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  1. BakemonoRicer

    My series 2 end plates also only have GT-R on one side, I think that is how they came from factory.
  2. BakemonoRicer

    The power is in the headwork. Hence why my S15 head was hand ported & polished by NAPREC. The GTR has also been ported & polished by Prostock Motorsports. And the reason most people dont port & polish is because let's face it, they don't want to pay the money. Look at Pauls car, its a fire breathing animal because he had his done by the 7 sec Drag 33 guy at HKS.
  3. BakemonoRicer

    Robocop, you have hit the nail on the head yet again.... completely agree that the R33 is the true crowdpleaser. Everyone seems to forget the R35 wheelbase is longer than the rest and that thing just hauls ass for such a heavy car. All this nonsense about the 33's wheelbase, NO, thats one of the reason that its faster than the rest!!
  4. BakemonoRicer

    The GTST is by no means looks slimmer than an S15. Its like an Iphone 6 (GTST) vs Iphone XS Max (GTR)
  5. BakemonoRicer

    Sydney roads are absolutely horrible for driving. However Newcastle on the other hand is awesome for driving...plenty of epic roads for a blast.
  6. BakemonoRicer

    I think most people are spooked by GT-R's because the natural reaction is to lift-off when the tail kicks. Keep that throttle on lads, and enjoy HICAS
  7. With GT-R values soaring in Japan I made the decision close to two years ago to start seriously hunting for the cleanest BCNR33 I could find. I knew if I waited any longer there would be no possibility of ever being able to afford one. I enlisted the services of Iron Chef & the initial scope was a Grade 4 or 4.5 S3 97/98 GTR in Black; but this essentially was like trying to find a needle in a haystack. A few months into the search after seeing Piggaz 33R, I changed my mind and started searching for a QM1 White car. As each week went by it became more & more difficult to find cars worth inspecting, and when they were inspected, they almost always had issues with rust underneath and/or strut tower rust and/or structural seam weld rust. Around the half-yearly mark, a 97 QM1 S3 caught our eye though we missed out on that and then found it a dealership in Japan for around the $60k mark. I then spoke to ImportR from SAU about his S3 GT-R, but while initially entertaining selling it he didn't have the heart to part with it. Alongside Steve's 7000km S3, his 33R would have to be the next cleanest out there. Around the 14 month mark I'd started giving up hope and was toying with the idea of S8 RX-7's, but then I received an email from Iron Chef regarding a '96 QM1 Prostock R33 GT-R up for auction at USS Tokyo. The auction grade was 4.5 with 49,000kms & service history. The car just looked like a complete showstopper and upon inspecting it in the metal - Kristian, Troy & Myself realised 'this is the car'. After a bidding war the car was mine, & then slowly I started finding out about it's very interesting history. I have since been in contact with Prostock Motorsports who provided details about the build & the fact that the previous owner is very happy & suprised the car has ended up in Australia. The GT-R spent it's entire life in Tokyo & this thread will present the two year period where the car was completely overhauled.The car was maintained at Nissan Prince Tokyo from it's beginnings and then sent by the owner (an older gentleman) to the GT-R Specialist ProStock Motorsports in Saitama Japan for a full overhaul in 2016. The invoices of the work was jaw-dropping, for many people it would be considered a once-in-a-lifetime build & after driving it - I feel it's the perfectly setup street car. After a visit to Rigolis, they described it as one of the cleanest GT-R's they've ever seen. Nearly every single part has been replaced with brand new, while the undercarriage & seam seals remain original without rust (even the strut towers). Thankfully, the chassis rails haven't been jacked like nearly every other GT-R either. There is a little bit of minor surface rust in a couple of small spots, which is why I suspect the car may have been stored outside at some point in its life. But that was always expected, my S15 which has been in Australia since new has the exact same. After a 4 hour marathon at the RTA which took a supervisor to overrule their know-it-all yet clueless staff member on RAWS importing rules & regs; the car was registered and the first drive was so damn sweet. As for the exterior, I absolutely love it and photo's don't do it justice. The paintwork is original & this was confirmed with a micrometer yesterday. As for my future plans, I haven't even been thinking about it - I love the car as it is, it's been an amazing experience to drive & I'm sure I'll never be able to part with it. The Skyline GT-R is a very special car when you can find the right one, so good luck to whoever else is searching for one & thanks for reading
  8. BakemonoRicer

    Anyone who would like to come for a drive is welcome to ride shotgun in my R33 GTR. They are a completely different animal compared to a GTS-T, seriously. They really shouldn't even be compared.
  9. Montie, sorry to hear mate, if only we could see a video slideshow of each car's history, it would make for an interesting watch. It seems whoever did the blue plate went to some lengths to hide the trail, however their slip-up was the 1N4 paintcode which doesnt exist for GTR's. I imagine the VIN used from the QM1 white S3 R33 GTR would have been a car that was written off, but if not....if that exact car was to land in Australia, I think thats where the issues would arise. So whether the blue plate occured in Japan or Australia will probably always be unclear. If the car hasn't ever been in an accident, theres always the possibility the car was stolen overseas prior to being shipped here. My only advice would be it could be worth investigating the firewall. It appears a layer of body filler has been used to help engrave the firewall, beneath that could be the original VIN (if they've grinded it off you'd be able to X-Ray the firewall to see the original number). Good luck with the search....
  10. Prank, I believe they did offload it to a buyer in 2013, refer old SAU thread "Gracer defect". It would appear this is the same person selling. It's has an impressive list but I never will understand why they didn't use a GT-R base to start with, it's a shame really. It still doesn't actually look like a GT-R which is suprising given all GT-R panels were used.
  11. Johnny, is that one up for sale atm on carsales?
  12. Theres a GTR on gtr registry which is a Series 1 which has a Series 3 vin affixed to it with the paint code 1n4, which doesnt exist for GT-R's. Its the 2nd GTR ive seen with a definite "dodgy blue" plate.
  13. BakemonoRicer

    The fact the soarer is a bottom of the barrel price sure means a lot for opinion. How many times do you get someone saying "Oh wow, look at the soarer". I guarentee never. It looks like someone has even stuffed their balls inside a gigantic condom.
  14. BakemonoRicer

    Rebuild time
  15. BakemonoRicer

    33 GTR for sure mate. It's at the top of the food chain The design has been done just soooo damn right!!!!! Such a visual masterpiece mate.