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  1. Supercar buyers have the money to pay for supercar mods. Some people live life with a "money is no object" approach and that's the reality for people buying Skylines now
  2. Yes I was on the money that's for sure yet no one believed it. Predicting by 2024/25 that prices will be close to 300k for an R33 GTR V Spec in mint condition. I think realistically you are looking between 500-700k for an R34 GTR Vspec I/II in 2024/5.
  3. In all fairness here brett has 100% made the right choice the fastest RB has open chambers as does the fastest circuit GTR (built by PMC)
  4. Heres a thread showing the correct install orientation https://www.skylineowners.com/threads/how-to-fit-aftermarket-steering-wheel-hkb-boss-kit-tutorial.248241/
  5. You shouldn't need to use a steering wheel puller. You only need to undo the middle nut & it should slide off. Also, it looks like its been installed incorrectly.
  6. I guess it’s wait & see. I think 430kw plus a sequential is the same as a 530kw h pattern car. CD009 6 speed would of been ideal but don’t fancy belting the transmission tunnel or having the transmission hang below chassis rails. Im planning for mine to be an all rounder , mainly street with a thorough dash of circuit and occaisonal roll racing.
  7. I think it'll be a very interesting comparison between our motors... my aim is around the 435rwkw with bulldog response. Have you decided on turbo yet? I'll be running a reinforced DET timing chain as there is some stories floating around of the P12 timing chain snapping. You can actually buy a VCT conversion front cover for the SR20VE motor now, meaning you'd have both VCT and VVL. This really would bring an SR into V8 response territory. I'd imagine custom cams would be needed & then the whole issue as to whether VCT would start rattling led me to abandoning the idea.
  8. That was the reason for buying the X-Trail GT head, the cams. They have aggressive lift, and I wanted to avoid going big Kelford cams due to potential loss of response.
  9. Well - It turns out ordering a wet oil pump really was a facepalm moment. I won't embarass myself going into details, but yes, that wet oil pump won't be needed. Months later I'm continuing to annoy the hell out of two blokes who got this build off the scenic route years ago & onto the Autobarn expressway, and now we are squeezing the throttle as we come onto boost with "The Badger". After a 5 month search, finally found VVL exhaust rocker arms. S13 Block & X-Trail GT head are paid for. The rundown is: 2.2L Sleeved block. Liners will be copper. The crank caps will be billet. A block brace was most certainly avoided. It's getting Carillo Pro H beam rods and custom CP gas ported pistons. Wrist pins will be thick wall. Valves are getting oversized and the valve seat rings are copping the NASCAR treatment, no, they won't be berrylium, it'll be the secret sauce that E85 won't eat for breakfast..... My next post will be when the engine build kicks off & gets underway.....
  10. 850s 1000s 1250s Then 1650s come on Brett… I thought you did the maths, & do it once and do it right? I’ll stick with my Mack daddy “rust bucket” thanks, at least it has a blue plate 😂😂😂
  11. is that why you've changed your injectors 5 times and your turbos at least 4 times ? Pls Brett, you are not the mack daddy of GTR's
  12. success in GTR scene is what maatouks have achieved and what HKS & JUN did back in the early to late 90's. im sure when a big bloke makes a special albins sequential & cant even get a shifter linkage finalised after 10 months things are on the upswing.....
  13. i like his block test with his $2 instrument shitcanning GT500 blocks I wonder how many he stockpiled for cheap after that video came out....
  14. You're actually going to listen to him? What NASCAR or time attack motor has Herman built?! I'll be running an 86.5mm piston and the words told to me were "Inserting a sleeve liner is effective because it eliminates the heat point of the cylinder block".
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