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  1. I have the english Owners Manual from JPNZ but not the Cover Does it look like thie one ? I`m pretty sure that some of you guys know it better than me Thanks !
  2. Here i will show what is inside the R33 Models Headlight and what the diffrence is. When i converted my Headlight to LHD to make them Streetlegal in Germany i found it hard to find some inside pics especially from Xenons. It was my goal that you can undo it and leave the original Parts untouched and that everything will fit in the housing and the original rear cap will stays in place. There is a very good Tutorial for R32 conversion here :R32 Headlight conversion there you can find a lot of useful tips so i won`t go too much in the details cause there are a lot of individual things to consider for each conversion. With Xenons there is a lot of space inside I have made a Alu sheet with three square holes to fit the Plastic nuts in . There you can bolt your new Projectorlense on . These Hella Lenses are the only ones with Certificate in Germany I don`t recommend them the Light is crap compared with the Xenons. There is less space in the S1/ S2 Housing. It is hard to get the Bulb under the Cap. I had to extend the Bulb Connector with adittional cable. You have to make a bezel instead of the original reflector Glass. Use the two plastic nuts and the small balljoint from the original reflector for the new brackets . ATTENTION: DO NOT USE THE GLASS OF THE REFLECTOR AS REFERENCE for the bulb Axis!! The Glass is inclined to the Bulb Axis as you can see here. To Make this Brackets is lot more work than the sheet for the Xenon! This is only my suggestion , there are for sure a lot more solutions depending on your needs.
  3. I know about that ! When i order from Japan they cost 25US$ each. At the end when they arrive in Germany including Tax and Shipping they cost 50US$ AND the repair is easy and takes only a few minutes , why not give this a try. Most common Problem is that the rear one is not used and the motor gets stuck
  4. My rear Washerpump was not working so I dissasembled the Pump. First cut the small gap on the top, you can squeeze the housing gently . It is glued with superglue so its hard and will crack. The cap will come off easy. Remove the inner Parts. Remove the connector Housing, press the holders (inside) with a pincer . DO NOT DAMAGE THE CONTACTS! be carefull. you can pull from outside with a screwdriver, but i damaged the seal . Clean everything, remove rust and then grease the shaft. Then put everything together, the motor first then the connector. Make a test run for some minutes to get the motor warm so the grease gets into the bearing. If you want a substitute, the front ones were used in serveral Nissan Models in this period, the rear one is also used in Nissan Petrol / Ford Maverick Models. You can get them both new on Aliexpress for 30$ ,Tank included BUT the housing is to 5mm to high, without the metal housing they will fit. Possibley one can use heatshrink sleeve .
  5. So a little update : I brought the Shocks to Bilstein for an overhaule. For 480€ the came with new Rods an new front rubber bushings. They Changed the complet setting to Road use, cause i mostly drive on Country Roads. Now it is more comfortabel, like the stock shocks. Bilstein says the original setting was for Track use only, rock hard. Then I gave them a new paint and polished the springplate. For the Boots i used VW ones , cause originals are not available. FebiPart No.08071 The Top Bushings are KYB SM 5123 i had to shorten them for 1cm . on the left hand the orginal Shocks , on the right the Bilstein shocks
  6. Hello I removed my NISMO Carbon Sticker from the End Caps of the Rearwing. On the Left Cap is the GTR Logo the right Side is blank. On the backside there are Nissan Parts No. The Parts catalouge No. is correct. I found some web pics that are the same . Why is there only on the left side a Logo? Are there diffrent options ore is this original ? I`m a little bit confused Regards Kai
  7. Hello I have to put a new Gearbox in my R33GTR ( car is nearly stock) I want to exchange the EXEDY twinplate clutch (too Heavy) to a new Exedy Stage 1 too. My question : Do I have to oil the new Pilot bush or is it pre oiled? ( I have the original Workbook but it says nothing about that, searched the Forum too) Is there even more to consider? Regards Kai
  8. Hi I`m looking for this Part Nr. 4852179T00 The boot for the Hicas rod! I can`t find a substitute. Possible some will fit from any other car. Would be good i can find the part in Germany, shipping cost from Au are much top high for such a cheap part.
  9. to make the Precut 3mm smaller is too much , but it is depending on your Leather. I could stretch my Lether sheet more or less depending on the direction. So my way to solve this: I left the last 2cm to the knob untouched, with enough Lether left . I put the Leather on the Lever as shown above and at last i cut the Leather and make the puncture and the 4 stitches. Make shure the Leather is really tight and you will be able to get it under the rabbet easily.
  10. For sure there is nothing " special" This Shocks are similar to the old Bilstein B16 Model. I only want to know for what purpose they are! They are not listed in any Nismo Catalogue i found, but why ? they were not sold to end customers? I will testdrive them and if needed i will let them overhaul by Bilstein
  11. Bilstein has no information. Send an Email to Nismo Nobody any Information out there???
  12. Thanks ! The Numbers of the shocks are diffrent thats true. Bilstein front 56110 RS 598 rear 56210 RS 598 The Numbers of the Springs are the same 55020 RS 598 at the moment im waiting for a recall from Bilstein they have their Headquarter 29km away and they can rebuild the shocks for a reasonable price.
  13. I have bought a complete Nismo R33 GTR Suspension! The Damper Nr : 56110 RS 598 The Spring Nr : 55020 RS 598 I´m searching some information about this! The Seller said it is really hard, Track use only Has anyone driven this Suspension ?? If searched the old Nismo Catalouge online but haven`t found it yet. Any Information is welcome. Thanks in Advance! Kai These are NOT the same as in the Parts Catalogue Possible Motorsports Suspension ??? BUT the Damper are not adjustable , only Ride Height
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