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  1. Oh nice, thanks for the heads up
  2. Remove globes Or. Install original throttle body Or. Stare at always-on globe Those are the options.
  3. Is it worth it? What are you looking for in a car? Is it for daily duties? Do you plan to track it? Plans to modify etc
  4. Wtf, I check for announcements at 9:30am, see nothing, "oh well, another day of no movement". Was there a trading halt at least? Also, called it. But I thought there was access through the winter...
  5. Is it generally worth installing a basic brake bias adjustment unit when deleting ABS? I've deleted ABS in the pulsar, haven't really tested the brakes out but I did manage to lock up the fronts pretty easily. Thought maybe bypassing the unit messes up the distribution between front and rear
  6. RB26 will only be more headaches. Worse headaches, even.
  7. yep, thats it. theres a facebook event https://www.facebook.com/events/1884197431898932/ decided i wont go though
  8. Downshift event on this Saturday at Coburg drive-ins. i missed the last event there, so was probably going to go.
  9. yeah that'll be fine, as long as the offset isnt something silly like in the negatives, should be ok.
  10. i dont use alloy/alu nuts because ive had multiple sets destroyed... when I learned my lesson and they were still getting damaged it was the different workshops who worked on the cars. Both my cars run Nismo steel nuts, havent had any problems with them. Bit of copper grease and theyve been good for years. As far as coloured ones, im not sure, sorry.
  11. Leon Hardiritt - Gral 18" staggered wheels with tyres Sadly its time to move on from one of my favourite wheels Leon Hardiritt (made by Superstar wheels) Gral's. This design is discontinued, was in production for only a few years. They're quite uncommon, with only one other set arriving in Aus recently (in 20"). I bought them new and arrived in Feb 2015. Wheels have done less than 8,000kms, I've mixed an matched tyres a bit so unsure how many kms the tyres have done. The wheel centres and outer lips are clear coated from factory, so they're super easy to clean. Some of the spokes have minor marks from stones and road debris. One or two of the lips have minor marks in the clear coat from careless tyre fitters. One wheel has a few minor marks on the very edge of the lip from falling over when being rolled by hand. Being mid-disk, they clear my 6pot front and 4pot rear setup. Reason for sale: want bigger and slightly more aggressive, already know what wheels I'm getting, so no swaps. Detailed pics to come. Front: 18x8.5 +17 225/40/18 yokohamas 95% tread (~60mm dish TBC) 18x9.5 +18 245/40/18 yokohamas +80% tread (~80mm dish TBC) All wheels are mid-disk with reverse lips, reverse mounted hardware, centre caps and Leon Hardiritt valve caps. (I can't remember exact tyre models, will update info and pics once I'm home in the coming weeks). Included with purchase are a second set of centre caps, coloured. Located in Rowville, Vic. Post can be organised. $2,200 ono. No swaps. It may not be a household name wheel, but these are premium 3pc VIP wheels in excellent condition.
  12. What model wheels is it for? spoke design is a bigger influence on caliper clearance than disk choice. My guess, mid disk will be heaps of space for OEM R33 calipers.
  13. Whats not getting air? how do you know its not getting air? I'm switching to NOS soon, but Horse Flavor Fresh Air is what I use until then.
  14. you could sell it... just for not much money. these V35 GT-8's sound like a curse that just gets passed onto to the next unsuspecting victim. I just had a quick look on Yahoo Auctions and no V35 or Y34 CVT's for sale (i have seen some on there before).
  15. yeah it does, but then you get depressed because people stop asking about your project car because it has fallen into myth status and every year less and less is accomplished on the build