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  1. Alrighty will do. But what when I fount out? Lets say its the power steering belt or the gear it runs over
  2. Brand new, like a month old. We did everything with the timing belt together
  3. Whats this noise Guys, here we go with something different to the climate noise I also wrote about. So this queeking appears when I turn the steering wheel left and right ( like in the video ) or constantly when I turn AC on. Also sometimes within idle rpm´s . Ive checked all belts and tightened some, but the noise is still as you can hear. What can I do about it? Thanks and regards 20170820_155329.mp4
  4. Dipped my whip again Hey guys Decided to dip my car again. Last time I put black dip and a 3k topcoat on it, to sand and polish it later. Ive tried once and started with the roof. After 2 hours I felt fed up with that shit and was calculating how much stuff I got left over from all the dipcrap I did already, so I threw some kind of red copper whatever thing on ^^ Lemme know what you are thinking
  5. And you still got me wrong. In every point. And just to make it clear: that stage 2 topic was a point called from a manufacturer itself, not from me. Like said, thanks to Greg.
  6. Thanks for that answer Greg. Gtsboy got me wrong here; this is not a "My car is so god damn fast like no other here and I need a descent clutch" thread - I just want to get some basic Infos since I got no clue about that topic My basic question was, is there reall such a big difference between a normal and a stage 2 clutch which costs 100 bucks more. I only want a good replacement for the stock stuff but I dont wanna throw the money out just for a name like Nismo. A normal clutch that will last some time and dont gets me a hard start at every stop or traffic light ^^
  7. Yes 3 secs almost in the end - Ill edit it and make the sound louder
  8. What?! I seriously wonder.... That sound a moment before the end
  9. New clutch for my R33 Gtst Hey guys I am planning to get a new clutch and replace the release bearing and stuff in the winter. Since I dont know much about that topic I asked my mate, who obviously will do the major part in this "project" ^^, what would be a good exchange regarding price and not getting those stuttering starts you get with "racing" clutches like exedy stuff and so on. At least thats what people say ^^ So I was thinking about a simple "competition clutch" - what would you guys say? What would be the difference between the normal version and the next one "stage 2"? Share some light please^^ Thanks and regards from germany
  10. Well ye I could live with it IF it would be normal like everybody says - but as I mentioned it just came up after timing belt stuff and I dont wanna get used to something that is so obviously "wrong". I tried to record it but its hard cause of the wind or murphys law - everytime we try to record - nothing. Trying just to know - major sound ^^ Try this one pls, its one of the quieter appearances but you can hear it in the end. its an opus file - just use VLC 2017-07-23-AUDIO-00007494 (1).opus
  11. ^^ Like said, 3rd 4th gear hard to film and understand anything; we tried to get the sound but you mostly get wind screaming obviously; Ill give it another try in the weekend so you might check out for yourself
  12. Hm, what I can say for sure, it only appears when I turn AC on; with the right rpms it comes straight with the button pressing and then like I described - every 25/30 secs. I had the feeling, that it almost sounds like something pulling hard, but thats just one of those "maybe possibilities thoughts if the mainthought is wrong" ^^ And the main thinking is that air pop sound. I dont know exactly when it started, but we changed the whole timing belt stuff 3 weeks ago and everything was fine before - but would that have something to do with this issue?
  13. Like said, not working without driving - I do believe its worst when 4th gear and about 3500rpms - its almost like an aftermarket bov man.... What could that cause other than a leak which it is obviously not the case
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