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  1. Hmmm that compass testing how trustworthy the party leaders are... How the f**k should I know. And are people choosing based on how much they agree with them or how trustworthy they actually are? I'm closer to the liberals again, as usual but this time it says I agree with more One Nation policies than the other parties.
  2. Clive Palmer is the white bit, takes up the whole chart
  3. Can you imagine if he had any car with no local coilovers available? Buying 2nd hand coilovers from Japan is less than a coin flip chance... A lot of importers won't even bother because so many are shagged or the collars are seized.
  4. Just do straight swaps for G4 coilovers plus cash his way.
  5. Because most old school JDM brands never changed design or improved development to modern standard so they got left behind in the 90's. HKS, Tomei, Tein, Greddy, Defi etc
  6. The HID ballasts sit under the headlights. It's a bitch to get to. Gotta remove the bumper basically.
  7. Hmm that inner ring looks aftermarket. Headlight is centre, high beam is inner. Is the car in Aus? Did compliance re-wire your headlights and remove the HIDs?
  8. Being a newbie in any area usually means reading up some basic info like: - what are reputable brands - how much am I expected to pay - what suits my car - is installation difficult and worth the hassle
  9. Who cares. 88E gonna be buried under the permafrost. Why should anyone or Oil search offer them shit? Great bear and 88E done the hard work. Maybe if oil search want to say they have the leases for half of Alaska, then they'll probably be low balled. But anyway, lots of spec stocks been pummelled this year. Lots haven't recovered from December fall. Now is a time to be ambitious, but I'm trying to keep it tight. Keep it real. Picked up a bit more CPH at bargain basement prices, and SW1 too.
  10. Started rental inspections over the weekend... We were the only people there for 2 out of 3 inspections that day. Houses had been empty for quite a while, seems owners aren't budging on price. One is way over priced so will apply for $50 less a week than what they offering... f**k em. My mum's townhouse in Chelsea just had 3 townhouses built on the block next door. One sold off the plan for $780k. Been trying to sell since it finished construction, no interest so went to auction. No bids at $620k. Real estate agent was saying long weekend clearance rate was low 40%, but they were expecting low from long weekend
  11. Byron BYE has been doing well for me, bought and sold medium term twice now for profit. Making a little bit on dividends with Oil Search and Mineral Resources, planning on holding long term. Waiting for TLX to drop a bit more now the news has slowed down, gonna get back in. I bought into SLX (uranium re-enrichment) hoping to time a brief uranium run, but company announced bad news and I was in the red for a long while, good news brought up price and got out for some profit luckily. Still holding small MXC and CPH but they've not been doing well. Expected bigger things for Aussie cannabis products by now. SW1 a decent share IMO but price hasnt recovered from down turn late last year. So good entry at the moment. brb, selling my motor bike coz no space and then gonna buy another a la UNREEL
  12. Have you tried measuring AC volts instead across the knock sensor, as a comparison? Have you tried with a different knock sensor? Or a new one? Or a different ECU even? You want help understanding what it's doing, that's fine, but you gotta help more than just saying you have a DC measurement. For all we know you could be measuring onto the wrong wires. Or the multimeter is a $20 Jaycar special.
  13. I know what you mean, and personally feel similar for my own means. But freedom of choice and the ability to buy whatever you want (legally) is part of being an adult. So is money management. And poeole will chose to get loans for the car they want. The government will just take some more hidden costs off the top. Like pokies.
  14. Thread delivers. The vague thread title says it all really.
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