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  1. How much power were you able to get out of the return flow? (Sorry to revive an old discussion)
  2. Most people who are making over 300rwkw on themare on E85! Anyone making over 300 on 98?
  3. Girts

    RB25DET Head

    Hey guys! Looking to buy an RB25DET S2 head for my car asap! Located in Melbourne S.E
  4. Hey guys just looking to purchase a set of nismo carbon endcaps for my r33 gtr wing! Please inbox me. Located in VIC
  5. Hey guys, i'm looking to purchase an ARC returnflow intercooler fof my r33 gtst, is there any floating around still? Happy to pay postage Cheers!
  6. Hi there guys! I'm just curious, has anyone done a DIY on how to install a map sensor on a RB25det? (Non neo) any help would be appreciated thanks!
  7. Hey guys!! I'm looking for a set of Gtr seats located in Melbourne if anyone is able to help me out that would be awesome!
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