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  1. R33 is a LOT more popular in USA than the 32. And 32's are hitting 80k+ already. An MPII 34 grade 4 with 80,000kms? in OK condition sold for 160k. Remember, collectors want the cream so have to pay for the cream.
  2. BakemonoRicer

    GT-R stands for Gran Turismo Racer RB26 stands for race bred 2.6L SR20 stands for street racing 2.0L /thread
  3. For a low km, grade 4.5 R33 GTR Vspec.... I predict 100-120k by 2021.
  4. Spending all that extra money you are nuts to retain twins. Those things were in fashion last century Seriously, go an EFR! Those things are magic and you wont be wasting your money doing things twice!!
  5. BakemonoRicer

    This no replacement for displacement shit really annoys me Build a f**king don mega head and enjoy the fruit of an EFR. Whats funny is 4 cyls can in some cases make more grunt & torque than 6's. Deal with it.
  6. BakemonoRicer

    8374 with a 1.45 housing on a hamburger with the lot it epic? Hell f**king yes!!!!! The 1.05 is definitely hyperactive/frantic very early....but the 1.45 is like getting hit in the face by george foreman! In the lower mid to top end its just completely off its head, you're pinned to the seat holding on for dear life. Is it still responsive? Yes. Its just a little bit smoother early dont lose THAT much compared to the 1.05....and it still kills precisions, garretts and the like. The 8374 is definitely the perfect turbo, as it can do f ing everything VERY well.... But of course.....having a built motor with special head and portwork is 100% needed to bring out the goodness in these turbos....and when thats done...hold the f**k on!!! What would I choose? I honestly dont know if I could pick between the 1.05 and 1.45...they are both epic in their own rights...
  7. BakemonoRicer

    im actually jealous.....wish they weren't discontinued. no other muffler like it mate.
  8. BakemonoRicer

    You'll be blinded by my shift light when I shift into 3nd slingshotting out of a tailkick from the power of the EFR equipped SR20! I hope you like ethanol fumes & S15 tail lights pal!!!!!! I'm gonna need a parachute to pull up this wild hog!!! Edit. P.s. pls sell me your SMB rear muffler lol.
  9. BakemonoRicer

    What most people don't realise is the NASA spec fuel systems required to track these things.... 7670 & above. In the custom surge tank I'll be running a 700lph brushless pressure pump (possibly with speed control) so we can run higher base pressures for better fuel atomisation....and to reduce the current compared to dual 460's & so that the fuel is heated less. We are currently working out an intank pump to feed this serious bit of gear..... ..and designing a top plate to suit.
  10. BakemonoRicer

    It's a street/time attack build mate. Scotty actually wanted me to run an 8374....the 7670 was actually a small compromise.... in NO WAY will it be laggy. Power will come on early and the car will be completely brutal at the limit. RB Killer? Yep. No issue to destroy anyone running -5's or less. With the emtron I also have the option of running traction control....but I think itd be more scary/fun without it. Once I finally find an RX7 the first thing I'd do is throw an 8374 1.45 on it..... & let that thing spin to the moon & back.
  11. BakemonoRicer

    Power delivery wise....I don't see how an SR20 w/ VCT is at any disadvantage compared to a MIVEC 9 engine....... No point comparing RB to SR.... SR is renowned for its early torque & fat ass is the ultimate 2L engine..... Sounds like it'll be a complete HOLD THE F**K ON experience.... I can't wait
  12. BakemonoRicer

    I'm very interested now to see how my 7670 1.05 goes on the 2L SR. No data on SR's yet but if its anything like the results I've seen on the Evo's it'll be just ridiculous..... @RICE RACING what are your thoughts?
  13. As per title For sale is a brand new Garrett 3071R T3 EWG, 4" inlet, 3" vband dump, 0.63a/r. This is specced exactly the same as the discontinued HKS 2835 Pro S, with 0.63a/r. Rear housing ceramic coated to avoid heat issues. Pics in link below, price is $1500. This is a 330kw capable turbo as used on Kei Office S15, & HKS D1GP S15. Suits Sr20, 4g63, rb25, twin rb26 high mounts.
  14. BakemonoRicer

    7670's are for SR20's and Evo's 8374's are just ridiculous on an RB, the response is that good you'd be insane to go anything smaller.
  15. BakemonoRicer

    get an s15. suspension geometry beats s13 and chassis is so much stiffer i have obviously driven both