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  1. I present to you the EFR7670 Street Drag S15 SPL (formerly the Rising Sun S15 😂). Very thankful to the mechanic/engine builder who got the car to this stage....the amount of thinking that went into this build was huge, and his work really is flawless with meticulous attention to detail. I can't imagine how much I would of been charged if the car was at any big name Sydney workshop. Remainder is interior/bodywork refit, the fuel system, battery relocation cabling, oil catch can push lock drain hose, wiring & ECU. I'll need to somehow sort a custom cap for the radiator breather tank as the one from Sunline Racing doesn't seal properly. The size of that turbo has WARP SPEED written all over it 😂 #TEAMEFR
  2. I think the key is patience, my search lasted a year and a half. Just keep waiting until you find something you know you'll be 100% happy with...because it seems like you want to hang on to it for a long time. The reality is, it is extremely hard to find a good quality GT-R. They were built for a purpose and most have been driven for that purpose and beyond. There is obviously still a few hidden gems out there but it will take time to find them, and the people who have them probably don't want to sell them! Living the dream? Hmm, I thought I'd feel this way, but the amount of money spent modifying a car leaves a bee sting in your heart LOL. That's why I was glad to find the Prostock R33, it was ALMOST done. Starting a build from stock (Like I did with the S15) is financially wreckless LOL.
  3. It looks like that garage yoshida car has 'orange' around the strut tower seam welds, wouldnt be suprised if this is rust. Mate, look at pro stock racing JP, they seem to stock some really awesome GTRs and they are the same company who built my GTR from the ground up
  4. Mate youre not alone. I think the reality is , that it is normal to go through highs and lows. And you're right, no one wants to talk about it mate, it's an ego thing. Everyone is obsessed with making out their life is perfect, so we think our own isn't. Well it's natural to be imperfect. It's natural to make mistakes. I think simply enjoying the present and not thinking to far into the future or what others have is key, we are all awesome in our own way.
  5. Meh, not uncommon. Buying a GTR was a major mistake and has put me in somewhat of a downward spiral, although i f**king love the car and its epic, but that doesnt really help a dire financial situation but there is light at the end of the tunnel i think the smarter you are the more prone you are to such things. we become more cognizant of things & life itself as we grow older and it can become overwhelming
  6. shock tower repair is an engine out job and it looks like only 50% has been done
  7. Correct the power run was on E85 but it’s tuned for flex. But I highly doubt I’d ever taint my fuel tank with 98, damn that stuff is so shit compared to sugar cane lol
  8. Just really hoping I don’t run in to issues down the track given the complexity of the fab and plumbing required to make it work.
  9. Yes 6boost. Not to mention the EGT on the first runner was installed at the wrong angle hitting the cylinder head, and that took them 3 months to fix rather than sending me a new manifold. The 6boost manifold I had for the 3071R...I just got a message from the bloke I sold it too that the wastegate flange cracked off completely. So I think a Hypertune item is a better path.
  10. Dan if you haven’t bought your manifold already I think a hypertune manifold will give you more room for plumbing...
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