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  1. Was a stock carsales stat
  2. 0-100 in 9.3 seconds That's not gonna beat me in a drag
  3. Vale the days when this forum was so active there were multiple contenders
  4. Sorry mate I don't dabble in penny stocks
  5. The slow and steady climb of news expectation begins
  6. Just because they're listed for that doesn't mean they'll sell for that /everyonewhoeverlived
  7. There will be a gay benz driver somewhere who could help you out with that for free...
  8. What did $680 get you Business class sounding pretty good
  9. You don't have any old stock items for 33R do you? Asking for a friend lol...
  10. Uber's too mainstream He'd rather catch a taxi...whatever that is
  11. If I have music and a window down I can drive it
  12. Blue Sky Lines
  13. But they're long term holders...
  14. If what they say is true, there are people chucking 100k+ on this share just based on forum messages and little of their own research. And a couple who are invested well over a mil...that's serious dedication/greed. I guess everyone has their level but for a stock that is either going to die or multiply many times long term, I can't see why you'd need more than 50k in it to make yourself very wealthy but not sound like an idiot if it doesn't work out.