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  1. "“Due to the implementation of Australia’s unique pole side impact design rules (ADR 85), the Nissan GT-R will not be imported into the Australian market after October 31, 2021,” Sounds like half of Lexus' lineup will also be axed. Good times.
  2. Rajab racing I came to a conclusion last year: that most car workshops can't run a business and don't actually want your money. Try making a booking at most places... "We're busy at the moment, maybe in a month or two, contact me then" "I'll get back to you in a few weeks" Just make a booking ffs, it's not hard. "Oh my work partner has my hoist at the moment so I can't do the job right now, maybe in 6 months time" If I wanted a turn key job on the pulsar (a shopping list of small issues), my options are pretty much Racepace and a 5 figure hole in my pocket. Trying to book the Gloria in for suspension work: legit can't book something in. Obviously lockdown doesn't help.
  3. I bought a new keyboard last year and wanted backlighting/RBG with a nice wrist rest... rules out 90% of keyboards. Got a Corsair K60 Pro SE, with hybrid switches. The switches are good, actuation is a little bit high for my liking. Would have been good to get some audio/volume control otherwise for the money im happy with it.
  4. Anyone here with newish VW's? I thought cars sorted the leaky sunroof issue in the 90s, lol apparently not. Even cars new on the lost got water stains on the roof. Euro's cheapening up build quality a lot since COVID.
  5. this guy must be loaded since it wasn't worth his time even taking the car cover off for photos.
  6. The more I think about this, the crazier this is. Whoever has done the conversion has literally had to move the turbo from behind the motor to the front of the motor, so that the steering column & rack can fit. The exhaust must be all over the place... the side mount intercooler is still used... did they have to install an electric fan because the clutch fan is now gone?? ....... and also theres the Infiniti M45 in the states, which is very much a similar car and LHD.
  7. converted to LHD... I'm... amazed the car runs at all. Take a photo of the nameplate and we can tell you if the gearbox is a regular auto or a CVT gearbox.
  8. I'm not going to be sending any more emails. see 3 posts above where everything is on google drive.
  9. needs 20mm spacers or GTR offsets. And they put the flares over top of the pinstripes. pathetic.
  10. I like cardano as a project and wish them all the best, there might be money to be made short term, but when the project team dont give a shit about price, want to deploy it to very very poor nations, are academic focused, took 5-6 years to get the fundamentals where they wanted it, and aim to keep it as cheap as possible... doesn't spell well for long term investor gains.
  11. it fluctuates, but my 1080 & i7 8400 are churning out ~$100aud/month if left on 24hrs. That's with BTC price hovering like it has for the past 13 weeks. But since a recent update, seen a 20-55% increase in payout. I think its important to come up with a gameplan for each cycle. I've learned a lot in the last 6+ months so hopefully can apply that next time and during the bear market. Planning on buying a house later this year... so sadly will have to liquidate a lot. Using crypto as collateral for loans or mortgages is even closer than people think... I'm annoyed no one will accept anything other than house equity as collateral. That shit is sooo 1980's.
  12. So I have 3x "categories" 1. HODL 2. big boi plays 3. speculative stuff 1. mostly in cold storage (BTC, ETH). Around 25% on Blockfi generating 6% in the native token (BTC, ETH, LTC, ALGO). Also mining on my home PC most of the time using NiceHash and then dumping that BTC onto Blockfi. 2. Plays in large caps, mostly ETH/BTC. I sold a bunch of ASX stuff in April and poured it into ETH. Started selling it into BTC today, with first price target at 0.0755, got a few more targets above 0.10. BTC is estimated to peak in a few months time, so will take some profit there, potentially move back into large caps (ETH, LTC) because there is a decent price history based around the halving. 3. Got random alts on KuCoin & Bittrex. I like, but dont necessarily own, COMP, RUNE, Chainlink, ALGO, XRP (because of the price swings), AAVE, MATIC, POWR. Just buy when it looks good, sell when it's pumped. Not always quick or easy but it's just play money. Got some USDC on polygon trying to suss out Defi over there and the yield farming. Wish I'd been aware of this stuff in early 2020.
  13. the key word is "bunch". if i had kept it all in BTC i would be doing well. But pissing a lot of it away on altcoins was no.1 mistake and we're seeing everyone do the same thing now. I knew that a lot of development and changes would come during the bear market, but I should have stayed in the loop the whole time. Learnt about traditional markets over 2020 and all I learnt was that its all shit compared to crypto lol in both a returns perspective and "greater good" perspective. Pro tip: you're not crypto rich if you have to cash it back out to fiat.
  14. Held a bunch of stuff from 2017, went heavy btc, eth & ltc since October and earning interest on them. Sold my alts too early... thought most "old" low cap coins would die in the ass. That was a poor prediction lol I think ETH will pump hard before BTC takes off. So trying to make the most of that trade. I've got a bunch of charts and metrics I follow, so plan to cash out fairly conservatively August-September and buy back in next year or later. https://www.blockchaincenter.net/bitcoin-rainbow-chart/ If BTC hits sub-$35kusd in 2022, ill be all over that. Also trying to learn yield farming via polygon. Its a bit late to jump on that train, but its more about learning how to use it rather than making bank. I pulled almost everything off the ASX, theres a new financial system being built on crypto and it will eat the world. Chainlink, Cardano, Algorand, Ethereum have already started.
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