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  1. Hi I`m looking for this Part Nr. 4852179T00 The boot for the Hicas rod! I can`t find a substitute. Possible some will fit from any other car. Would be good i can find the part in Germany, shipping cost from Au are much top high for such a cheap part.
  2. to make the Precut 3mm smaller is too much , but it is depending on your Leather. I could stretch my Lether sheet more or less depending on the direction. So my way to solve this: I left the last 2cm to the knob untouched, with enough Lether left . I put the Leather on the Lever as shown above and at last i cut the Leather and make the puncture and the 4 stitches. Make shure the Leather is really tight and you will be able to get it under the rabbet easily.
  3. For sure there is nothing " special" This Shocks are similar to the old Bilstein B16 Model. I only want to know for what purpose they are! They are not listed in any Nismo Catalogue i found, but why ? they were not sold to end customers? I will testdrive them and if needed i will let them overhaul by Bilstein
  4. Bilstein has no information. Send an Email to Nismo Nobody any Information out there???
  5. Thanks ! The Numbers of the shocks are diffrent thats true. Bilstein front 56110 RS 598 rear 56210 RS 598 The Numbers of the Springs are the same 55020 RS 598 at the moment im waiting for a recall from Bilstein they have their Headquarter 29km away and they can rebuild the shocks for a reasonable price.
  6. I have bought a complete Nismo R33 GTR Suspension! The Damper Nr : 56110 RS 598 The Spring Nr : 55020 RS 598 I´m searching some information about this! The Seller said it is really hard, Track use only Has anyone driven this Suspension ?? If searched the old Nismo Catalouge online but haven`t found it yet. Any Information is welcome. Thanks in Advance! Kai These are NOT the same as in the Parts Catalogue Possible Motorsports Suspension ??? BUT the Damper are not adjustable , only Ride Height
  7. Small Update ! To avoid the Problem to get the Leather under the rabbet it is possible a good idea to choose a smaller Pre-cut. I will test this when I get my red Thread! In total the cut is 6mm smaller this will help a lot
  8. Your Brakelever looks like this? Time for an update! you need a sheet of smooth (automotive) leather, some Needles and waxed Thread. I get this from Aliexpress for less than 3$. First pull out the Metal Ring a little bit then cut the stitches And , surprise, the original isn`t genuine Leather! Took the original as a pattern for the new . Attention !!!! It isn`t a square. To get a perfect fit , cut 2mm narrower. Now do the punctures 3mm from the edge and 5mm wide You start like this. The thread has to be 4-5 times longer than the leather!!! To make it easier use a tube, keep attention that the cross of the tread , up and down, are all in the same way Now you can place the Leather to the Lever and then pull the seam tight do this with a crochet hook You can`t do this at once. Make 2-3 repeats! Keep an eye that the alignment is correct and the holes are at the same level. At the End .....the tricky Part. You have to put the Leather under the rabbet and fix it with the metal ring. The Leather has to be long enough but then it has a lot of wrinkles, is it to short it won`t be fixed Tricky. But in the End I´m very satisfied. A lot better than the old imitation Leather. I hope this is helpful for some!
  9. I want to add an oilcooler to my GTR not only to lower the temps but also have 0,5l more Oil. This is always an good idea. But the Gtr offers a lack of clearance. First the parts: Mocal 19 row 210mm Oilcooler Mishimoto Sandwichplate and Hose No Name relocation kit Dash 10 Fittings 2x straight, 2x 45° To have enough room you have to bend the A/C dryer Bracket 10mm to the core! I fixed the Hoses with two clamps and passed them near to the towing loop I wanted a Bracket to attach all parts together, that was tricky! On the Motorside relocation plate I have the straight Fittings on the Filter side the 45° Fittings. Make sure that the hoses are not twisted or have any tension, otherwise you will be unable to mount the Relocationplate to the Bracket! Possibly this will help someone ! Regards Kai
  10. So I did some research, cause the Mercedes Strut were to strong The original USED Struts have 30 kg while pushing and approx.20-25kg while holding. The new ones should be around 35kg-40kg And i Find the perfect one again on Aliexpress search for: 320Mm 400N Flap Spring Flap Fitting Gas Spring ! they match perfectly. The Trunk lid will hold until 15cm before reaching the lock.
  11. Hello my Gas Strut were weak so I want to replace them. This Topic pointed me in the right direction, thanks ! You can chosse this Model from Mercedes Part No.: 2218800329 It s from the W221 S Class Hood strut. You can find them for around 14$ on Aliexpress. They are a little bit too strong so I recommend to buy some used ones. I only replaced one and the Hod stays in any angle. I recommend to tap an M6 in the Bracket and add a nut to secure the strut. They are a 14mm to short, so the Trunk opens 12 cm less. Adding a spacer will fix this I also replaced the rubber bumper . They are from Aliexpress also.
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