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  1. true story, but to a poor man 50 bucks are same worth
  2. Porsche is a small pen** vehicle, no love. And I only love my whip ofc
  3. Guys, who of you already put fender flares on your R33 Gtst? What did you use? Didnt you feel awful when cutting the body? Curious for some Infos and suggestions, was it a good idea after all? Regret it? I like the look plus I could need it for some rims, but Im scared as fu** to cut my holy stock body and of rust too. Let me know guys
  4. PS.: I know I could just cut it off and put some cable shoe or whatever on but I just like to have it "fitted" if you know what I mean.
  5. Guys, Ive been replacing a washer pump and was happy to notice, that at the one I replaced was an older plug ( the opposite plug is on the pic - white ).... So I need one like the other plug from the 2nd pump which was already installed obviously. So there might be a name for this very plug, or maybe even a part number since I used a genuine washing pump? Maybe one of you got one for me Thaaaanks
  6. Ah I see. Ye I guess that shouldnt be too hard to avoid. Thanks a lot my friend, Ill let you know how it went
  7. Digging: Anyone got a video that helps me changing the oil?
  8. Yeye front ones. Alrighty, thats some worthy hint you gave me there. Just for the dummie part; you dont know about a DIY with some pictures? Thanks so far Andy
  9. Hey guys So since I got a "knock" when car is running over an edge or something like that, I started to replace the oem bushings to poly stuff. My next part would be the lower and inner control arm bushing ( http://www.superpro.com.au/find/superpro-suspension-parts-and-poly-bushings-for-nissan-skyline-r33-rwd-1993-1998-/cid-999500733 ) Ive heard, that it might be tricky and/or difficult ^^ because of a ball joint or something; I dont really remember the exact discussion to be honest... And here I am and hoping for some hints before I mess up. Last bushing I replaced has been the two for the power steering; guess they are easy compared to the upcoming ones?^^ please share some light, much appreciated.
  10. So is anyone of those persons who got some still active here? I doubt it, but worth a try
  11. Just some pics from me dipping the sky again
  12. Triple gauge pod for R33 dash Heyho Guys, Ive read some very old threads about that triple gauge pod, that suits the shape of the R33 dashboard; is anyone here able to sell me one? Pls no links to alisomewhat.... Condition should be good, I wouldnt mind 52 or 60mm size, standard or carbon look International shipment needed Regards