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  1. Thanks but although I have a GTS-T how can I find out my wheel size? Where are they usually marked?
  2. I'm confused when it comes to wheels & tyres - I have a R32 2 door GTS-T the current tyres are a 255/50R16 - Ploughing through these forums I cannot see if these are the standard tyres - Should I buy the same size again? I think the wheels are standard 5 studs and there are no oversize panels. How do I measure the wheels correctly? What do the numbers mean? ***/**R** When I look at the usual online selection choices for a R32 GTS-T they seem to be: Falken - 225/50R16 Bridgestone - 225/50R16 Michelin- 225/50R16 Bob Jane - Front: 205/55/R16 & 215/45R17 Bob Jane - Rear: 225/50/R16 & 235/40R17 What size should I buy?
  3. I've just rebuilt a LHS headlight on my R32 from two broken units - They look exactly the same. I've taken the glass lens off, swapped out the internal reflectors and now have reassembled without telling the wife I used her oven. As I've reassembled it I notice that the wiring harness was slightly different. Infact on closer inspection I see that the lamp housing of the bulb style section is now different to the original unit that saved from the old headlight. This image shows what I now have and am seeking the correct lamp to purchase. The below image is the original lamp housing The wiring harness comparing the two is in the image below - The connector on the right is what I have now. Please tell me the correct lamp to buy and can anyone share with me why the lamp housing may be different? I don't really want to rebuild the headlight again.
  4. Looking for a space saver spare wheel and tyre in good nick - Ideally Sydney
  5. Hi so was considering to attempt replacing the Power Steering Gear & Linkage on a 1990 R32 but wanted to seek some advice. Firstly the reason I've come to the replacement decision is that there looks to be power steering fluid leaking from the steering gear/cylinder (Under the car) - I noticed that both dust boots are split in half, I thought that this was the problem but further Googling implies that the rubber seals in the cylinder are shot and dust boots simply just keep the dust out and do not seal the oil. So my thinking is to either obtain a second hand unit or a refurb unit but fit it up myself. Before I proceed I wanted to get some advice on how complicated this job would be. Apart from access which looks OK if I can get enough height under the car, it looks relatively simple on the assumption that I bleed the system correctly afterward and get a wheel alignment. Is it just a matter of un/bolting the device back up with all lines reconnected - I suppose the trickiest part would be to separate the tie rod ends (May have to buy the tool for that) replace those rubbers too. Was not planning to touch any pumps, reservoirs or electronics. Are there any other considerations I have over looked? Currently the car is unregistered so getting it anywhere is all too hard. Can anyone suggest where or whom can rebuild/supply a new steering gear in Sydney? Thanks
  6. Thanks GTS Boy - You always have the answers 😋
  7. Hi, For a 1990 R32 what should the spare wheel be - Is it normally a full size or a space saver? Thanks
  8. So for clarity replacing the boots if you have a leak is pointless - Need a rebuild or a swap out. Boots just prevent dirt & dust?
  9. Was this issue ever resolved - I think I have the same issue on my R32
  10. Did you ever find someone in Sydney who knew Skylines well enough?
  11. What would you expect to pay for a respray like this?
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