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  1. Leroy Peterson

    Did you granny shift instead of double clutchin?
  2. Leroy Peterson

    Wet skidpan? RIP pulsar Also, surely someone on subie forums got a bracket design.... Model cant have changed that much in last few years... If its subaru probably hasnt changed in 50years
  3. Leroy Peterson

    New DECA sounds great. Super excited to see what can be done with the back track. This might kick me into gear to get pulsar out.
  4. Leroy Peterson

    Dont forget to like and subscribe. Looking for an intake for 2009 Honda Jazz. Anything from a known brand is like $400 for a bit of silicone hose, MAF holder and air filter. But space too tight to make something up yourself. Honda mods be criminally priced yo
  5. Leroy Peterson

    I think that era of accord is the way to go. And that one comes with sick subwoofer
  6. Leroy Peterson

    Land for me is for paddack basher/garage and firing range lol. Maybe archery range if guns not legal. But other than that, more land = mow maintenace/mowing. I was taking an interest on properties on buxton river or rubican river. Land with power and river certainly cranks up the price.
  7. Leroy Peterson

    Also, i drive passed those country mcmansions on a big empty hill and assume its always galeforce winds up there, plus heaps of noise from the freeways. And birds, if you planned to capatalise on R33 prices once americans can import them, why spend all this money on a barrys build?
  8. Leroy Peterson

    If i move west/north do i need livestock to mow my lawns? Or is there lawns at all? Most looks semi arid with little to no flora for miles. How many of those houses are located near prisons?
  9. Leroy Peterson

    Whats your budget? Not many cheap skylines leaving japan anymore, best to stick local.
  10. Leroy Peterson

    Just get some Nos for cheap power increase. 2 of the big ones Worked briefly with a Russian engineer who has been here for under 5 years. Got a young daughter who was born here, looking to buy a house. $130k deposit, wants to borrow $800k and bank doesnt want to give it to them. His wife isnt working, taking care of bubs. He is frustrated with lack of first home buyers support and the cost of stamp duty (which apparently has been adjusted in 30years etc. My first thought was: thas a lot of money, especially for single income couple with dependant. Secondly: why da f**k should they get first home buyers grant? Skilled worker, decent wage, immigrant. A LOT of people fit that category. I would have thought if/when there was such a grant in place, it would be for citizens or natives/torres only.
  11. What does the car name plate say for the gearbox? RE4 gearbox? RE0? If this is a VQ30DET im assuming its in/from a Y34 or F50? Any gearbox with a different model number will probably need work to install. Transmission computer, and who knows what else. Unless someone is wrecking a car, i think youll struggle to find one. Shipping from NZ too expensive, sourcing from Japan would be an option.
  12. Leroy Peterson

    You went to the effort of getting decent twins? Just use them... Can swap later when/if something goes wrong or get bored. Focus on getting build done IMO Ive stopped watching mighty car mods, they seemed to have got more annoying and "meta" than before. I shhould watch this 240 build, but theres so many more better edited actual tv shows in america now... And even though reality tv shits me to no end, at least theyre structured and cut the annoying stuff. I dunno, i just think its getting old.
  13. Leroy Peterson

    When changing agents try and get a better rate. The hard work for them is already done...
  14. Leroy Peterson

    6" subway with tuna
  15. Leroy Peterson

    Selling the GTR yet?