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  1. Overr the christmas holidays I decided to get stuck in and work on the car. Started off with reinstalling the bonnet & mocking up the front bar. Installed a big spec Cusco Swaybar setup. I was really pedantic on making sure its completely equal each side, so measured off the chassis rails until it was exact (a step most people miss for the front which can be done wrong very easily). Swaybar was installed with the wheels loaded on the ground, and all new OEM endlinks & endlink bushes. Next step was to sort out the interior, so I worked on running all the sensors for the DEFI gauge & the positive battery cable to the boot. Aligned everything real nice & it was back to looking like it'd never been taken out. The engine bay is really starting to come together, the next step is to get the car towed to TRP for another don mega fuel system, then get it wired & Emtron'ed...I'd like to think I'm only a few months away from having the badger up & running.....
  2. Heck my S15 engine/turbo/plumbing setup cost more than quadruple than your budget and it’s just a 4 banger with all the cream in and around it
  3. Budget 80k AUD there is no such thing as building a half spec motor, must be big spec OK . And for all the fruit around it add another 50k onto that for a full package. GTRs are big money so you’ll have to cop it on the chin m8 dont want a hamburger with cheese you want a hamburger with the LOT
  4. all prices heavily discounted for quick sale this week 6 x OEM R35 Injectors, Nismo FPR & R33 GTR Fuel Rail to Suit w/ R35 injector adaptors - $600 1 x Nismo BCNR33 Fuel Pump - $260 1 x Genuine Crank Angle Sensor - $240 2 x Genuine Exhaust o2 Sensors - $150
  5. All parts 1000km's use only, out of ex Prostock Racing R33 GTR, selling due to switch to full house E85 fuel system/ Crank trigger setup. 6 x OEM R35 Injectors, Nismo FPR & R33 GTR Fuel Rail to Suit w/ R35 injector adaptors - $950 (RRP $1155 injectors, FPR 227.50, Rail $200 = $1582 TOTAL) 1 x Nismo BCNR33 Fuel Pump - $500.00 (RRP $779) 1 x Genuine Crank Angle Sensor - $350.00 (RRP $528.00) 2 x Genuine Exhaust o2 Sensors - $200 (RRP $308) Thanks, Ben
  6. I dont think a PPG sequential takes away anything from the GTR as a street car, if anything it really improves it. But obviously a H pattern is cool, but if I was paying more than 10k I wouldnt want the lag between gears that a H pattern inherently provides....
  7. Evan we are lucky to have bought GTRs now as it will be virtually impossible in the near future. The prices will be even more insane than what they are. There is no other car that makes the power the way a GTR does, nor is there a turbo engine that sounds nearly as haunting as the RB26. Not even the 2JZ sounds as good as the RB!!! The skyline GTR was the hero car for the end of an era.
  8. None of my cars will be seeing the track, I'd rather just enjoy the cars every now & then. That's enough for me, I'm not a millionaire to be able to afford track days or risk losing everything. I'll have to assess the gearbox stage carefully. My money can go so much further on travel around South America, so Id rather ignore a gearbox solution as long as possible.
  9. god damn white r33's look good, so do blue r32's
  10. So it's official ....via GT-R Registry R33's have hit six figures + S3 33R Grade 4.5 sold for 95k equivilent to 130kAUD LANDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is truely a case of demand being major for the gems.
  11. What stops you from importing one from Australia?
  12. I present to you the EFR7670 Street Drag S15 SPL (formerly the Rising Sun S15 😂). Very thankful to the mechanic/engine builder who got the car to this stage....the amount of thinking that went into this build was huge, and his work really is flawless with meticulous attention to detail. I can't imagine how much I would of been charged if the car was at any big name Sydney workshop. Remainder is interior/bodywork refit, the fuel system, battery relocation cabling, oil catch can push lock drain hose, wiring & ECU. I'll need to somehow sort a custom cap for the radiator breather tank as the one from Sunline Racing doesn't seal properly. The size of that turbo has WARP SPEED written all over it 😂 #TEAMEFR
  13. I think the key is patience, my search lasted a year and a half. Just keep waiting until you find something you know you'll be 100% happy with...because it seems like you want to hang on to it for a long time. The reality is, it is extremely hard to find a good quality GT-R. They were built for a purpose and most have been driven for that purpose and beyond. There is obviously still a few hidden gems out there but it will take time to find them, and the people who have them probably don't want to sell them! Living the dream? Hmm, I thought I'd feel this way, but the amount of money spent modifying a car leaves a bee sting in your heart LOL. That's why I was glad to find the Prostock R33, it was ALMOST done. Starting a build from stock (Like I did with the S15) is financially wreckless LOL.
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