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  1. Leroy Peterson

    Forget all that. Ignition is for when its properly installed in the car. Just chuck it on battery pos terminal when you want it on and put the neg on the battery negative terminal.
  2. Leroy Peterson

    Run some wires and connect to a spare battery while theyre shooting. No point stuffing around with anything just to be removed again.
  3. Leroy Peterson

    Yeah coz c211 suspension, chassis and brakes are just asking for 300kw
  4. Leroy Peterson

    I heard DJing full time is quite exciting. Time for a change?
  5. Leroy Peterson

    420awkws on HKS turbos? Didnt think that was possible. A "broke" tradie mate tossing up buying another car, gtr could be retirement money as an investment. But wants a harley too. Tough choices. Doesnt own a jetski yet either, so hes got it pretty tough at the moment.
  6. Leroy Peterson

    https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1999-Nissan-Skyline-GT-R-BNR34-Manual-4WD/SSE-AD-5367230?pageSource=details&id=SSE-AD-5367230 Seems legit
  7. Leroy Peterson

    You could fit 9.5/10.5, but youre not wanting to play around with suspension arms or run stretched tyres, so itd be risky. Just google v35 or g35 wheel offset threads and pick what you want. Just keep in mind americans love a pissing contest and tend to not share how much effort is involved to actually fit certain combos (including shitty wheel alignments because they ran out of toe adjust once they dialled in too much negative camber)
  8. Everything looks good up until the tail lights.
  9. Leroy Peterson

    Just stick to 9" and 10" wide. 18's are fine, 19's look best. +30 to +20 would fit fine. If looking for secondhand wheels and tyres, try and get something that was off Z33/V35/M35. So you dont have to fork out for tyres again
  10. Leroy Peterson

    It might be louder, who knows. It would sound a lot better though
  11. Leroy Peterson

    Those are "GTR offsets" m8
  12. Leroy Peterson

    What's your budget for wheels? (don't forget money for tyres too) Do the wheels need to be brand new? Are you looking for local wheels from Bob Jane or would you prefer some nicer Japanese wheels? 1piece, 2-3 piece? Look up the websites of the Brands you were given and find which ones suit what you're after. We can help find you wheels, but need a bit more to work with.
  13. Leroy Peterson

    The only time I went I noticed they had cocktails with ingredients that would curdle. Unbelievable
  14. Leroy Peterson

    The wraps only come in one size... So I guess anyone that doesn't like wraps and gets embarrassed ordering a footlong? Speaking of footlong... Might try to get a massive weiner in me this weekend. Chapel St is shit, but I'll make the effort for a giant hotdog