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  1. As per title For sale is a brand new Garrett 3071R T3 EWG, 4" inlet, 3" vband dump, 0.63a/r. This is specced exactly the same as the discontinued HKS 2835 Pro S, with 0.63a/r. Rear housing ceramic coated to avoid heat issues. Pics in link below, price is $1500. This is a 330kw capable turbo as used on Kei Office S15, & HKS D1GP S15. Suits Sr20, 4g63, rb25, twin rb26 high mounts.
  2. BakemonoRicer

    7670's are for SR20's and Evo's 8374's are just ridiculous on an RB, the response is that good you'd be insane to go anything smaller.
  3. BakemonoRicer

    get an s15. suspension geometry beats s13 and chassis is so much stiffer i have obviously driven both
  4. BakemonoRicer

    allow 12k to build a head if you do it from scratch pal
  5. BakemonoRicer

    You can take my gt3071r for $1550 now that ive gone a big 7670... type in rezlo s14 to youtube he is running small 256 cams and putting out big numbers. SR's do not need big cams!
  6. Usually because most s-chassis have been slammed into a gutter at some stage in their life Mine has no issue.
  7. all this talk about fuel systems i just went with the don mega piggaz/scotty fuel system and called it a day... DONE. Yeah it's $$ but it's also PEACE OF MIND. I did question scotty if i could get away with a smaller lift pump but was told 'dont do it!!!!'...... ~bakemonoricer.
  8. BakemonoRicer

    Meh... buy a G series and still get clouted by the whole EFR crew.' you guys go right ahead
  9. BakemonoRicer

    is it series 3 mate? single turbo or twins?
  10. BakemonoRicer

    can vouch that this car is in fantastic condition. good luck with sale micko
  11. BakemonoRicer

    need something already road regoed vesh as it will be used as a street car
  12. BakemonoRicer

    still looking
  13. BakemonoRicer

    It's DET. The head is done by NAPREC with their Tsukuba spec race port. Squish pads are gone too. I had plans to take the car to the circuit but I think I'll just enjoy it on the street every now and then. 380rwkw is the number I've heard too, but we will cap it at 330rwkw for now. Will be running 0.7 bar wastegate springs to bring it on's a 1200kg car so the biggest challenge will be getting the power to the ground. I'm considering running traction control via the ECU / 4 wheel speed sensors. The reality is VE can pump serious numbers but power is ALWAYS made at high RPM. It's an NA head and I don't particularly want my bottom end to get pummelled by 9000rpm worth of e-fame every shift. For a drag car or million dollar time attack car - VE. For a scary fast street / weekend track car - DET will do the job with less RPM and the bottom end will last longer. DONE.
  14. BakemonoRicer

    yup, do it once do it right heck im just a goon SR20 owner and even ive bit the bullet n gone twin gate..... the tial mv-s 38millers are nice lil compact units.... my 6boost egt equipped mani rocks up this week......should have the 7670 on and sorted in the next couple weeks.
  15. I do often wonder what happened to this car? Has disappeared off the face of the earth...