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  1. I want to add an oilcooler to my GTR not only to lower the temps but also have 0,5l more Oil. This is always an good idea. But the Gtr offers a lack of clearance. First the parts: Mocal 19 row 210mm Oilcooler Mishimoto Sandwichplate and Hose No Name relocation kit Dash 10 Fittings 2x straight, 2x 45° To have enough room you have to bend the A/C dryer Bracket 10mm to the core! I fixed the Hoses with two clamps and passed them near to the towing loop I wanted a Bracket to attach all parts together, that was tricky! On the Motorside relocation plate I have the straight Fittings on the Filter side the 45° Fittings. Make sure that the hoses are not twisted or have any tension, otherwise you will be unable to mount the Relocationplate to the Bracket! Possibly this will help someone ! Regards Kai
  2. So I did some research, cause the Mercedes Strut were to strong The original USED Struts have 30 kg while pushing and approx.20-25kg while holding. The new ones should be around 35kg-40kg And i Find the perfect one again on Aliexpress search for: 320Mm 400N Flap Spring Flap Fitting Gas Spring ! they match perfectly. The Trunk lid will hold until 15cm before reaching the lock.
  3. Hello my Gas Strut were weak so I want to replace them. This Topic pointed me in the right direction, thanks ! You can chosse this Model from Mercedes Part No.: 2218800329 It s from the W221 S Class Hood strut. You can find them for around 14$ on Aliexpress. They are a little bit too strong so I recommend to buy some used ones. I only replaced one and the Hod stays in any angle. I recommend to tap an M6 in the Bracket and add a nut to secure the strut. They are a 14mm to short, so the Trunk opens 12 cm less. Adding a spacer will fix this I also replaced the rubber bumper . They are from Aliexpress also.
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