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  1. Leroy Peterson

    At least with the subaru everything is bolt on available and the car hasnt changed much since 2011 lol. Wheels are def next for it, not a fan of the oem ones. Just dont get gloss black please. Gonna keep the same diameter or reduce 1"? They look a bit rubber bandy at the moment
  2. Leroy Peterson

  3. Leroy Peterson

    Was working on the gloria this weekend and man, motivation is just gone for cars. Everything is just not worth it. I would just take them somewhere for someone else to deal with, but even then... Lots of people dont do good jobs, good people are super busy and take ages or you need to book 4 months in advanced and im away with work so cant even drop the cars off at the workshops... I just need to finish them then only do maintenance. Then if the pulsar breaks again ill get it transported to alaska for 4th july celebrations.
  4. Leroy Peterson

    Surely these parts would be cheaper on yahoo auctions or croooober than buying through Nengun? Or even getting them shipped from Aus/NZ even...
  5. Leroy Peterson

    f**k you guys got it good. Damn Gloria, import tax. I think next year im eligible for "65% shannons discount" but it still stands at 1200 or 1600 at the moment. 16k value. Was like $50 a year difference between stock and modifed.
  6. Leroy Peterson

    Rear de-mister? Should be called the "Crack your 30yro rear window in style" button.
  7. Leroy Peterson

    $500 a year for RACV GTR insurance? No way... NRMA in other states used to be cheap for GTRs until someone probably f**ked it up and they jacked the prices back up.
  8. Leroy Peterson

    Whats the VQ from? Z33 or is it a legit Y series? What ECU are you going to run? Someone on this forum did a VQ30DET into an S15 really nicely, build thread is floating around.
  9. Leroy Peterson

    On the back of the car is GTT. Probably why it stuck. Knowledge bomb dropped, thread delivered.
  10. Leroy Peterson

    Goddamn. Roller garage door? Key/padlock or fob activated? Good luck with the search
  11. Leroy Peterson

    2009 Honda Jazz bro, did you even need to ask? Just add HKS intake pipe and Mugen slimline weather shields, will decimate all (at carrying large amounts luggage and fit into small parking spaced)
  12. Leroy Peterson

    Yeah i heard it was huge. I saw a thing for it a few days beforehand but just assumed it was just another crappy Tuned meet. Sakura picnic is back in October, so that'll be good. Theres a Jap parts swap meet in croydon in september, hoping to get a group stall and flog off a bunch of shit. Hot Import Nights in sydney is more about instagram models and breakdancing/bball 3v3 than actual cars (not even joking). Which leaves WTAC and All Japan Day as the only decent shows in Aus at the moment. Nissan Datsun day is a bit same samey. Apparently 100mm organisers are doing a new event in Feb next year. Invite only allegedly. They want a VIP display so the gloria will get some efame, which will be cool.
  13. Leroy Peterson

    Alex is no longer talking down to us Leigh doesnt have a falcon Burds hasnt had his car broken into in a few months I realised Pulsars are no longer the best cars under $10k now. Odie too cool for us Dezz doesnt need computer advice at the moment Martin working from home mostly So yeah, not sure what else this thread is good for now. But even wasteland is dying down.
  14. Leroy Peterson

    What do you want to know?