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  1. For the type of driving you do Brett I'm suprised I'm not hearing talk of dry sump
  2. If you want an epic sound get a SARD R2D2 BOV
  3. You are a disgrace to silvia owners honestly go home flanders
  4. Yeah not particularly phased on people worrying that it's gonna drop off, it's definitely not and the tuner WANTS a 2.2L so he can rev it that high, it doesn't want to stop making power. So some more on road feedback - it's basically a fraction of a second once its on full boost to shift gear, on the road it is just insane. I actually think it needs a sequential as it's almost too fast for a H pattern, maybe I'd have more confidence though with a 350Z box, as my shifts are super slow. Unsure why boost isn't on the graph, and yes the EFR has a wheel speed sensor on it but I don't have a display to tell me what turbine speeds are doing, but nor do I really care as the Emtron takes care of it. I've got gauges for oil temp, oil pressure and water temp. I'll get a Defi boost gauge in the coming months as it'd be good to see what boost is doing. The 70mm ARC intercooler definitely works, everything on the S15 just STAYS at 70°. If I'm really stuck into the GTR the HKS intercooler caps the temp at 80°, so once I take the S15 for a similar drive I'll report back. Both cars have Trust 16 row oil coolers. I'll have to ask man, if I can be bothered lol
  5. Torque has purposefully been backed off , it’s a conservative tune for safety
  6. Dyno graph has been received. Safe conservative tune & torque has been capped at 450nm to suit bottom end/gearbox longevity. Once again the tune is A1 and Scott has done a fantastic job, everything is all neat & tidy and cold start is bang on. Overall, the head is wanting to rev to around 9,500rpm with the turbo/head combo, so NAPREC have done what I've asked them for!! Anywhere from 400-420kw is possible with a 2.2L stroker. When the gates come on, it piles on speed VERY fast, point to point the car is a beast. I cannot explain how quick the car revs when it's all in. Next step will be to make a plan for a gearbox, I think a 350z 6 speed with the Mazworx conversion kit would be a treat....but for now I'm double clutching my shifts to keep everything safe & happy, and working towards getting some savings behind me as being at zero savings can't go on any longer lol.
  7. Dyno results on ethanol are in It made 324rwkw on 23 pound boost I'm told that with a built 2.2L bottom "It will make so much power so easy".
  8. Well, I am looking forward to posting the dyno sheet. #thefappening.
  9. Standard bottom end. Standard gearbox. Standard diff. Standard brake system. I've replaced every part on the car except for these
  10. Yes your 100% right micko, it is looking like the car is capable of 410rwkw on ethanol. 100kw stock engine plus 165kw of 14psi boost power on 98. Wind it up to 26psi and do the maths for power per pound and we get 410rwkw on ethanol. That’s a conservative estimate. Pound for pound this car is making big power... honestly
  11. make sure you don't put more than one rear muffler on an SR merge the gates the same way I did it's the only way to make it sound like a JUDD V8
  12. this is the only merge of its kind in the world it's just radical thinking at its best
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