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  1. The sound makes sense!
  2. Use instructors car, with instructor in it. Generally instructors know the licence testers so there's a chance they'll go more lenient on you with them in the car. Turning up to the test in a car that looks like you'll do a burnout leaving the place once they pass you would make me extra critical, let alone a tester who is out to curb the number of idiots on the road.
  3. I'm struggling to determine why he thinks the alternator could have been linked?
  4. Eek...where there's smoke there's fire! Some cars are just full of surprises and it's often a reflection of overall neglect somewhere in its life. Hard to tell dodgy sellers from the ignorant. So many times I've had a seller adamant that their car is perfect, then quizzed them on certain noises and the response comes back "oh it's been like that since I've owned it" or "I didn't notice that". My logic is, if they weren't aware of that...then what else haven't they noticed? My first clue in a car's overall condition is the interior. Interiors are the first to show wear when a car has been neglected. Also a reflection of the seller's personality - if they don't care about where they are sitting, there's a good chance the rest of the car gets the same treatment!
  5. It's local knowledge that they are Chinese I was just stereotyping / being honest
  6. Oh... I can assist with foundation repairs Most important step is to parge the lath
  7. I'm a good driver, thank you
  8. Just get old mate Doc to take you 88mph in his Delorean and he should respond in a day or so
  9. That depends how specific you're talking... Cause I can setup a mean game of jenga
  10. Is that going rate in that area? Old place in FTG was $400 a week house worth about 600-650k. I think they put it back up for that, too.
  11. Protip for garage kitchen access...get a storage tub from bunnings and put it just inside the garage near kitchen door. So handy to throw bottles/cardboard/paper/fingernails into.
  12. Monash and the south gippy, but not far from eastlink either. Basically I can get anywhere reasonably quickly. Except the city. But on a good traffic day that would still be only ~40 mins.
  13. I thought my double was small - is that a 5.5 x 6 and your car just takes up a shitload of it?