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  1. Birds

    Don't be stupid, you can't get rapid depreciation with older cars
  2. Birds

    Cold hair intake amiright
  3. Birds

  4. Birds

    That's shithouse - done a shop around on that one? Sometimes they include a factor for cost/difficulty of replacement parts as these are more likely to write off a car if they can't source them. I remember 10-15 years ago they had a coupe tax on insurance premiums - anything with two doors cost heaps more to insure!
  5. Birds

    It is a joke, that's the business of calculated risk though. Getting stolen about 10 times more than Golfs, it's likely the only way to insure that car profitably 😕
  6. Birds

    It's the same vintage scheme NRMA to RACV, and I'll no doubt lose it come time to renew. People in the insurance thread have been complaining about their insurance refusing to renew etc. People indeed f**ked it up, insuring pieces of shit that got stolen or written off and now they won't touch them on the vintage insurance schemes. They base the savings on the vehicle being a weekender and spending 1/4 the time on the road as a daily driver. What they didn't account for originally is the rate at which people become detached as owners of these cars...
  7. Birds

    On the GTS-T I'm AAMI third party fire and theft - I'll switch to comp if the value keeps going up and if they ever want less than a grand a year for it, otherwise not worth it. RACV vintage full comp on the GTR and that's about $250 a year while it's locked up; $400-500 once it's out and about driving ~90 days a year.
  8. Birds

    According to AAMI renewal letter they're on worth $7500. Down $2500 from last year. Should tell AAMI if they can find you one in reasonable condition for $7500, you'll give them $1000 spotters fee. I'm willing to bet they won't take the "easy" money 😂
  9. Birds

    Most aren't
  10. Birds

    Hasn't changed for a decade R33 GTS-T
  11. Birds

    How tf did they get in your garage?
  12. Is his business buying and selling 34Rs? 😏😂
  13. Birds

    Beamer walked away after neck and neck, like he found another gear or vvti or something. Seems they are modifying the latest turbo ones for some decent power. Only had two exhaust tips on the left instead of one each side, which is the 2 litre turbo model...sleeper ass car 😶
  14. Birds

    Nah I replaced it with the GTR which is much less stealable in its current, non super saiyan form. Still have gear for occasional test rides.
  15. Birds

    How did the 86 get 5th place last year and the BRZ get 8th 🤔