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  1. BakemonoRicer

    This week we are working on the nightmare of mounting the EFR. There is NO room in an S15 engine bay. To anyone reading thinking of using any bigger than dual 38mm gates on an SR, don't!!! You will end up panelbeating your car to make it work. Thankfully, we have millimetres to spare and don't have to do that. The wastegates are in the way of the turbo drain adapter, so this will be sorted with an Aeroflow 8 orb to 10an swivel adapter arriving this week. Speedflow wastegate fittings are ordered so we can plan our route to the MAC valve, and after that finish the remainder of fabrication in the engine bay. The next hurdle will be the NASA fuel system which will take a LOT of hours to sort out : | . Looking forward to refitting the interior, front bumper and taking it to the tuner..... It's amazing how as a build progresses there are unexpected changes, especially upon the realisation that modern day tech from other countries is light years ahead of a 'japanese nostalgia build'. The car wouldn't be where it's at if it wasn't for the intervention of Piggaz & Mick_o, the most expensive BBQ I've ever had as the build went in the complete opposite direction.
  2. BakemonoRicer

    Hurry up mate!!!! Im ready to fap over the T78 on gate
  3. Dan, it's a Nismo Twin Plate. I think the R33 is a pull-type clutch. Does it have a pivot ball or is there something else that could of failed?
  4. The GT-R ended up on a tow truck this sunday. Basically, had a massive BBQ at the beach with the brazillian girls till we got moved along by the police, so we kicked on to Waverley Park. They jumped in the R so naturally I gave them the R experience.... until I blew the clutch. After some fun at Waverley one of the latina girls jumped back in for the ride home, I knew the clutch was 95% toast but I figured I'd be able to nurse it back to my place. Unfortunately ended up free-revving on Old South Head Rd pulling over just in time, I imagine it's probably the pressure plate as the initial "95% fail" happened instantly? Thankfully had a case of warm corona (man beer) in the boot so we sat on the sidewalk sinking that for about 2 hours till the tow truck came. She loved the whole experience though even helping to push the car back into the garage. So that's the end of the R for now, will figure out the next step in due course.....
  5. BakemonoRicer

    As the owner's we set the price to the market and obviously with USA they will be left with no choice but to pay to play. Same with the prospective buyers here, Hong Kong, Canada etc. The market is red-hot and given the diminishing supply of GT-R's it's a no brainer that they will be at 6 figures soon enough.
  6. BakemonoRicer

    Dan, as I said, bring your camera crew if you want to see it sooner. Any time you are welcome. I'm already in talks with a production company about doing a video for it, so again go f**k yourself, you're a 40 year old virgin, go have a fap mate because you sure as f**k won't pull women anytime soon pal
  7. BakemonoRicer

    Dan, small things amuse small minds. I'll make you an offer, you pay for a camera crew and a hoist and you can go nuts, form an opinion & post your panel gap inspection on SAU. I personally think you are a moron so it would be best to get a panel beater to make comment. The whole car has a ground-up rebuild by a GT-R specialist, with full history and the paint HAS NOT BEEN TOUCHED. There is no rust through seams, DONE. Everything underneath barely even has a speck of dust on it. Anyway, go have a fap over this one mate - guarantee you'd think it was immaculate because it's repainted and re-seamed. People like you are the reason tarted up and slapped together cars sell for 100k+ , this sold for 130k : )
  8. BakemonoRicer

    You. Plus, I know exactly why you won't post the sheets, and your car had a new front end which was a different colour FFS Dan. Anyway, I haven't had time for the build thread. In time it will be updated.
  9. BakemonoRicer

    Micko & Dan. Another two classic art agents who havent even seen the car. The car was never booked in to be tuned because its getting the KV8 treatment. We pulled out timing as a quick way to make it safe until then. Might as well get your dented Evo fixed while youre at it mate. Care to post your deregistration certificate and auction sheet from Japan for proof of km's too?
  10. BakemonoRicer

    Yep strut towers in the R33 A1 condition as well
  11. BakemonoRicer

    Oh look, head light bracket has surface rust MLR, car is a write off 🤣
  12. BakemonoRicer

    Lots of big dollar builds that dont get tracked. Im gonna join Team Fatz
  13. BakemonoRicer

    I will be the security for the R33 GTR preservation track day. Will bring a 3 wood and tee off on any art agents that dare try step in the den. Pls rate my panel gaps 🤤
  14. BakemonoRicer

    Dan, you haven't even seen the car in the flesh, stop listening to a bunch of art agents. It's a Grade 4.5, less than 5 have gone through Japan in the past year with that rating. The pictures I posted were some of the last as the car left Japan. Rigoli/Insight can attest to it's condition. TRP: "It's literally one the best one we have seen in a long time, we can't believe the condition its in". Do you understand how many cars they see? Go call them up and ask them about it seeing as you SAU'ers love your gossip. Next time it's up there I will take photos. Has it got some small speckles of surface rust, yep, every f**king GT-R does, even my S15 does. 2 x Panel beaters inspected and confirmed the car for original paint, no accident damage and found no sign of anything needing fixing. They actually both said I was stupid for even bringing the car there and paying to inspect, they told me they will not let me spend any money on it and LEAVE AS IS. I will give you there phone number too. I'm not even going to entertain BBQ warriors. It lived in Tokyo it's entire life and was meticulously maintained by a nutter who spent lots of $$$ on it. So go get a brand new car is you expect any better, it's not Grade 5. So, I'm listening to world class workshops rather than anyone else, and I know the car is a gem. Don't care what people with no mechanical background think.
  15. BakemonoRicer

    Lets actually do an R33 GTR only meet. Given both R32 and R34 (& Evo) owners think they stand on higher moral ground....Id get a real buzz out of rejecting them 😅