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  1. Put the second one in the boot. Compound.
  2. All 6 cylinders sound shit. You know what actually sounds amazing with straight pipes? A 3 cylinder lol
  3. Race cars run 50kg springs, so why can't they? I want a RC500. Modern nissans are shit, lexus is calling me to the dark side...
  4. More than you can afford, pal. ETU.
  5. Company has $31mil in the bank, part of that is yours now dezz
  6. There would have to be profit in selling a few days prior to 6-week anniversary shut-in. That's what I'm going to do.
  7. Living away from home for 10months starts to take its toll. Lots of car friends to catch up with and a back-catalogue of work to do on cars. If you want I can hook you up with some cheap Neons to make you feel better? (proper Neons, not that LED pleb stuff)
  8. Yep but pulsar hasnt been to a big meet in... Years. Plus gathering of VIP cars who havent seen in a while or freshly imported.
  9. Just found out I'm going to be away for Downshift meet at end of month. Damn it. FIFO come at me
  10. Ive done a stealth audio system in the gloria, will be putting purple neons on eventually. srs.
  11. Ive done a stealth audio system in the gloria, will be putting purple neons on eventually. srs.
  12. Car stereos are making a comeback. Since they started those noise/bass comps up again last 2 years, people are all over it again. Sometimes people with POS cars not worth modifying so they just seal them up and put 500kgs of stereo gear in.
  13. 2kW amp for da bass
  14. M8, your falcon is a wannabe land barge. This is legit Japanese UZ V8 boat anchor
  15. Naught to 20kmhs an hour? Probably not. V8 auto m8