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  1. I know they're rare but are they rare enough that the blue LM I saw at Monash hospital many months ago was likely one of these mentioned?
  2. Get married at the registry - in and out in 20 minutes. Genuinely one of the better weddings I've been to. Your guests will love you for not making them stand/sit still for a couple hours and the bride has no excuse to be late. Spend the rest of the money you saved on a reception at with a 9 course meal at Sake down the road in their private/basement function room/bar; walking distance so no transport required. Guests will also love you for this.
  3. Maybe it's your personal hygiene 😛
  4. Here's the thing... I've always been polite and compliant and honest when pulled over. No moreso than I would be to anyone else - police don't deserve any special treatment or sucking up and any who desire that shouldn't be on the force. But I'm not rude just because someone is doing their job. It doesn't always work - sometimes you get a cop who is a prick and will go above and beyond to f**k with you - but it can't hurt your chances, where as being rude and aggressive can. I've been fined for stupid things and I've been let off with warnings, so I know which I'd rather try for in the case of being pulled over. Those prick cops do exist but are too few and far between for me to want to record every instance of being pulled over and get off on the wrong foot. My most recent run in was with a well known officer in Melbourne's east and although the circumstances in which I got pulled over under were arguably unfair and discriminatory, by being polite and compliant I believe I got off very lightly (minor defect) with someone who had a reputation for handing out major defects on shaky grounds, EPA noticed and notices of unroadworthyness...plus the $1200+ of fines to go with them.
  5. You know you've been on car forums a long time when you can refer to decades
  6. How can we possibly answer that without knowing your life situation... Me personally? I'd keep the Skyline but I'm a different person to you so...
  7. The CGT reduction is 50%, so you only pay half the tax on profits from any capital holdings over 12 months old. If that's 20% of your shares, then you can nominate ANY 20% of your shares in the company to apply the reduction. As you haven't sold any of the shares you have realised a loss yet, so even if those older shares were sold at a loss, it's irrelevant. What matters here is your average purchase price and your average sell price - what is left over is your profit. 20% of that profit you could argue should only be taxed at half the rate, whilst the remaining 80% will be taxed at the full capital gains tax rate.
  8. Predicting a heads or tails outcome isn't difficult, cause a stopped clock is right twice a day. People had been "predicting" a correction or bubble burst for about the last ten years...no one was able to say exactly when and those who did ended up very wrong. Too many variables to call that one...
  9. Yeah I'm still around. Got a 33R to finish building!
  10. Buy RB25 with electrics Swap in Live happy
  11. A transfer of registration/ownership form is usually what's signed by both parties when a registered vehicle changes hands. However, this form is only applicable if the vehicle is staying registered during the sale. Otherwise, a signed piece of scrap paper saying you bought x vehicle from x person for x amount is enough to declare you the legal owner of an unregistered vehicle, assuming it has no financial encumbrance caveat against it or is not currently registered in another state to someone else who hasn't signed that scrap paper. Likewise for the person you're wanting to onsell it to. So in that regard, it's not going to make much difference to your new prospective buyer whether it's registered in your name or unregistered; either scenario will require them a visit to VicRoads with proof of ownership (being the scrap paper receipt or a transfer of registration/ownership form) and a RWC. A roadworthy certificate has to be presented anytime a vehicle changes hands, however, they are valid for a certain number of days (90?), so should you onsell the vehicle within a couple of months after registering it yourself, you'll save your buyer arranging a RWC. Now, if registering it under your name first...it's up to you if you want to take the risk of wasting your time (worst case VicRoads will say no)...but there existed a bit of a loophole years ago (may still be around), where if an ACT/NSW vehicle was sold to a Victorian owner, the national database would place it under their Victorian name and address while still registered in NSW. Why is this noteworthy? Because if it's already in your name when you rock up to VicRoads for registration, you don't need a roadworthy certificate, as you were the owner in NSW and all you did was "move" states. Friend of a friend pushed a stupidly modified, illegally loud and not exactly drivable GTR into VicRoads and came out the other end with numberplates on it this way.
  12. Factory manual LSD removed from a 2003 V35 350GT 6 speed with 130,000km on it. This diff is in very good condition with no noises or vibrations - removed from a running vehicle, not a crashed or thrashed one. Diff is currently at my mechanic's workshop. We removed and replaced it with another one due to suspected diff bearing noise, however the noise persisted after the swap and turned out to be a wheel bearing instead. Cheap LSD upgrade for auto V35s, with a slightly shorter ratio for better acceleration. I believe it may fit the 350Z too (can't guarantee this). There are also conversion kits available to make these fit S/R chassis vehicles (have to change tailshaft, though) as a strength/LSD upgrade. Can organise postage at buyer's expense or local pickup available from Melbourne west or south east. $350
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