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  1. Using an FC Hako I end up having to fk around with the com ports nearly every time. It eventually works but it comes down to me remembering which USB port it's supposed to go into and a combination of opening the app after connecting or connecting while the app is open or connecting before ignition on and waiting for the moons to align. But it does eventually connect...fortunately there's rarely someone behind me at the servo when changing tunes over with it.
  2. Lowest I got was 99 cents; they were good times indeed. Cheaper to run than 98 and more power. Now it's more expensive to run but still worth it for the powaaaa...
  3. Knew this wouldn't last! Nice car
  4. Birds

    Can't hate the Swift Sport; weighs under a ton with a 1.4 turbo Interested to see how that drives and responds to light tuning. Would surely handle very well.
  5. Going to need some prices dood
  6. Sounds like they're renewing/retaining existing customers but not new policies?
  7. Birds

    You could go to Captain America's if you feel like taking the next few weeks off work
  8. Birds

    Who orders a 6" anything from subway
  9. Birds

    Pretty much
  10. Birds

    Tuna = Mia sweats all day in that diner Rye bread = darker than white No crust = trimmed/shaved
  11. Birds

    Realization now hitting me that Brian's lunch was booty call code for shaved pussy
  12. Birds

    Apparently S2000s are front wheel drive 🤔 I do agree with them about it being nicer back in the day when a dramatic scene didn't involve crossing buildings in a car and the excitement came from who would win a race and who was cutting who's tuna lunch
  13. Birds

    At the time of the movie though, all the Leroy types were fawning over it cause the JDM was too mainstream Safe to say a combination of rarity / collectable and those movies are responsible for JDM sky high prices. No surprise that the vehicles with the most gained from it are those featured as heroes in the movie...34R, Supra and RX-7. S2000 has also seen a good comeback on pricing. Then again, Jap classics like Hakosuka, RX3, VL Commodore and 2000GT did it just fine without movie power behind them.
  14. Birds

    When it comes to cars, I love America