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  1. Good buy if that wheel can be repaired
  2. Must have been loose for a while, feels heaps more powerful/responsive than it did before
  3. AFM feels here Took second to 110 against a CLA45 and it popped on the change into third. Speed was dying fast, fortunately just around the corner from work. Trying to change into his lane behind him to make my turnoff; the guy was trying to speed match me for a rolling drag...f**k off man I need all the momentum I can save to roll into work!
  4. That oh f**k moment when you do a cooler hose but your brain thinks the worst
  5. Freeway courtesy doesn't exist across the whole of Melbourne I find, let alone expect it from the idiots down that way It's sad when I smile and say good driver when someone does move over to the left for me
  6. I never understand with the huge corporate job cuts, why they are all done at once instead of slow reduction over time to offset the liability to the point they might not need to slash as many
  7. Sounds like entering a rich and retard mode, maybe not getting enough fuel in?
  8. Things bout to get interesting for 88E with 3D seismic commencing and impending reopen of IW2. Gym guys talking about Crypto was bad enough. With 60 minutes doing a report on Crypto and telling viewers whether they can make money on it or not, you couldn't pay my to invest right now... lol @ auscoin goons too
  9. Freeway extensions have been great - got to work in 17 mins this morning
  10. Pretty decent growth suburb - 11% from memory. Vacant land is practically non existent and old houses are being snatched up for current and future subdivision. Fountain Gate is a massive draw card, as is the Monash cutting through the suburb. Will be what Rowville is now in about 5-7 years. Especially with Cranbourne filling out farmland with estates left right and centre - would not want to live down there with insane congestion on the way. Much needed freeways down there. Berwick and Endeavoir Hills have also gone nuts. As the more established and gentrified suburbs, they're boosted by Narre's growth the same way Narre is by Cranbourne and Clyde.
  11. Spotted two McLaren 570S parked in Narre in the space of two days Watch out Toorak
  12. In the South East My immobiliser and kill switch have saved me each and every time. Better off leaving a key in the ignition so they don't destroy the barrel. Once they've realised it won't start without a fob they piss off. The only way they'll get my car is by towing it. They are teenagers looking for joy rides and bragging rights on Facebook. It's not about money and selling parts like it used to be. Sadly this means not only are they opportunistically doing it, walking through carparks looking for targets, but many of the vehicles are found burned out - waste of a good car and money for some f**karse drain on society to have a couple hours fun in someone else's pride and joy.
  13. Got a huge corporate tax bill to pay? CAAAAAAAAAASH TRAAAAAAAAAAIN
  14. And praytell, who made you an expert in tax?
  15. This guy received his invite to the VWLBC yet?