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  1. Thanks! My only challenge is that I only have the airbag wire coming out of the steering hub area and don't see the horn wire as shown in that post and I'm not sure why. I'll spend some time next week trying to pull the wheel off again and see if I can use a puller.
  2. Roger that! I'll look into that. I knew there were pulley pullers and I didn't think about steering wheel pullers. My primary objective is the horn, however when I removed the steering wheel, the install looked wrong/broken. I may have to default to a momentary switch somewhere, but I also wasn't sure where the horn wire was. I only have the white plug coming out and I thought that was the airbag. Too many videos and posts that make it a bit confusing on which wire/plug is the horn wire. Not sure about the HICAS. I only acquired this car a little over a week ago. Seeing the yellow part with the arrow pointing in the NW direction seemed wrong. Nut removed easily... steering wheel doesn't move. Hit the mother trucker hard many many times and didn't budge. The install looked wrong to me as well, but wasn't certain and was hoping for that kind of feedback which I greatly appreciate.
  3. This... is amazing haha. I greatly appreciate the "beat off" assistance. Might be a long flight to the states. I put the steering wheel on and beat that bad boy with a rubber mallet from behind, but still no luck. I guess I just need to hit it more often and harder :(. Was hoping some sort of magic trick or pulley puller trick to help get it off. Thanks!
  4. Recently purchased a 95 R33 GTR Vspec. New to this forum, but quite excited. The horn is not connected, so I was trying to fix that (countless posts on this forum about this), however I cannot seem to remove the hub. When I pulled everything off and took a look, I feel like this was installed wrong and in the worst way. Looking for some assistance. Thanks in advance!
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