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  1. Thanks mate - But I believe we are sorted - thanks any ideas why it may have broken?
  2. Hi Guys, My mechanic took a look at the timing belt on my RB20 and the Crank Sensor Bracket (Thats what I think it is) just came away - Has anyone seen this before - how would it of happened - any ideas.
  3. Thanks mate - Close this off with a link to a vid on YT:
  4. A while back I got my power steering rack rebuilt and I reinstalled it - but I noticed its now leaking. On closer inspection it looks like its coming from where the pipes meet the assembly Being a newbie I never bothered replacing the copper washers as I never had any... part number is 49726 - Does anybody know what size these copper washers are ID & OD - do they need to be genuine parts or could I buy from Repco and the like... Also I've noticed that there are some O'rings part number 49345A again I may have missed these but they look like a copper washer - Can any body tell me what size they are can I buy them from Repco. When I googled the part numbers - they seem to also appear as Nissan Pathfinder parts - are some R32 parts compatible with the Pathfinder? See images
  5. Thanks but I can assure you I never hit 180 kmh or close to it - Might have to give it another belting to see when it triggers
  6. Surely you must be able to change the setting
  7. I'd say it would make a noise post 120kph never felt it was revving high Trel, if it is a speed alarm how do you adjust this?
  8. Sorry don't get that - You think it was a warning of sorts?
  9. I know you may be thinking WTF? But today was the first opportunity I got to push the R32 a bit hard and the RB20 quite comfortably exceeded the speed limit. What I noticed was not that it had so much more to give but the car made a beeping or chiming sound - What is this noise? Was it a warning, a speed limiter and if so how can you adjust it or turn it on/off. It only made the chiming at the top end and then it would disappear on normal driving.. Any ideas?
  10. Just seeking some advice - the internal trim around my rear quarter windows keeps coming loose - I have tried contact adhesive, contact gel, waiting for both sides to remain tacky - have tried wedging plastic pieces into the edge to hold them in place as the glue dries but they continue to peel back due to the heat & sun. Has anybody found a product or a way to stick the trim material down for good? See photos
  11. Hi guys on this rubber hose issue - Can I simply replace the hose with a rubber house equivalent cut to length, or do I need some genuine moulded parts?
  12. Guys thanks for the advice - I think I found a mechanic in Seven Hills who's given me the confidence to do the job... Thanks again
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