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  1. etang789

    True that Im wishfully thinking this may come out this year before I bite the bullet for EFR
  2. according to would these be correct settings for using in my Haltech Platinum Plug-in ?
  3. I have changed from twin SPAL 12” electric fans to one SPAL 16” electric fans and installed all new AC/C high pressure hoses then finally solved all this problem. cheers to cold A/C
  4. I have been using Platinum Pro Plug-in for my R34 GTR for awhile now, I see many people switching to Hall Effect Sensors for the RB26. Anyone have postive experience here? I’m planning out my RB28 build now and would like to know what is the involvment in switching stock sensors to these aftermarket trigger kits? I’m thinking to use this kit that places a Hall effect sensor at the exhaust cam and crank as well. Specifically this kit
  5. etang789

    Still no one has put this on a RB26 in a twin setup?
  6. Any particular ones you would recommend? seems like all are only to -6 an fittings nothing bigger. Seems like if I go for a new aftermarket fuel rail, BPP in black catches my eye the most.
  7. Is Greddy Intake Plenum worth the trouble? Have one for sale locally at a good price, thats why Im considering .Anyone have experience with it? Seems like the intake runner length and width different from stock. I have HKS GT-SS now but hoping to reach a responsive 800hp with 2.8 Stroker and of course different / bigger turbo setup.
  8. What is your favorite aftermarket fuel rail ? I have had Greddy before but the anodize blue / red color got old fast. Went back to stock fuel rail, but stock FPR died so may going back to aftermarket FPR and wanting some clean looking fuel rail delivery setup.
  9. I just found out the reason that previous owner modified the A/C high pressure hose from the A/C pump is because the steering pump higher pressure hose interferes with my Greddy aftermarket radiator. The A/C high pressure hose has been leaking forever due to poor welding, now I just want to replace with a new OEM piece. How do you guys deal with the interference between steering pump hose and radiator? Note: I already have twin SPAL electric fans, I think I can play around the position and get away.
  10. etang789

    Ok figured out it is the aftermarket LED Dome Light caused the Door Trigger Problem. Door lock still don't work... will check the keyless module tomorrow
  11. etang789

    Some how my alarm door trigger wire don't work, tapped at A Piller Dome light don't work as well Dunno what the previous alarm installer did, he did cut a few places and trying to trace it now.
  12. etang789

    Thanks this is super helpful! Seems like I am on the right track!
  13. Not sure if I got them correctly, here is what I have done according to here,
  14. Thanks for the update! Can you show me where you have to cut on the carbon ducting ? Did you have to cut a lot?