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  1. some nut case wasted lots of money over the years with different power levels
  2. Dart Automotive if he will build you one i know many that have had engines built there and they are still running between 10 and 13 years later and still running perfectly mine included with 600hp on its 11 year
  3. wow i see nothing has change on SAU in the last 12 years ..... I hope you get the info your looking for....one day lol from someone .
  4. got a os str twin and i think i have over heated the pressure plate after killing a lambo and a mclaren are they good rebuilding clutches
  5. yer car is still around just haven't had time to play with it ... I am thinking of reconnecting the nos again with a 75 shot for something to do but i know the clutch will die. need to find a new clutch, That will be clutch number 6 since 2006 . ive tried so many types now and only found the jim berry to have lasted my abuse i should of keep it.
  6. hopefully you contact me first...as i said from the beginning let me know
  7. Injectors are rotchester 1000cc that flow 1090cc .the e85 road is a good one but its best to keep up your maintenence and not the best to leave your car sitting around for long periods . Also found once you start climbing higher coil packs and harnesses need to be good order . But with the weight of your car you will shit your self the first couple of times you hit it ...lol if you get a chance to run a 1000 meter event you have some fun in that car. My next step once i find my other problem out is to run nos again so that 500kw that marko is talking about be achievable i hope . Good luck with the let us know how you go.
  8. Finally fixed a few issues, 2 more left and hope to get a bit more out of it .
  9. i have my bonnet done for the last 8 years still in great condition , use 3m products . find out the cost of materials as you can save a few hundred buying from o/s. once you know what you wan't if you are interested i can give you a number for someone but he can be really flat out some months.
  10. Hi all just looking for advice on places to live around and places to stay away from. Looking around buderim or kawana waters but i don't really know the areas at all as i live in sydney. Also reliable performance shops for tuning . Any help is appreciated.
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