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  1. Leroy Peterson

    Chicken or egg scenario, really
  2. Leroy Peterson

    Chicken or egg scenario, really
  3. Leroy Peterson

    Nothing worse than wasting your youth doing FIFO Except maybe getting addicted to drugs or something. At least it's be fun for a while. Trying to time my re-entry into TLX... Looking good soon, but all stocks on my watchlist been nothing but dropping for weeks now
  4. Leroy Peterson

    Please list the size/offset of the wheels and the location
  5. Leroy Peterson

    I'm not familiar with the engine or what it can flow/handle, but the GTX gen1 or gen2 is a significant step up from the GT series. Much bigger/better compressor map suited for higher boost. If your setup can handle 20psi of a gtx28 turbine, I think you'll see a noticeable improvement. The compressor housing is quite a step up compared to the GT in size, but looks like you've got the space for it I went from GT2871 to GTX2867 gen1 years ago and very happy with the results.
  6. Leroy Peterson

    How the hell does one become a career counselor? Attempt to work in 50 different industries over their career?
  7. Leroy Peterson

    How the hell does one become a career counselor? Attempt to work in 50 different industries over their career?
  8. Make sure to part out the stage 1 bits from your R33 before selling!
  9. Leroy Peterson

    He's not just a Chinese man, he's a Bentley-driving Chinese man. They probably failed to mention the other guy drove a Mitsubishi Verada
  10. Hi Leroy,

    Just wondering if you still have the stock Y34 suspension...


    I am in Melbourne, can pick up.   Thanks.


  11. Leroy Peterson

    Work Christmas party? What's that? My gym is having drinks in st Kilda. I guess that counts. Would be nice to work over Christmas and bank some leave. My partner's family uninvited me to their Christmas lunch so I can then spend Christmas day on the pokies.
  12. Nahhh juke owners got the juke forum if they lookin for gratification
  13. Leroy Peterson

    When I went to Japan I had to go into negatives, just feels like I should have some leave saved up since... I much prefer gradual, feels like I can save/accrue as opposed to get lump sum and whittle down with the occasional day off.
  14. Only one place that car could go........... Middle east Will use a stolen R34 gtt for donor car probably lol.
  15. Leroy Peterson

    That's because their scope increases with each project and juggling multiple projects.But yeah, MCM is a good indicator that modding cars is popular, many of the fans don't necessarily have the money/space/tools to do it though