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  1. 4 years ownership 3 years in shop?
  2. FD about on par with 33Rs pricewise and have still risen a lot; the lowest I recall them getting to was high teens. Favourite looking Jap car, but I was scared to touch one back at their lowest cause apex and I'd be even more wary now; probably explains why they aren't more expensive. All the flagships are currently more than I'd ever spend on one myself - selling could be on the cards next year when USA can import. R33 GTS-T is in all seriousness still a comparative bargain with all the other cars of similar performance (1/3 the price of the R which is slowly pulling it up), and with Nissan/Nismo OEM part remanufacture for GTRs, there would at least be support for ongoing maintenance of an R chassis, Stagea, or S chassis. Strangely enough, the old Euro cars are the performance "bargains" these days - all the old V8 powered Benz, E46 M3, Audi S series etc. But...I'd rather road trip an FD than depend on my flat cap and 45° angled driver's seat to get me there in a plastidip C63.
  3. Oh no not at all. Hah, rates are due in January because someone decided I should dislike Christmas as an adult
  4. At this stage it's pretty much the reverse of that, although thank f**k for tax returns
  5. It could have, I just wouldn't have been able to take on as many opponents as I did to remain undefeated
  6. I can't think of a reason I'd have had to sell it...
  7. lol'd @ blurred face like cops couldn't recognise the guy from his tats, car and several locations including the shop shown on video if they cared enough.
  8. I reckon I'd be up between 10-15k on mods...so maybe $1300 a year/10 years, which I can accept. But I'd also argue that none of those were necessary to maintain the vehicle. Where I'd lose out is fuel economy, albeit negated by low distance travel for work etc. You can really bend life and expenses in your favour if you set up all these things well and tight ass it. Cars and food. Certainly enjoy both though and would have had no problems taking the vehicle depreciation.
  9. Likely not in the area you're looking for, but Performance Exhaust in Knoxfield (formerly Ringwood) do fantastic custom work. Will always take a vehicle to them.
  10. All the friends and colleagues who told me to grow up / stop spending money on a "depreciating asset" and sell it, are now onto their 5th cars since...consisting mostly of heavily-financed Tritons and Hiluxes which they cut their losses on every 3 years with a trade in, or VWs that require a safe word as part of vehicle ownership. Could sell that thing for what I paid for it...
  11. lol you'll get it running reverse out the driveway and cop a defect from a car watching you
  12. Yeah but GTS-T is faster
  13. 200rwkw on stock turbo at ~10psi should be pretty safe for a while. For 250rwkw look at a high flow turbo from hypergear or GCG, 555/550cc side feed injectors, Z32 AFM and a Bosch 040 fuel pump. 3" turbo back exhaust and tune a Power FC or Nistune with a manual or electric boost controller.
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