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  1. Works in citylink to tullamarine roadworks expect +6 months to go. Finishing the Monash widening will be great too. Though, I might be moving north towards the end of the year If 88E and crypto kick off, plus higher interest rates, might be able to get a place lolololololol
  2. I'm working at a substation tomorrow along Narre Warren - Cranborne Rd, I haven't been there in years, I remember it being the only non farm land thing along the road for kms. Tried finding it in Google maps today and can't find it. There's only houses and shopping centres. It's endless.
  3. Talk to Vspec Performance in Melbourne. They know a guy (forgot his name/shop) that do mostly suede & alacantra retrimming but I'm assuming can do leather too.
  4. I thought Qantas losses were offset by Jetstar profit...
  5. Something along the lines of high debt business writing off debt owed or repayments or whatever... But yeah, I know media talks things up
  6. Some nice TLC stuff going on here... But you'd have to be pretty shitty if you bought this car new and all these "old car" issues were happening to it... I get the feeling a fastidious owner taking care of the car wouldn't have prevented these issues.
  7. Yeah I don't think a single modern toll Rd in Australia has actually switched to free. Still shits me the transurban CEO is on like $2.3mil a year and pays more tax than the company itself.
  8. Haven't used my Eastlink/Citylink pass on my own cars in a long time, and now im using it again seems to drain funds pretty damn quick. no tag = photo numberplate recognition thingy, price is 0.75c per trip (thought it was cheaper... used to be 0.25c on Eastlink). Anyway, reading about the tolls roads... It hadn't ever occurred to me, that if you buy a 24-hour citylink pass, its a flat rate for 24hrs. But if you have a tag and use it three or more times a day its more expensive than tagless... and when Transurban was told about this they said people can remove the tag and get a pass if they like (but passes are limited to a certain amount per year. What bullshit.
  9. "the clock starts the moment your tyres stop moving" That's legit quote.
  10. No peasants allowed
  11. Lot more people working on cars are gonna get zapped, but it's worth it.
  12. Speaking of parking, got 3 parking tickets in November (only finding out about them a few weeks ago because they had flown or were removed from the car) when parking at Essendon Airport long term. I called up the council saying I have receipts, why was I fined so many times? they said "we have photos here of your car with no ticket displayed" "that's because it's a ticketless parking system in the long term area!" goddamn inspectors are muppets. They must have fined every person in the car park.
  13. For anyone else interested, can you share who did the work and what was involved? All interior electronics functional, etc?
  14. Anymore details? Is it just acting as a piggyback?
  15. Dattos got cared for through the 2000's, while 86's were still delivering tofu. Much more restored 510's getting around.