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  1. You're sure debating a lot of arguments he didn't make lol
  2. Birds

    Honestly a similar response but more power and more grip version of my GTS-T would be amazing Still over the moon with how the GTS-T performs. Could probably do with another 20-30rwkw just to get a little more edge over some of the faster euros - if you don't have perfect launch or changes the CLA45 will get you. But also cbf buying the tyres to support it.
  3. Birds

    The car came with the twins It cost 11k and came with pfc, tein edfc,, greddy profec B, hks gt-ss + dumps, nismo 740cc, oil cooler, BBS LMs, plus a KENWOOD SUBWOOFER... Been one of the best investments of my life hence my nonchalance for it to sit there and appreciate while someone effectively stores it for me...lock up car storage costs more than rego and insurance
  4. Birds

    Do EFRs have much chop? I remember there being a war going on between the two in the forced induction section not long ago. At this stage though I just wanna get up and running with an induction system that is easy and reliable.
  5. Birds

    Keeping the -9s, for standardish appearance. Though the latest Garrett singles look pretty farkin good performance wise
  6. Birds

    Don't do it without a real estate agent Not hard to change agents, particularly if you have an existing tenant happy to sign on again
  7. Birds

    What would you want with an RB30DETT with forged and balanced internals, extended sump, port and polished head, titanium valve springs, Tomei type B and adjustable cam gears blah blah blah
  8. Birds

    I'm holding out until the states can import them in a broad sense. I feel like pricing will peak then. I do also think GTRs have the potential to once again depreciate when they become unaffordable to own or service - contrary to the mindset of most 34R owners, they aren't Ferraris. Unless Japan has a big hard on for their historical cars and start buying them back, I think the best time to sell would be when the USA start snapping them up. Side note - cause I wasn't into 33 GTRs until I bought one, I never really appreciated the awesomeness that is the 400R. That is a legit supercar. Do frikken want.
  9. Birds

    There's your answer for an update
  10. Birds

    Oh you had a ferry? Luuuuuxury. We had to wait for low tide and chance it with a half inflated rubber dinghy
  11. Birds

    I exclaimed to Leesh when I heard about that train line. She couldn't relate to the adolescent feels of train and bus when you grew up in or had friends living in Rowville
  12. Birds

    Yeah the one some people fang through in 1st gear so they can get 20 metres of people thinking what a tool
  13. Birds

    The Pulsars are getting stolen and smashed/burned worse than the Skylines Around Narre I've seen more Skylines than anywhere else so the deep south east and probably north/west still hanging onto them Gone are the days of Knox carpark being full of them / people driving down mini chapel street