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  1. Has anyone mated a G30-770 to an SR20 and has put it to test yet? A G30-900? Doing research for my own road race / time attack RWD SR20VET project. My road race class limits me to about 500rwhp, but time attack class it's unlimited. I'm trying to find a turbocharger that gives me the ability to limit power but carry it through a wide powerband as well as letting it loose for time attack as much as it will give. Another turbo I was looking into was the EFR8474, but I was hoping to get some real world data/experience as all I have at the moment is paper and limited internet data. I have both N1 cams and Kelford 184-ST cams at my disposal. Head has full port and chamber work, larger valves, and hypertune manifold w/ Bosch DBW. Bottom end is not built yet, but I am heading toward a long rod 2.0L currently (considering 10:1 compression), but things may change in the future. Currently on AEM Infinity and tuning for E85.
  2. Welcome. Not a lot of activity in the US section (I don't check it often), but always good to see more cars! Interesting color on the '32, did you paint it that color or did you buy it already done?
  3. Thank you! It will take me a couple days to get everything updated, but I will post back in here. I appreciate it!
  4. I know I haven't done any updates recently, car is down and waiting on a few parts, but I did get a brand new OEM cylinder head for the N1 engine build! Hoping to get the parts in soon, then I will have a more substantial update (with work done, not just parts coming in, ha ha).
  5. My build thread is full of photobucket images. I have 3 months to migrate them, so I wanted to get started on all the forums. I went to re-link the images in my build thread and I can't find anyway to edit the posts to do so. Is it locked out? I would hate to have to start a new thread because the images will be missing in three months.
  6. Had another question, figured I'd add to my existing thread rather than start a new one! Does anyone have pictures of how far the piston comes down in relation to the cylinder walls? I want to see if how much (if any) of the skirt gets exposed from the sleeve before going back up the cylinder. After stroker kits obviously, not the factory setups.
  7. Yeah, those are my thoughts as well. I was mostly curious if there was a different casting that had better cooling features or not.
  8. I've been doing research on cylinder head tech lately, and most of the info I find is either spotty or conflicting, ha ha. Any solid tech resources available for my reading pleasure? The specific question I have at the moment involves which blank canvas to start with. I've read that the R34 NUR heads had some differences in water jackets for better cooling and air flow is a bit improved, but I can't find any definitive proof of that, or even an OEM part number other than the standard (11040-05U00). I've been thinking of ordering a new cylinder head to mate with my new N1 block (Planning on doing a Nitto 2.8 build), but I wanted to make sure I start out with the best OE head option possible (that's still available) before sending it off for machine work. Is there a different head available that's better? Or is it just internet lore and every RB26 has the same standard base cylinder head?
  9. My favorite OEM R32 color is TH1 as well. Which is why I waited FOREVER until I was able to find one before buying my GTR, ha ha.
  10. Ahh, interesting. I heard that some '94s came with a smooth painted lip, but if it was textured, it came black or gray OEM. This one is definitely a lighter gray, the picture makes it look darker than it really is.
  11. Found a brand new OEM Nissan front bumper and lip for a pretty good deal! My bumper and lip have some flaws that I didn't want to address when I get the car re-painted (factory color), so I picked these up instead. I've seen some other TH1 GTR's with a gray/black lip and I thought it looked pretty good, but I'm not totally sure if I want to go that route or paint it body color like my current lip. Did they always come body color from the factory? I'm open for discussion there.
  12. I intend to! I already have their EFR 7163 kit for my SR that I picked up in person They are about 25 minutes from my house, ha ha!
  13. Goals are for a high powered super fun street car. I may go to the drag strip once in awhile, but I am not after any records or competition. I road race my S14, so I have enough "race car" to keep me happy, ha ha. I just want a fun street car again. I am thinking of doing a single Borg Warner EFR 8374. But maybe an EFR 9174. I'd like to find what sort of powerbands people are getting with those on RB's before finally deciding.
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