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  1. 100% profit now... tempted to sell now but could be the type of thing to hold onto... I dunno Also, new Ausnet (AST) CEO will be shaking things up big time soon once he gets in... Probably get bad press so price could go either way if anyone feels like a gamble.
  2. Goddamn, that sucks. The fact the skyline was untouched is really bizarre. Maybe too close to the house. What would they be expecting to find in the focus?? Reckon it's from social media exposure?
  3. In 5-10years it'll be time to resto and probably make the money back that was wasted on it decades ago
  4. Good job. I did engine harness only... Couldn't be bothered doing the rest of the engine bay or even paying someone to do it [emoji14]
  5. Havoc fabrication do good work, flexible hours and keep to their quotes. They often do specials throughout the year for cat back or diff back setups.
  6. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1999-honda-nsx-t-manual/OAG-AD-17375063/ not bhed. good proice.
  7. This. Think I would struggle to share a multi room air bnb with my mum for one night, let alone move back "home" ("home" has changed twice since I moved out)
  8. .... Let me Google that for you. "Sau RB25 300kw unopened club"
  9. We should have moved out west 5 years ago. We could have bought a house and blown all our money on ciggies and at Melton race track
  10. What did you use to shave offmaterial to increase offset?
  11. Nup, I'm still in the green though. And it's still up for the week. I'm not concerned about crypto, lots of wheels spinning behind closed doors. Shit will change the world one way or the other, but whether current crypto will be worth anything, who knows.
  12. Alexs. Shoulda been able to buy 8 properties by now. If I followed his 10 step program to a million cash before 30.
  13. Yeah it's like 30% of my portfolio. Will sell most when I hit green. Will keep some because hodl Speaking of hodl and parabolic, Ive been back in the green on Bitcoin the last few days. Obviously everything else except Litecoin has tanked. Now not really sure what to do... First big whale sell off hit this morning. But it gains momentum just so quickly
  14. Mortgages ain't what they used to be though... Lots of people I know on split mortgages with offsets and shit... Can't expect an online calculator to offer those sorts of things.
  15. *DIDO 80% of the timeOn my way to +45,000kms driven this year
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