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  1. What’s astounding is how unpopular these cars are given what you get and how they perform...really a bargain compared to anything similarly priced in Aussie or Euro of the same era and spec.
  2. 275rwkw is what we got to with plenty of headroom on an honest dyno. I would probably say 300rwkw is a safe max limit for 555 on E85. Anything more and I would be considering 740 or 1000. The 040 pump can handle a fair bit more power before you’d want to switch to a high flower or twin pump setup. I did eventually change my fuel hoses (some of them anyway) for E85 compatible ones because the factory ones developed a minor leak - after 25 years running for 6 of those years with a fuel that is harsh on rubber, it’s to be expected. Hope that helps.
  3. So should you have been considering they own half of Nissan
  4. I just think...with anything turbo petrol the option is at least there for modest performance increases whether flash tuning or manual boost increase. Or all out with E85 if you have the commitment. Don't think many buy an MX5 to go quick with the loud pedal, and likewise I doubt that's your goal, but I've always been disappointed by the lack of power in cheap RWD coupes and convertibles. Considering how easily Toyota and Subaru could have done it with their expanse of engine line up; regardless of how good the 86 is, no one's ever said it has too much power.
  5. Yeah I'm not at all unhappy about it haha...it's testament to quality that the rest of the car holds up after 25 years while small things like this hose that would have failed a decade ago on other cars, are only now letting go...after exceeding factory requirements.
  6. Interesting! It must be a common issue in worn hoses, or simply hoses that aren't designed for boost pressures we put them through. My diagnosis was a bit less scientific...I got fed up with it hitting a wall on boost and overfuelling so I pulled apart the whole intake and inspected. Noticed the tiniest hairline split that opened up sizeably when squeezed. What's annoying is that would have started small and grown, slowly over time robbing me of power until the point where it was so noticeable I surmised an issue...grrr. Thanks again.
  7. Awesome, thanks for the link - is that the ID you used?
  8. Abarth 124 Spyder would be my pick there...dealers seem to be flogging them very cheap and they look significantly meaner irl than the mx5...plus turbo engine!
  9. Hi all, Looking for the hard rubber 90 degree elbows that sit just above factory intercooler holes in the R33 GTS-T chassis and connect the factory intercooler to the rest of the intake/turbo piping - the ones most return flow coolers connect up to as well. Look like this - happy with just one but can take both if you have. Most sellers don't seem interested in separating them from factory intercoolers but want to avoid buying a side intercooler when I don't need one. Thanks!
  10. 2009 GTR has been a consideration for me but not quite at the point where I'm prepared to spend so much money on an out of warranty car. My worry with them is always the servicing costs and parts which haven't really declined with time, unlike the Skylines we used to drive where broad market made it cheap to own. If you can get a reliable one that doesn't break or give gearbox issues, they seem like a good proposition for holding their value given they've lost so much of it already. Consistently been 75-80k+ for a few years now! Probably helped in part by the huge increase in older GTR prices.
  11. I asked his security guard on the weekend and he said he didn't know
  12. I haven't been in one but I think they look nicer irl than photos. Had that mini Maserati look going on and considering some a few years old are now new 86 money, I think they'd be a worthy contender for a rwd sports coupe. The LC is damn overpriced though...cool looking car, but fark if it's the same power specs.
  13. Yeah but so are these https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2014-Lexus-RC-RC-F-Auto/SSE-AD-6172707 Though RC350 would be my value pick
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