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  1. Edge has a members car here and has been getting an engine rebuild for the last 2+ years, so no, I wouldn't go there personally. It's also not south east.
  2. Edge have a huge workshop that is often over flowing with cars. Sabbadin automotive are reputable and I've found them organised/responsive. Especially compared to other shops. I've had good experiences with Springy Motors too.
  3. Leroy Peterson

    Don't teachers get some crazy maternity deal that regular pleb mothers don't get? (Or something?)
  4. Leroy Peterson

    Looks like it. If you'd have ordered before 12pm and got express post it could have arrived by tomorrow
  5. Leroy Peterson

    They're like less than $45... I can understand a turbo smart one, but not turbo tech.
  6. Leroy Peterson

    Measure diameter, measure width, Google how to measure offset. Sell for $400 with tyres. - profit - get replacement wheels - negative profit
  7. Leroy Peterson

    Inb4 Leesh doing 12hr days erryday at school
  8. Leroy Peterson

    Tyres only get you so far before it becomes more about setup and chassis
  9. Is the rattle definitely from the engine? Does it happen when in neutral, parked, with someone standing in front of the motor with the bonnet open?
  10. Leroy Peterson

    She recently got a payrise and every cent of it went to hex or she gets footed a bill for the same amount at tax time. Luckily hex is only $12k or something. Salary packages $600 a fortnite onto a debit card for some tax dodge and that's about it. She is working in a lab doing science stuff which is good, you stop doing things related to science and I think you drift away from the field eventually.
  11. Leroy Peterson

    I don't have hex debt or car loan except VicRoads and Shannon's are like loan sharks making me an offer I can't refuse... Dat $50k annual scientist wage - $75 a week parking - $4000year hex
  12. Leroy Peterson

    I'm not looking to buy... I'm still saving and Mrs doesn't earn enough to save a deposit... Good luck with the move. Also lol @ saving for deposit in 12 months plus buying road bike. You doing cashies with dezz or something?
  13. Leroy Peterson

    Try searching for 350Z coilover conversion kits. They come with an arm to delete the spring perch. I do think the strut area is strong enough to support the car, however being a wagon you probably wouldn't want to put 500kgs in the back or tow a trailer.
  14. Leroy Peterson

    So Unreel moving house again... Flogging off the bike too, dayum. What's the goss? I'm looking for a new rental soon, could be good timing as there seems to be lots of people with empty houses asking too much at the moment. Requirements are: within 1hr public transport from Melb Central or Royal Children's Hospital, min. 2-car lockable garage, min 2 car driveway, min 2 bedrm, easy access to freeways, isn't west side. There's a few suburbs that are options but being so spread out makes it hard to search...
  15. Leroy Peterson

    You'll probably notice a difference, upgrading from. A T51. But for everyone else HKS isn't even on the radar for turbos anymore.