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  1. Can I have some pictures of your Gtst´s with some 18s and 19s please? I am unsure where Im heading to next with rims and heard a couple of times, that 19s are actually a bit too much for Gtst´s regarding optics Thanks a lot
  2. I always wondered what people will do or did already, if they had or have to replace the brake lines. Ive never seen such as an oem part somewhere and I also do not know what lines / material you could use instead of the genuine ones? One or two of my lines are a bit corroded, and I start to ask myself, hows it gonna be in the future. So please guys, share some light Google said, I should use "rigid" to describe the stiff lines, not the flexible brake lines / hoses at the wheels themself
  3. I wish we had such plates in Germany and I dont think theyre that huge. Before you go for something like "I tried to get as near as possible" with some optical aspects, Id definately take a simple basic white shit plate - cause they dont stick into your eye like something that doesnt fit
  4. Both seem pretty gay, but the black background is better. Why not going for bronze if the rims are too?
  5. Guys, does anybody know about the green and white connector from the two washing water pumps? Im looking for them since ever XD and would appreciater a part number very very very much. Dont bother the reservoir picture, its just to let you guys know which plugs I am talking about Thank you very juch
  6. Hey guys So I still have to connect the last one of 3 Defi gauges; "unfortunately" its the sensor for ext temp. So as much as I know, I got to drill a hole into the manifold, keep it clean fropm the metal cuttings, create a thread, clean it again and put the sensor parts and holdings in. Is that correct? So now, where would be the smartest place to do so? Obviously a spot I can work on but what also would be a good spot to get precise results on my gauge. Where did you guys install that? Its an R33 Gtst with an rb25det logically EDIT: Ok so Ive read a couple of times, it would be safer to put it in the elbow instead of the manifold, just to make sure the mani wont crack or that the turbo will eat flakes ^^. Guess that makes sense, since the manifold wont get any better with increasing milerange I suppose thaaaanks
  7. true story, but to a poor man 50 bucks are same worth
  8. Porsche is a small pen** vehicle, no love. And I only love my whip ofc
  9. Guys, who of you already put fender flares on your R33 Gtst? What did you use? Didnt you feel awful when cutting the body? Curious for some Infos and suggestions, was it a good idea after all? Regret it? I like the look plus I could need it for some rims, but Im scared as fu** to cut my holy stock body and of rust too. Let me know guys
  10. PS.: I know I could just cut it off and put some cable shoe or whatever on but I just like to have it "fitted" if you know what I mean.
  11. Guys, Ive been replacing a washer pump and was happy to notice, that at the one I replaced was an older plug ( the opposite plug is on the pic - white ).... So I need one like the other plug from the 2nd pump which was already installed obviously. So there might be a name for this very plug, or maybe even a part number since I used a genuine washing pump? Maybe one of you got one for me Thaaaanks
  12. Ah I see. Ye I guess that shouldnt be too hard to avoid. Thanks a lot my friend, Ill let you know how it went
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