhere in aus in express bag. they still retail for around $230.
  16. Hello Chasing for an rb25det starter motor if anyone is selling cheap plus posted Townsville Thanks
  17. In near new condition,it was on my r33 for a few weeks. I might still have the horn button.If I can't find it generic ones are cheap on ebay. Pickups at Mt.Gravatt Brisbane or I can post it. $150 ono
  18. Have a complete rear end, subframe, diff, sway bar, hicas etc with rear brakes, hubs, rotors, calipers. Also have the front brake set ups. Off a series 2 R33 turbo which had ABS. Comes with everything you see in the photos, including a few brackets and the handbrake ofcourse. $1200 negotiable. Located in Perth, so pickup only! will post photos soon!
  19. Hey guys my beloved r33 got stolen right from my drive way so this vehicle is stolen and recovered (classified as repairable write-off) the reg is still active at this stage in case some one wants to fix and drive it. The ignition barrel and drivers window are broken and engine seems to have a blown head gasket. turbo is missing the turbine wheel i think its in the cat ... lol there is minor damage just behind the drivers door but looks like a easy fix The vehicle is still a whole and stock so let me know what parts your after and ill price it up wheels are not for sale and exhaust. located in northern suburbs Thankyou for reading pics up soon
  20. Hi All Just brought a 1995 R33 GTST coupe. Stock motor, manual boost controller, greedy catch can, blow off valve, 3inch exhaust, just the basics... imported in 04, no idea of logs etc...1st time buyer,been 16 years since I petrol turbo car, been over in WA driving diesel 4x4's.. See how she goes..., weapons of cars the GT-R's and GTS-T etc, reminds of the gold ole' days driving bridge/monster port rotaries... Certainly a learning curve and very much appreciate forums such as these, thanks for having me
  21. R33 GTS-T BC Racing Coilovers and Nolathane Fully Bush Kit FOR SALE R33 GTS-T BC Racing RS Coilovers *Brand New In Box - Never Used* http://bcracing.com.au/d-16-rs Comes with 24 month warranty and invoice from time of purchase (9/10/2016) RRP $1,499.00 For Sale $1,300.00 ono R33 GTS-T Nolathane (Front and Rear) Bush Kit *Brand New* Brand new bush kit for R33 GTS-T Part Numbers and Description 45465 - Bush Kit Control Arm 45486 - Bush Kit Control Arm 48159 - Bush Kit Adj-Strut/Radius Rod 42733 - Link - Sway Bar 42042 - Bush Kit- Sway Bar Mount 20mm EVONISS11R - Vehicle Enchancement Kit - Rear 49161 - Bush Kit -Diff Mount 49162 - Diff- Mount Rear 42933 - Washer Kit - Sway Bar Link 42478 - Bush Kit - Sway Bar Mount 18mm 46216A - Bush Kit - Rear Toe Link Some Frontend bushes have be fitted (pressed) into reconditioned suspension components which are clean and sprayed black **ready for use** (See photos provided) Brand New bolts and nuts for control arms also included, bought from Nissan Australia *Factory Component* Total Cost Paid $739.00 Sale Price $600.00 ono Contact 0406 531 530
  23. removed my 3.5" custom stainless exhaust with 100 cell cat attached , muffler on end is 3.5" inlet etc etc no step downs, flowed over 500hp fine. pretty loud exhaust. can ship at buyers expense or deliver to brissy area for free. exhaust is around 12 months old and cat. $350
  24. full 3" custom made exhaust with xforce muffler, tucks up really high and sounds good. will bolt up 2 stock cat position. $100 can deliver in bris area.
  25. Following parts are in working order and are from an R33 GTS-T s2: - Stock Air Intake Box + Snorkel $120 - Stock Intercooler + Hoses $80 $180 ONO for both Located in South East Melbourne Suburb. Willing to post interstate at buyers cost. Contact me on 0402 920 233
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