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  1. Nice information Dan, makes sense.... im really interested to see how “responsive” the car feels compared to Paul’s EFR setup
  2. Dan I thought 20-17psi would be quite comfortable for the twins ? Piggaz if I had the money I would, at least I’m one carton of corona richer now...lol anyway dan will keep in mind, and I’m not planning to track the car btw...no way do I want to risk binning it. Will take it easy and learn the car...
  3. Interesting dan.... yes I do know the head was ported and polished, I think 360 is probably pushing the car as far as it can go without major upgrades like sequentials and diffs etc, should be fun!
  4. Hey lads brasil trip has been pretty damn crazy so far and found myself in a favela for a good week...now in santa Teresa at a real nice pad and heading out for a boat party tonight. Military police stormed the favela Saturday morning and gunfire for a good 5-6 hours. They were back at it again on sunday morning just after I left on a motorbike. So anyway GTR made 360awkw with 20psi in the low end , falling off to 17psi in the top end. Scott thought might be the gates holding it back. Anyway, looks like this motor makes grunt & should keep me entertained !!
  5. Dose....twin restrictions.....good way of describing them lol Matt we are doing a full flex tune with an Emtron, & I've got oil & fuel pressure / temp sensors in place as motor protection. Dan, I'm a little bit gutted that it's not already single tbh....I mean 330 should make a plenty fast street car....but I'm not sure if thats enough to be "scary".... well, for my latina passengers it will be but maybe not for me after being in Piggaz car. It's pretty annoying that for nascar grade power its nascar grade money.
  6. Car was fired up as of yesterday afternoon and is running.... It should see the dyno at some point this week or next How much power do you guys think it'll make ? Noting the head is ported & polished as well....
  7. I could never live on a farm I have no interest in working the land Flight to Rio is on Tuesday, Copa America is on so it should be buzzing over there Here we go again 🎢
  8. Well to be fair everyone was on the house bandwagon and look what happened to that... I predicted the crash 3 years ago, wish I had the know-how to of 'shorted' the market lol
  9. Think I’m going to Brasil next week accom booked just need to confirm with manager and I’ll book a flight. need to get away from Australia and all this post GTR ownership trauma lol
  10. Well lads I start my new job on July 1st I might bite the bullet and go back to a brasil for 2-3 weeks before I start the new gig dont want to think about all this car Jazz it’s just dollars dollars dollars seriously, I’m overwhelmed lol its so much more fun being in the mix and chasing women stay tuned moral of the story is for anyone thinking about doing a don mega GTR build you need to be a don millionaire. Cheaper and better to be the don womaniser 🤣
  11. Yes Piggaz has offered the car to me but it’s big money and is worth what he’s asking. Hmm, I’ve already got a custom surge tank, 2 billet filters and $2500 worth of fuel pumps for the S15, and some earls ultrapro Teflon lines and fittings. I think 50% of the outlay is done for it.
  12. Realistically, Piggaz car is the best decision possible. The reality is, the next EFR stage is a $65k exercise allowing for brakes/sequential/diffs/turbo package/fab/retune. However, I have time on my side as I’m sure there’s fun to be had in the current package. And then, I’d need to budget for a built motor...and by then I’ll have a car with as big a spend as Piggaz. Logistically, attaining Piggaz car is next to impossible without finishing both the S15/R33 GTR and selling both. Selling the S15 is a major challenge because of how much money has been pumped into it and how little they’re selling for. Sure it’s stuffed full of good bits but I don’t know what I’d be able to get for it. And plus, after nearly 4 years off the road I’d love to see if it’s a really fun fruitcake to drive. I have to say, without making a post with my usual sense of humour, that building cars has been the biggest rollercoaster decision I’ve ever made. There is a LOT of stress involved, so it’d be nice to turn the key to something that’s just DONE. I could stop now and enjoy both cars, but is that possible, I’m 90% sure it’s not.... Hmm, it’s a bad feeling being at a crossroads....
  13. The problem is I don’t have the venture capital. I’ve got an R33 GTR & S15 and after this round of mods I’m damn near broke.
  14. Yeah well I might of bitten off a bit more than I chew going for Don Mega standards, the don medium is closer to the mark.... Just this round is definitely huge dollars involved.
  15. Hummm, I really do prefer the sound of a 26/28 bottom end.... Piggaz car acceleration is like back to the future so I can see 2 options, an 8474 or the mack daddy 9280. I’m just not sure if the 9280 is a good idea simply because I’d probably start breaking things.....and even the thought of any more power than an 8374 Is a bit frightening
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