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  1. Ironically those new Supras will only help the MK4 in the same way the R35 does the R34...won’t be long until they’re worth more! Hell even Toyota Soarers in good condition are getting up there. Only one manual upon carsales, for 25k...
  2. States are no doubt driving up our prices - wouldn’t surprise me if Americans snapped up the 34s we had here for sale. Love your nickname by the way!
  3. No 34 GTRs on carsales...snapped up by investors/collectors? The humble R33 GTS-T is a 20k+ affair for a decent manual example, as R33 GTRs move to a 60-80k average. Crazy times for the cars we used to nonchalantly cruise around in!
  4. I have house, baby, GTR, GTS-T AND 88E banks hate him
  5. Check out Scotty if he’s still doing fabrication work
  6. It should be robust as spec stocks generally trade on futures. Never made sense to me that current prices of oil affect so immediately the share price of a “one day hopeful” explorer. Lamenting not having sold at 2.6 and bought back in low, but ya just never know with these things. One thing I do know is 1.6 is frikken cheap so I bought a parcel today. But yes, ASX is a blood bath. Great time to buy blue chips for guaranteed small returns. A2 milk is a pretty safe bet for bounce back as there’s no slowing that company in the long term. Will be $20 before the year end.
  7. I still drive my GTS-T daily. I’ve plans to drive my 33R daily at some point (haha). With Nismo remanufacturing components, the support would technically be there for driving classics on the road without as much worry about breakage...but I’m guessing those who are paying the dollars being asked for such examples can afford more than one car or something luxurious, or want something more comfortable as a daily. Personally, I can’t deal with driving boring cars in the daily. Every day the drive is interesting.
  8. We in an age where the top comments on YouTube are sometimes a summation of the video so people don’t have to watch it for a few minutes ?
  9. What’s astounding is how unpopular these cars are given what you get and how they perform...really a bargain compared to anything similarly priced in Aussie or Euro of the same era and spec.
  10. 275rwkw is what we got to with plenty of headroom on an honest dyno. I would probably say 300rwkw is a safe max limit for 555 on E85. Anything more and I would be considering 740 or 1000. The 040 pump can handle a fair bit more power before you’d want to switch to a high flower or twin pump setup. I did eventually change my fuel hoses (some of them anyway) for E85 compatible ones because the factory ones developed a minor leak - after 25 years running for 6 of those years with a fuel that is harsh on rubber, it’s to be expected. Hope that helps.
  11. So should you have been considering they own half of Nissan
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