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  1. On their website they haven’t showed anything new thou. Emailed them about that 182-X 260 custom cam
  2. I’m in the same boat as well cannot decide between Tomei or Kelford. Will be using Borg Warner EFR 8374 1.05a/r and NITTO's 2.8Ltr Stroker Kit. Car will be mostly street so looking for response. Looking at these: Tomei Procam 260Degree 10.8mm Lift Tomei Procam 270Degree 10.8mm Lift Kelford 182-S 274/270 10.55mm&10.50mm/10.50mm lift. Kelford 182-C 272/272 10.00mm/9.95mm lift But don’t quite understand how to compare the numbers dunces ones advertised ones vs actual...
  3. Is rhemac still around? any good?
  4. Looking for a shop either in Australia or New Zealand. Thanks! will talk to Lewis Race engines and Knight Engines. Yea I searched a few but some information seems outdated no longer in business or no recent job references thats why Im asking here.
  5. What are some best recommended machine shop and engine builders for RB Motors. Need some names and contacts to start researching, ones I found on this site seems outdated. Looking for ones that can also do CNC head porting.
  6. I emailed Haltech and their reply is the following
  7. etang789

    Looks great! Where do you place your IAT sensor for fuel correction?
  8. Yea I have emailed Kelford already waiting for their reply. I guess I have to stick with Ross kit unless I switch ECU then Yea been thinking either Tomei or Nitto for oil pump. Seems more people have used Tomei that’s all. Reason for Tomei Exhaust is seems like they are the biggest size exhaust that’s off the shelf avaliable and decently priced. Local exhaust shop here is crap so custom make one isn’t an option, can’t accept those Workmanship on my car. Reason for quite some Greddy/Trust parts is because I bought the car with everything Greddy/Trust installed and unless it’s critical I guess I will keep them.
  9. I was thinking Ferrea valve springs and valves before. Which cams would you suggest then? I prefer the Ross over Platinum Racing because the sensor mount looks more stock and the wiring isn’t just sticking towards front of the car I already have the Haltech Platinum Pro Plug-In for running a few years already.
  10. I’m planning my RB28 build since the engine now isn’t at the condition I want it to be at. I will only use this car mostly for street and occasionally track days, therefore I want it to be responsive and stealth. My target is around 700whp . Here is my wish list, N1 Block Borg Warner EFR 8374 1.05a/r hotside Garage Whifbitz T4 Twin wastegate Twin Scroll Manifold Twin Turbosmart Compgate 40mm external Wastegates NITTO's RB26DETT 2.8Ltr Stroker Kit Tomei 1.2mm Headgasket Tomei Oil Pump King Bearings ARP Custom Age 625 Plus Head Stuts Tomei Procam 260Degree 10.8mm Lift Intake Tomei Procam 270Degree 10.8mm Lift Exhaust Tomei Adjustable Cam Wheel Tomei Type B Valve Springs Tomei Type B Titanium Retainers Tomei Bronze Valve Guides Twin Walbro 450 Fuel Pump with Frenchys Performance Garage Twin Pump In-Tank Fuel System Kit Earl’s Pro-Lite Ultra Hose -8 AN Feed & -6 AN Return Fuel Line Plazmaman Fuel Rail Fuelab Fuel Pressure Regulator ASNU 1400cc 14 Holes Injectors Ross Performance Crank Cam Trigger Kit Haltech Platinum Pro Plug-in ECU Greddy/Trust Intercooler Greddy/Trust Radiator ATS Twin Plate Carbon Clutch Tomei EXPREME Ti Exhaust
  11. etang789

    Nice cannot wait!
  12. etang789

    Yea I think thats what happened I clicked unlock too many times. Where and how do you splice into the loom?
  13. etang789

    Found someone using Radium Engineering Oil Catch Can with RB26 . Not a GTR thou... Nice and short routing like what I had in mind, just like the Nismo Catch Can.
  14. etang789

    Found some reviews,
  15. Thanks will try to find that part. I will install the oil cooler soon been collecting parts too slow... Today was 35+ Celsius outside, and with just light city driving oil temp already at 96c. My Spal 16" fan is already always on...