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  1. Thats good money for a 33 GTS-T. I'll be watching that for sure. But man, asking that much and no engine bay pics?
  2. I've had the rear lines replaced through a local shop. East Coast Customs in brissy. Definitely recommend taking care of that. I didn't notice until it was too late, 1/2 way into a sedate hill drive and cradled it home with very limited brakes😆. From memory it was around the $400ish range i think. They had it done and finished same day.
  3. Wasup Long time no see. For anyone interested this issue has been resolved - yes its been this long, you know when you keep putting things off? Yeah, this was one of them. I'll save you all the frustrating details of checking over everything from compression checks, injector inspection to knock sensor checks to know the answer: - a nipple on the throttlebody (used for charcoal canister) was open causing a big vac leak. New blocked off hose put on and I'm back in business. Until i did a DIY pressure test, I never would have found this in a blacked out engine bay.
  4. Yep you'll be fine. Only minor issue you MAY have is air flow reversion back through the AFM causing a slight stall. With a decent length intake pipe and a good tuner you'll be fine.
  5. Agreed with the above. There are definitely more complex ecu's out there with more features but for your basic mod's PFC is a decent choice. Heck, I'm still using mine 12 years on and local tuners can still use them too.
  6. https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/adventure-kings-heads-up-display.html?gclid=Cj0KCQiAvJXxBRCeARIsAMSkApqBMQYrPcqceN26jCn1a9a2MqnIUaVnwykw258Kfq3TbvRBlYd0Il4aAsMnEALw_wcB There ya go guv'na
  7. Forgot to add as I didn't see it in your original post. Re using the stock throttlebody with the Plazmaman, mine still has the stock one and has done for the last 6 years or so. No dramas at all and well worth the sub $1k.
  8. Are your lower runners okay? If so, I'd go the plazzy. Pretty decently priced at under $1k. https://plazmaman.com/product/rb25-r33-inlet-plenum/ I've had a FREDDY & PLAZZY plenum and if I had my time again I'd never go the freddy/greddy style. The plazzy is just so simple, it bolts on and by using 1/2 of the stock plenum, the job's 1/2 done - more time for beers.
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