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  1. I just found out the reason that previous owner modified the A/C high pressure hose from the A/C pump is because the steering pump higher pressure hose interferes with my Greddy aftermarket radiator. The A/C high pressure hose has been leaking forever due to poor welding, now I just want to replace with a new OEM piece. How do you guys deal with the interference between steering pump hose and radiator? Note: I already have twin SPAL electric fans, I think I can play around the position and get away.
  2. Ok figured out it is the aftermarket LED Dome Light caused the Door Trigger Problem. Door lock still don't work... will check the keyless module tomorrow
  3. Some how my alarm door trigger wire don't work, tapped at A Piller Dome light don't work as well Dunno what the previous alarm installer did, he did cut a few places and trying to trace it now.
  4. Thanks this is super helpful! Seems like I am on the right track!
  5. Not sure if I got them correctly, here is what I have done according to here,
  6. Thanks for the update! Can you show me where you have to cut on the carbon ducting ? Did you have to cut a lot?
  7. Many Thanks!
  8. My VIN is BNR34-004312 , Can you check for me as well? Part No. A/C Condenser Part No. Receiver-Driers
  9. Hey guys please help me check these VIN for me? Thanks in advance! BNR34-004572 BNR34-001505 BNR32-013374
  10. found another variation of the VAG Coils done by Ignition Projects , its basically Porsche Cayenne Turbo coils . Don't know how these Cayenne Turbo Coils vs R8 Coils vs LS2 Coils in firing power. It would be nice if someone can do some extensive testing on these. Seems like the biggest advantage using the LS2 Coils is sits much lower than the VAG Coils. More info on the Cayenne Turbo Coil over plug setup here,
  11. Any update on how your Setrab 25 Row is fitting in the Nismo Duct ?
  12. It gets really hot here during the summer. I have a pair of SPAL electric fans always on, and oil temps still creeps up on highway cruise
  13. Seems like Setrab 25 row is a bit too big and their 19 row is a bit too small... Fail Greddy 13 row oil cooler size is L299mm x H185.4mm x W50mm . got the info from here
  14. Piece together a Nismo style oil cooler kit for R34 I am trying to piece together a Nismo style oil cooler kit for my R34. seems like you can just buy the Nismo oil cooler ducts, and would be a lot cheaper to buy all the parts seperately and you get better result. Similar to what member HIRISK has done. Do you know what size Setrab oil cooler should I get? Setrab Oil Cooler (need correct size) Nismo Oil Cooler Ductings TRUST GREDDY GREX Remote Oil Filter Relocation with Thermostat TRUST GREDDY GREX Engine Oil Block Adapter Nomex/Kevlar braided hose -10AN Fittings