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  1. And Hard Kandy
  2. Cover letter most important^ If you quantify in words your experience due to the quality of your work and level of involvement, you'll easily shoot over someone who says they've been in the game for 10 years but can't put into words what that means because they've warmed a seat and never done anything exceptional. Time of experience is also easy to lie about and good HR managers know this. Time is also generally correlated with experience even if there are outliers like go getters and seat warmers, so you need inventive ways to be considered over the others. Also, sif work for a company that purely values quantitative experience over quality...that's a sure way for your hard work to result in someone else's promotion because they're "overdue" for it / are next in line...consider their filtration of you a filtration of them too.
  3. Sorry to have misled you with the impression you were going to gain sound career advice from myself or VWL in general
  4. Be your own boss, grow some balls
  5. Just add it anyway, what's stopping you?
  6. I'm not a masochist thank you
  7. Just add it now anyway. When I was 17 I was the product relocation specialist for the largest supermarket brand in Australiasia
  8. Yeah. Used to them now but at first they sounded shithouse. Hear the old sounds on YouTube clips and they still sound better.
  9. I was stuck between Silver and Gold Nova for ages. Nova 1 to 2 is still the hardest rank up I've achieved, and I've since gotten to DMG (post-update where they nerfed everyone's ranks with a curve of normal distribution and DMGs became MG2s etc). It's difficult to get out of Silver/Nova because of smurfs, hackers, derankers/AFK, abandoners, a general lack of care by team mates and a lack of microphones. It's a toxic environment. All of this gets a bit better as you progress, although the tolerance for mistakes and friendliness of people gets a bit worse in the higher ranks as people become more vested in their ranks and everyone thinks they're global elite. When I was a Nova I was queuing with LEs and mid-fragging their games, so you can imagine how frustrated I was being stuck in it lol My only advice would be: add and queue with players you know are as good as you and have microphones - best advantage over other teams in that rank and that alone can carry you to Nova 4 at least. Headphones to hear footsteps if you don't already have them. You can also pretty much spray a P90 (learn the spray pattern) up until MG1 because most Novas don't aim for heads. Ranking up is hard work, but the game does become more pleasant around Nova 4 / MG1. That said, some of my best memories of CSGO were forged mucking around with some good friends in Nova 2 and 3. Hope that helps!
  10. The return of zele?
  11. A way of giving you a promotion without giving you one? Did it at least come with a pay rise? Congrats brah
  12. Ironically missed half of it as I accidentally closed it off when viewing So it was even less exciting than you probably intended
  13. 2 with radar 3 with speed camera Unless something's changed
  14. CS:GO Anyone still play CS:GO? Ranks? Game has reignited my love for CS after a few years on hiatus. Feels more like basketball playing in a 5 man team...