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  1. Be wary...strong honeymoon quick divorce
  2. My dentist said he'd do full veneers for 20k But there's upkeep, just like buying a GTR And I'd rather have a nice grill than nice grills
  3. I used to think many cars on the road were owned, but when you consider how many are company or fleet and then the privately owned cars of which a big deal would be financed, there's probably very little actual cash in them. Just trips me out when I talk to people about expenses and they mention their car payments. I've never had one under finance, probably never will because I thought it was uncommon practice, even though it isn't lol
  4. I'd have smoked em all
  5. Also makes me wonder what the percentage of financed cars on the road is
  6. I liked them but I like unique cars that you don't see much of 86 was an awesome little car but when you started seeing more of them than Commodores meh Only problem with these well-priced niche market cars - every man and his dog.
  7. And back to 15 So strange, so much profit taking
  8. I feel like this thing is going to crash hard one day, just no damn idea when Unrelated, how bout that CPH
  9. You can attend those smashed gearbox or beaten by Birds meets
  10. Invite only in Craigieburn sounds more like "we stole the cars we're cruising around in"
  11. Ergo Concordantly Vis a vis
  12. I may or may not have a sizeable collection of new globes you can pick up a selection of from me
  13. Narrator: but as it turns out, they were some weird, shitty sizes.