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  1. pogman

    Ahhh ok im doing it from my phone but i never had an issur uploading from my phone before? And i tried both from my gallery and as an attachment
  2. pogman

    Let me try the 1 to see if that works? I dont understand why its not working ai
  3. pogman

    Hmmm very strange on my screen its saying i posted them all twice. Do these work?
  4. pogman

    My GTST making 554whp on e85 with a forged motor and gt3582r
  5. pogman

    Thank you definitely lives up to the name after 4.5k [emoji16][emoji16]
  6. pogman

    Well here is mine. R33 GTST 1997 with sunroof Gt3582r 48mm turbosmart gate w/ screamer Custom mani 3.5inch dump and all the way through w/xforce muffler monsta FMIC Freedy plenum Bosch 1000cc injectors 460lph walbro Turbosmart fuel reg E85 making 360RWKW @18 psi Vaastoen wheels GTR wing S2 front bar with nismo lip Oh and fully forged rb25 with all the goodies. New r35 coils on the way and then we push more boost and more power[emoji16]
  7. Following up my post from the other day i have recieved a refund and as a whole i was happy about the product and would still reccomend them for someone doing a build on the cheaper side as they are like half the cost of competitors and still perform well within what most people require just unfortunately for me i pushed them a little too hard
  8. Hi about 8 months ago i purchased some YJ coils for my rb25 s2 that was being rebuilt and on its most recent tune that happened about a month ago they said they couldnt push the boost over 18psi while making 360rwkw. Now im having to change my coils due to most recently a misfire at the top of the rev range indicating that the coils are beginning to break down? I have changed the spark plugs but to no avail. I am surpirsed at how the coils performed considering some peoples comments but they have been in the car all of 6 months and i think may be on there last legs
  9. pogman

    I remeber seeing motive dvd fit a r33 coupe exhaust on a sedan a few years back on their budget 33 build. But im not sure about 34 unfortunately
  10. pogman

    Ahhh as a hamilton/mercedes fan i am dissapointed with the final result but as you say thats racing for ya. On to bahrain so we can see the silver arrow on top again[emoji3]
  11. Whoop ass wednesday 9th may is skyline night. Everyone with a skyline can come down and have abit of fun for just $20. I will be taking my car down and would be awesome to meet up with anyone else going down to the plex, also if enough of us will go down we could even get our own lane and have abit of freindly rivalry.
  12. pogman

    I am watching and very excited for the new season. Who is you're money on for the title this season?
  13. I will definitely check those when i next get the chance and may potentially take it to a different shop to see what they can get out of it. More boost is definitely on the card soon
  14. The head gasket was recommended by the mechanic when doing a freshen up on the engine and as a newbie i just went with it, whats the advantage of thr 1.2mm hg over the 1.5mm? Will definitely crank the boost up once i get used to this power abit more but would like a surge set up first.
  15. R33 gtst s2 manual: Gt3582r .82 rear housing on a custom manifold externally gated and plumbed back Forged pistons, rods, arp main and head studs with 1.5mm metal headgasket Stock head fresh refurbish with tomei drop in 256 cams 460lph intank pump direct relay from battery with bosch 1000cc injectors 4 inch from turbo to 3.5 inch through high flow cat and 4 inch tip 440.2 whp at 20psi with united e85 Needs alot more mid range not sure what is really holding it back my guess being a shit manifold or old spec turbo. Keen to hear some thoughts