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  1. lol 500KW & reliable...... Go spend 100k and then tell me if you achieve reliability. Pls m8.
  2. so that's another 20k on the tab for dry sump? Billet not so cheap after all, but even cast needs dry sump!!!
  3. Albins won’t want to know about it, it’s clearly not their casing My advice. Sell box, buy Samsonas, be on the road quicker..... My 2 cents
  4. then why don't you go RD28???? Buy a block for stuff all and make a LOT More torque
  5. I will pass on my quote to you once I get it Dan, but based on my head machining it was much more economical & the quality was bang on at what power do you think a billet girdle , billet main cap and 1/2” studs are required Dan?
  6. Well let's hope you pick TRP, RD28 3.2L pls!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Labour costs overseas are considerably less than in Australia.
  8. Well, I'm happy to admit the internet was right. The stock bottom end couldn't handle the EFR or the drag head. After an enjoyable night at roll racing, a big misfire developed and 4th cylinder spark plug is doused in oil. Changed spark plugs & 20km's later, same issue and a misfire. I suspect a piston ring is on it's way out & haven't even bothered with a compression test. A budget rebuild was considered but after hearty chats with Piggaz/Micko, I've decided on the royal treatment. In the next few weeks the motor will be removed & will head overseas for the 2.2L treatment, we are talking Carillo Pro-H rods, CP 9.0:1 pistons w/ 0.200" wrist pins, & a billet crank. The drag head will also get refreshed with solid pivots / 270 procams/ new VCT. And before anyone tells me my gearbox will explode.....yes, yes it will.
  9. mate this is why you need to get NAPREC to build your engines they do the maths
  10. Paintjob looks mad.... did you take the strut towers off to do a rust repair while engine out? E.g. http://blog.garage-yoshida.net/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/IMG_0100.jpg http://blog.garage-yoshida.net/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/IMG_0099.jpg
  11. Are you aware the CD009 will become the lowest point on the car? They hang a LOT lower than the chassis rails, just an FYI. What you need is a Samsonas.......
  12. HELL YES!!!!! I can't wait to see this beast in action !!!!
  13. Duncan I use a billet fuel hat with AN fittings and bulkhead for wiring. Factory fuel hat belongs in bin
  14. I also like how everyone is getting big fuel system after everyone told me they’re not needed haha
  15. Surge tank needs to be 8L minimum - take this from the fuel system king.
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