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  1. EFR8474 , hypertune twin scroll manifold , twin 38mm tial MVS gates Hello 600kw and epic response there is no questioning how mental EFR turbos are for response compared to what else is on the market
  2. Not yet...but from a 40kmh roll on a 250m course, I'm trapping over 205kmh at the finish line. That's serious business for a 2.0L with a torque limited tune!!! The top end is just limitless really - the head is just begging for more boost. It's making the power so easy and I'm f**king slingshotting in 4th gear on other cars. Even with a stock bottom end its a 300kmh speed rocket.
  3. Shit yes, wasn't hard pal. Despite your obvious sarcasm, factually your response is bang on!!! When you gonna race my Kamikaze S15? Wouldn't mind seeing you throw your toys when I dust ya!
  4. Another great night at Roll Racing Made light work of a 5.0L V8... As you can see, my oil pressure gauge is rising nicely as I power through each gear. Stock bottom end , stock gearbox , and still going strong !!!!!! 80° oil temp ALL night baby, this is a turn key package. watch me gain about 10 car lengths on this piece of Detroit muscle
  5. Imagine the lead time in the event you need replacement parts best of going with a samsonas mate! They are used in all the TRP shop cars and their after sales service is pretty spot on
  6. Lucky I didn’t end up in the ER can confirm it wasn’t as Luke warm as I thought it was gonna be 🤣
  7. Heat & lines? Well I disagree, I can vouch that the oil drain was a nightmare to run in an EFR7670 w/ 6 boost manifold , required some custom welding of a drain but aside from that, there is absolutely NO issues with heat. The big rear EFR housing keeps the whole setup only mildly sunkissed after a good belting, as opposed to scorching hot like other turbos !!! I couldn't really care about having LOTS of room, because do you care about that when you're getting whoosh noises from 2000rpm EFR response? EFR's are the George foreman of turbos and nothing else comes close!!!! Sure there's not that much space but if you want to be the big daddy you need a big daddy turbo. On the other hand, put your hand on a small housing Garrett after some punchy driving and you'll get third degree burns.
  8. Martin, I think your understanding of anything Nissan RB related is minimal. Sure , you build carbon bits, but you are yet to proove you can build a RB big spec package. There's a 2500hp 3.2L floating around here in sydney and it doesn't run a block brace, oh and it has a cast factory inlet plenum, but heck, the internet says thats wrong and companies say "you need a block brace, you need a plenum!!!". Well, I think there are some things to spend on and some things not to. So if I like a crank trigger better than other options, its because I know the right people who have been there done that.
  9. I really disagree that companys need to constantly revise a product like a block brace, a crank trigger or anything of that nature. Honestly, if they do the maths & R&D they get it right. What I don't agree with is shitloads of revisions and using customers as Guinea cops. Is AP Racing a big hitter in brakes , not really dude. Brembo/Alcon are the big hitters and I don't see them getting it wrong. AP is just a more cost effective approach than their big brother Brembo. But again, these are two completely different types of parts we are talking about here. Sorry, but I have no sympathy for companys that make mistakes and disguise it as revisions. In the building game, one mistake can cost a fortune to fix and we are liable to fix it, whereas aftermarket parts manufacturers in the car game DO NOT HAVE ANY responsibility. I've been in two cars now where Gktech suspension arms have failed with no warning! Does that happen with my Ikeya Formula arms, NO!!! There needs to be more comments like mine because everyone on the internets holds their tongue if theyve made bad decisions or has used a bad product. Sure you like to support Aus companys, nothing wrong with that, but I don't support companys that claim "bolt on", but then later make the customers do the maths or the R&D!! Sure the Japs are a bit backwards in the product development but I've never bought ANYTHING from the big names in Japan that doesn't fit 100%.
  10. Let's just say - I have seen a companies block brace (not naming names here) that required redrilling, modifying, planeing etc to actually work. Sorry, but that's just not on ay, any block brace should be damn near spot on. Also, crank triggers, none of them are perfect, but do they beat the OEM CAS, absolutely!! The cam part of the Kulig is not the best hence why my trigger setup is modified to optimise a small potential 'weak link'. Would I use P R products for my cars, no, have i been recommended them, no. That's enough for me, you don't see big hitters like HKS/JUN/Supertech/Kelford/CP Pistons/ Manly Rods etc etc adding constant revisions to their products. I'm not a guinea pig.
  11. Kulig is ran on the 1000hp+ TRP / Matouuks builds My Kulig trigger has been modified by TRP also. Platinum racing products, no thanks. Some products don't need marketing, others need heaps. Enough said lol. No issue with Ross though, decent kit but again the big boys run Kulig
  12. I don't see why you're acting so defensive? It's a very important aspect and insurance for his build.. Honestly, no wonder no one helps on SAU because it seems the policy here is to say "OH NOT NEEDED". Well, it is required before tuning to make sure he doesn't slugged twice. I was just letting him know in case no one else has. A Kulig trigger setup including sensors is $2,200 installed. So it's hardly more expensive than a set of coilovers.
  13. Looking good mate!! But Why aren't you running a crank trigger setup? Standard NISSAN cas needs to be thrown in bin
  14. and years ago when I said GT-Rs will be six figure cars everyone treated me like a looney, that's whats LOL. now theyre a half a million dollar car simple it will keep going up there is not enough available to satisfy world demand and they are the most iconic street race car in world
  15. I think leaving the Nismo 3 gauges in will keep everything looking nice & OEM "plus". I personally wouldn't remove them for a fancy headunit. Plus, who needs a tricked out audio deck when you have the RB note to enjoy? Also, last thing you need is some deadbeat breaking into the car to cash in a headunit.
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