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  1. I hear Vicroads have put a halt on club permit applications for the moment to "reduce direct exposure to customers" for the staff...
  2. so everything went well with my hire car, except a few things: - didnt come with ETC card, so had to pay tolls with cash. its a pain. - google maps is better than it used to be for japanese roads, but its still unclear instructions and confusing as f**k for multi-layered roads. - a bike rider and car driver were pissed at me once: I was in the middle road of a T-intersection (tight local streets) and car +bike approached from my left. So I gave way to them. Apparently I needed to go first, coz otherwise the car wouldnt fit? I dunno, i tried to wave them through but they looked at me puzzled so i drove off to the right... it was confusing.
  3. /asxlinesaustralia How about then stocks. 88E holding up pretty well all things considered amirite
  4. I still see Evo's and R34s regularly near Springvale/Glen Waverley lol 33's mostly on weekends
  5. i was really keen for this but I'll be overseas.
  6. I'm hiring some cars in Japan soon and was worried about the confusing traffic lights and signs, I found these videos useful.
  7. any updates? I saw one in Melbourne today in full camo and reminded me of this build.
  8. I should be free to attend. Trying to drag some friends along too.
  9. once the SAU app disappeared, its inconvenient to check the forum now.
  10. Won't make the event, unfortunately. Agree with others on the nominations.
  11. Yeah I plan on going, glad theyve changed the location. Hopefully no large speed bumps or dusty roads getting in.
  12. Good luck with your search. You're gonna need it.
  13. Time for SAU funded skidpan at Marty's new property. 1) Run private event 2) charge entry 3) claim land on tax for investment purposes 4) ?? deal with bob jane for old tyres, make tyre walls 5 Profit
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