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  1. so I may have to go with GKTech for the 1-piece front upper arm.
  2. Thanks man! Yea just staying home most of the time. Now finally have time to start on my engine build
  3. Is the Ikeya Formula control arms made of Chromoly Steel ?
  4. Thanks for the reply. No noise? What are the difference between the one you are using and this one? http://www.ikeya-f.co.jp/article/15016132.html
  5. Hi is it possible to check R35 GTR? the VIN is R35-002223
  6. What are some control arm choices for R34 GTR ? I have Cusco Front and Rear Adjustable Control Arms now, and the front ones are busted. I would like to use this chance to replace everything, since Im building my engine as well. I don't drag race my R34 , only occasional track days and mostly aggressive mountain runs. Seems like not every brand makes a complete kit of control arms ... so any suggestions? I'm looking at: RaceFab Ikeya Formula Nismo GKTech Voodoo13
  7. Which Speedo Corrector can I use for a R34 GTR? My friend has a R33 final gear in his R34 so it reads high on the gauge. Not sure what products are available on the market?
  8. Oh wow good find! would you say using those aftermarket high flow fuel filter is a must?
  9. So looks like Fuelab can easily fit inside the tank Fuelab 48403 500 LPH @ 45psi Protec Fuel Pumps seems stronger but seems not for in tank use. Protec COBRA II – SA60400 480 ltr/hr @ 70 PSI
  10. Is Progressive cavity pumps is what Fuelab refer to as Twin Screw Pumps? Any reason you not switching to brushless?
  11. I ordered a EFR8474 still waiting for it. But its gonna be awhile before I complete the project.
  12. Let me look into these two brands setup. The Fuelab setup with the CNC housing looks really nice, I wonder if the internals are from Ti Automotive or they started from scratch. Anyone running them already in their GTRs? I wonder how reliable it is .
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