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  1. Nice. Get on that cannabis train
  2. You want grip? Traction control...
  3. hmmm thats pretty bizarre. especially if you're replaced the unit. I would have thought maybe lose connections on the rear of the unit. The ones I've worked on were all headunits for the cars with 6 stack CD player. The other buttons just below the top screen, do they work all the time? the ones for changing map settings and directional stick.
  4. Faaaark what a beast
  5. Nah its like the middle aged women. They indicate right, which I guess is to show they're entering the intersection, then indicate left before they exit the intersection. But they're f**king going straight so the person opposite them doesn't see the left indicator. It's retarded.
  6. In Orange, people indicate to go straight at roundabouts. Makes so much sense.
  7. ITBs are more trouble than they're worth for turbo application IMO. If they're anything like the GTiR ones: more effort, less room, harder to reach stuff (which I guess is just business as usual for a GTR) more shit that can break/leak.
  8. Wish I'd bought, knew the new CEO was going to try and win people over... The money from Indonesia was a deposit for hardware, not their tech, and still no mention of an amount or total amount owed. Brazilian thing seems OK, but who wants to pay a subscription to watch free to air on their phone? At least, that's what it sounds like
  9. ASX been tumbling this week, crypto been rallying again. #illuminaticonfirmed
  10. Seems pretty standard. On my watch list. CPH did the same thing when it listed, then went below initial price over the course of a month, could be similar here being so pricey for pharma.
  11. Inb4 pub on sells beer and parmas According to some people gym equipment is straight forward to use, others are so anal about technique...
  12. $75 a year eh.... Assuming it's like a boxing gym with no trainers or coaches.
  13. So much power to go slow.... #watersports
  14. I just thought the car was small lol. Do they use those sorts of jetski for towing boats? Tugski