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  1. Yeh shes just an n1 with billet gears so not a huge amount of flow
  2. Ok i will definitely try that out when i take the head off to put in some valves, springs and retainers. Im a little confused on the usefulness of the head drain after reading through the oil control thread as people seem to lean more towards the inportance of the catch can working well and draining/breathing properly?
  3. I have had a fair few people look over the tune at high load and cruise and they were all happy with it so i dont think its too far off. We had removed all restrictors to the head as the old owner went about over the top with them and the head was ruined which was suspected due to not enough oil and so as it still uses vct and hydraulic lifters still so we decided to try it without any restrictors with the oil returns already drilled larger. It currently has no head drain/vent but definitely want to be adding some vents/drains and some rb26 baffled cam covers to try and help get the oil back to the sump.
  4. Yeh its more about making it at least look legal and functional but if i have to ill just pop a breather on it if that works best for the engine. As i dont exactly want to pay for another forged engine build just to keep the coppers happy
  5. So quick update as i put a filter on the catch can rather then having it return to the intake and went out last night to test it out and gave her some shit and barely any oil came out of the can. Still havent done a compression test as esspecially after that im hoping i dont need one now as it seems to have fixed it for now but its definitely due for an update as im still not a fan of the way the can looks.
  6. Hmmm sounds interesting maybe the ring gap is abit looser on this motor and so more blowby? I may have to try something similar as although apparently lots of people do it im not sure i want to return the e85 contaminated oil back to the sump?
  7. Yeh i think i will do a compression test aswell and possibly a leak down if it turns out bad
  8. Ok ill try putting it back in im just so confused as i went a yr without any issues and now im overfilling the catch can after 2 pulls
  9. Nah no oil cooler. It normally sits at a stable and decent temp so i think its getting hot enough. It could possibly be running rich but i have had a few people go over the afrs as i wasnt overly confident with my most recent tune and everyone seemed to be faily happy with them?
  10. So i am having some trouble with my rb25 at the moment. The motor was rebuilt just over 1 yr ago and runs on e85 and at every oil change of course there is always a smell of fuel in the oil which i have been told and have learnt to expect from ethanol. But recently i had stopped up from a coastal run to find oil leaking from the front bumper which was traced back to the pod filter as my catch can is plumbed back pre turbo. So clearly my can was overfilled so much it was being pulled into the intake thanks to the turbo and smoothering the pod filter in oil. Now this was the weekend before racewars and as i had no issues beforehand and had done a fresh oil change decided there wasnt much i could do and to just give it a go at racewars. But after 2 runs of the 800m i had again overfilled my 1.8l catch can enough to see oil out the bumper. Now what has me really concerned is the fact that after 2 runs of 800m my catch can and oil both reak of fuel. I have spoken to the engine builer and he isnt concerned with oil and fuel in the can as it isnt a great design and so since this i have read most of the oil control thread and am planning the new catch can system to drain and vent to sump as it should. But i am concerned that even after this i will still have this same issue as im concerned the rings are shagged is there any chance its not the rings? Thank you
  11. Im also struggling with mine sitting in traffic or at lights on a hot day but as soon as i move the water temp drops down to normal temps within a minute or so. But my oil temp stays up there for a long time so i will definitely be purchasing an oil cooler as its a known issue with rbs to struggle with oil temp. Do you have an oil temp gauge and if so does that see huge increase when you're water temp goes up?
  12. Ahhh ok im doing it from my phone but i never had an issur uploading from my phone before? And i tried both from my gallery and as an attachment
  13. Let me try the 1 to see if that works? I dont understand why its not working ai
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