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  1. ^^ Like said, 3rd 4th gear hard to film and understand anything; we tried to get the sound but you mostly get wind screaming obviously; Ill give it another try in the weekend so you might check out for yourself
  2. Hm, what I can say for sure, it only appears when I turn AC on; with the right rpms it comes straight with the button pressing and then like I described - every 25/30 secs. I had the feeling, that it almost sounds like something pulling hard, but thats just one of those "maybe possibilities thoughts if the mainthought is wrong" ^^ And the main thinking is that air pop sound. I dont know exactly when it started, but we changed the whole timing belt stuff 3 weeks ago and everything was fine before - but would that have something to do with this issue?
  3. Like said, not working without driving - I do believe its worst when 4th gear and about 3500rpms - its almost like an aftermarket bov man.... What could that cause other than a leak which it is obviously not the case
  4. Yeye, theres nothing whilst driving without the AC. How could I find out about that clutch? Thanks so far
  5. Ok ok so what would be my next step? Tighten the belt wouldnt change a change would it? I was thinking about a leak too therefor I stopped in a bus lot, but I have not heard anything.
  6. R33 Gtst - AC noises every ~30 secs Hello guys When I turn the AC on, every ~30 seconds I can hear a sound from the outside, Im not sure how its exactly like, but Id describe it with "fizzle" combined with a short engine stuttering like you know it from broken coils. Id also say, the intensity depends on the speed you drive; it doesnt seem to appear while standing with the and engines obviously running on the common 700/750 rpms We recently did the whole timing belt change, could this have something to do with it? Thanks a lot
  7. Hey people Offering a barely used Informeter with the additional available NON-OBD-Harness. Throughout in a great condition, no scratches or scuff. Had it in my car for about 2 months an it´s working properly. Includes: - Informeter Touch - OBD-Harness ( not used so far ) - Cigarette lighter plug ( not used so far ) - Ferrite core ( not used so far ) - Adjustable bracket - 2 Allen wrenches to adjust - Manual ( eng. / jap. ) - Original boxing - NON-OBD-Harness ( for example for Skys; normally seperately sold! ) Not included: - Double sided tape ( cause I used it already ) Infos are available on the greddy site. Since I am from Germany I just take current Exchange rate € to AU$. Price: 500 Au$ + 63 Au$ shipping costs to australia obviously. For another Country shipping just ask. Contact via PN or [email protected]
  8. Since I use Plasma dials I have to touch them ^^ ye thanks, already on the hunt für 1
  9. Hey guys Since I finally got my RPM Plasma gauge back I straightly tried to place it in the cluster So after blablabla I dod not only pull the actuall needle out, I also took the damn thin metal needle with the normal pointer is sticked on After some trying around the gauge is not working anymore obviously ^^ Ive heard some time ago, that when you re not pulling the pointer carefully, you will pull that needle with out and theres some Kind of spring in the mechanism which you´ll almost never be able to put back on place But still and before I am bying a new Cluster I wanted to ask if you got some help for me. Like said, the Problem is not on which rpm´s I have to put the pointer on, it´s just completely out of order Thanks and sry for bad english, cause I m german
  10. Ok guys, I´ll have a look. BOV should be original IMO, Intake is from HKS Thanks EDIT: Good Point angry, same way here with teh gentle and quick brake.
  11. Hey guys Since two weeks I got a Problem. When I reach a bend and got to stop my car just turns off. Mostly it happens when I´m breaking down from ~20 miles or more to 0; or to 600 700 rpm Basic rpm. But it does not stop on the normal 700 rpms, oinstead it keeps dropping to 0 instead. Not everytime, like 1 of 8, but ofc that´s something I got to take care of. ECU says nothing regarding error code. Somebody I know meant, it might be a diff cable that hangs at the side of it which could be ripped of. Not sure about that. Another one said, maybe the BOV. But what could happen there? In any case it sounds normal IMO Just let me know if you guys know what to do, as usual I´d appreciate it BTW: 97er R33 Gtst S2
  12. EDIT: I am looking for a Greddy Intelligent Informeter Touch!
  13. Ye well actually I´m no frtiend of huds, really want an open front window. But thanks ofc for the help. I do have a jdm navi in the car, maybe there is something that just gets the gps from the navi as kinda something like an add-on? OFC I can´t use it since it´s completely Japan and so japanese maps, but would the gps care? Not sure about that
  14. Hey guys Currently I got a Maruhama something GPS Speed meter including Radar warner in my car. Well since that Alarm part is pretty illegal in Germany and the tool itself is pretty lower Quality, I am looking for a small Display which Shows me my current Speed. A really precise working one to be exact. I do not want something like the Apexi RSM, just wire some power and done. I got so many cables still to check in my car, I really don´t Need additional....... ^^ Ofc I know the miled / km Thing, but some hints and tips would be great Thanks a lot
  15. Ye but like I said twice now, it´s clearly coming from left and from right. I can easily tell which side just "knocked" so I can´t see the exhaust Point here.