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  1. If youre willing to buy overseas, what I doubt to be honest whilst thinking of delivery costs, there are one or two shops in the UK. Have you tried Nengun for the japanese example?
  2. Guys I know about the normal scissor points but where exactly can I put a trolley? I believe under the gearbox somebody told me once? Ive read some stuff about those points and tried to figure out but its not easy to get a clear sentence. Id really appreciate if you could just show me a pic from a R33 with marked lifting points ❤️ Please.
  3. Ah I see, but you couldnt say that they all got this input point in form of a cinch plug I suppose? Yeye, its my R33 Gtst. Looks like I would have have to take the radio out and have a look where all wires are going or if one directs to the gearbox or something. Sigh ^^ It has to be one of two no? Get the camera power as soon as you hit reverse and the screen recognizes that and switches OR tell the screen when it is reverse and let it switch to the always powered cam
  4. Guys, basically I got one question. So I still have the double din radio/navi in my car and besides that I only got unusable japanese frequencies in the radio, it only reads CDs and is 99% in japanese - it is working fine ^^ It also has a rear port ( cinch ) for the rear camera, which automatically starts and gets projected on the screen as soon as I hit the reverse gear - do many radios have such a port for a camera and will the be activated too directly or is it a question if additional signal cables from the gear to the radio to let it know, when to project the rear view? Sorry if this isnt good english but as I said before, Im german. Thank you guys ❤️ BTW: The radio is a clarion addzest something road explorer 3.0 HDD
  5. Hey mate Ye even though Im not very skilled in electrical stuff, thats the first thought I had. I have to edit my post, its not only the car thats going down its the ignition. I can tell by the antenna thats going down as you know well too, and by the defi gauges that start the launching animation. So how could I attack this problem now?
  6. Guys, recently Ive noticed that my radio is turning off for some seconds and restarting when I play around with any of the lights, like head or fogs. Not every time but especially often when I hit the high beam for a couple of times like when you wanna greet somebody. Do you got a clue what could be the cause of such things? Thanks and regards from germany
  7. Ye ok, but how are they called? ^^ Can the white one be a t3 smd?
  8. Guys, I need those 2 led´s - does anybody know where to get em?
  9. Can I have some pictures of your Gtst´s with some 18s and 19s please? I am unsure where Im heading to next with rims and heard a couple of times, that 19s are actually a bit too much for Gtst´s regarding optics Thanks a lot
  10. I always wondered what people will do or did already, if they had or have to replace the brake lines. Ive never seen such as an oem part somewhere and I also do not know what lines / material you could use instead of the genuine ones? One or two of my lines are a bit corroded, and I start to ask myself, hows it gonna be in the future. So please guys, share some light Google said, I should use "rigid" to describe the stiff lines, not the flexible brake lines / hoses at the wheels themself
  11. I wish we had such plates in Germany and I dont think theyre that huge. Before you go for something like "I tried to get as near as possible" with some optical aspects, Id definately take a simple basic white shit plate - cause they dont stick into your eye like something that doesnt fit
  12. Both seem pretty gay, but the black background is better. Why not going for bronze if the rims are too?
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