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  1. 33R used to belong to the owner of Auto Style...probably suffered a similar fate Still, I always say judge an import by the condition and health of the engine as the odometer reading means very little especially dealing with 15+ year old cars! glws
  2. No probs
  3. Gonna miss out brah... Silly not to keep even $500 in this
  4. Hope you've bought in "2 cents lower" Leigh Dat recovery...
  5. Is this based on empirical observation? I hope not...
  6. Because having two turbos doesn't automatically make the car better or faster by any means, just complicates the setup. For a car that was originally single turbo you are better off just upgrading that turbo and ending up with the same result as if you went twin. I recommend doing some reading on turbochargers and the various setups as it's not only interesting stuff but will help you to understand what works well and what doesn't.
  7. Yep, got the call wrong on that, but had 88E not released an announcement that confused the market then prices would still be the same or possibly higher. Regardless I think it's dangerous not to be in the share at the moment. Whatever you pay for them now will seem insignificant if the flow is proven good.
  8. He's not. He's a fan of condolences.
  9. I'm a washed up celebrity on there I created their level Some seriously interesting stuff on there though. It used to be nothing but speculation and cheering each other on for support during the downturn, with a rare informative post here and there. Now there are some experts on rock mechanics and oil drilling offering up explanations of events. Will be staying tuned.
  10.'ll piss off the autobot.
  11. I've always called spec stocks the roulette of investing Also always say never invest what you can't afford to lose You either do your money or make it big, no in betweens
  12. Sorry, I think I misread your original post. I meant that they could all have buggered piston rings and not just one. Though I guess there is a possibility the walls were not honed correctly? Tolerances are all matched up fine, I assume?
  13. This is likely... Solution: marry car enthusiast, wedding present = car stuff you both enjoy
  14. Guys on HC are seeing it as good/last opportunity to get in cheap before the big rise. I'm with them. Sadly house has diminished my capacity for investment but I'd still be comfortable with 20k in this share if I had it on me. Gotta stay with the company fundamentals, which has been nothing but good news thus far.
  15. Bloodbath for 88E on the ASX People either didn't understand or didn't like the latest operations update...good opportunity to get some cheap shares before the potential blast off... Gutted I topped up last week at 5.5