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  1. you still got the place in clayton, or sold to fund new place?
  2. i know Renault always had a Clio following, but its like Renault is getting the fun models while Nissan is just... shit now. Even the Q50/Q60 red looks painfully average, and very outdated in terms of infotainment. Can't imagine the VR30 twin turbo AWD being fun or cheap for maintenance.
  3. Yeah I like the Abarth 124s, visually. Don't know much about MX5s or ND platform though. 4cyl red turbo... Would could they possibly f**k up? Also seems like ND manual 2L MX5s are cheaper than abarths currently, but with a lot more kms
  4. some xtrails in japan came with SR20VET awd, so youre running in circles here.
  5. all youtube reviews saying $100k+ cars arent as fun as new MX5... friend of mine with one attests to that. i give up on newer cars. Gloria was fun cruiser today and pulsar is still in the picture... viva la jap nissans
  6. Yeah true. Been in an RC350 F. Was nice and fairly quick but not worth big money IMO. Also, I'm not rare GTR enthusiast, but wouldn't this run like shit with a Mines ECU and Aus fuel? https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2002-Nissan-Skyline-GT-R-V-Spec-II-Nur-BNR34-Manual-4WD/SSE-AD-5881070?fbclid=IwAR1DnTptwl_kR8U596tydlQ4FvJyPZFAgitSslL9k90uhlDVIy4z-A3aQWk
  7. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2018-infiniti-q60-red-sport-auto/OAG-AD-17505905/?Cr=1 Infiniti Q60 turbos getting cheaper. Anyone here been in one?
  8. Double post. Becoz Stage 4
  9. How much did the KW coilovers set you back?? Must have been almost more than the car...
  10. Wouldn't compatibility and ease of installation/access to aftermarket parts be a priority over weight saving of 100kgs for a "possible" daily driver? Why can't you start where everyone else starts and consider first the power goal and main purpose of the car? Once you know power and purpose you can look at what gearboxes/diffs support the power. If the car is going to be drifted or tracked, you can see what chassis has support for the kind of parts you're going to need. Then you can look at what adapter plate options there are for RWD SR20 block and how chosen gearbox fits into chosen chassis etc.... Otherwise have fun getting your dream setup going in a S12 Gazelle and waiting for drivetrain or suspension to give way under the new setup.
  11. I found RACV worst for price and worst for customer service/support... So is car tuned Moh or you running stock ECU? Also at black label were those your final choice wheels? I didn't see you there or else would have said hi.
  12. There should be plenty on yahoo auctions. https://auctions.yahoo.co.jp/search/search?p=Panasonic+etc&ei=UTF-8&auccat=25054&exflg=1#mode=search Might get more results broadening the search a bit.
  13. Once it's finished, drag race The GTST with Barry driving the GTR. If GTST wins you get the car back for free.
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