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  1. Cst Hyper zero 1's 18 x 9.5 +23 in bronze with ku31's $1100 Brand new nismo 740cc injectors x 4 $600 Brand new bosch z32 afm with plug $300 Brand new viper alarm and viper gps tracker (communicates on Telstra network) and tilt sensor $600 Nolathane 48160 castor rod bushes all skylines and Silvias $85 Nolathane 46218 upper control arm bushes $30 Nolathane 46216 rear lower control arm bushes $65 Nolathane 48159 adjustable castor rod bushes $95 S15 tail light $70
  2. you'd have to turbo it first Mohsen! also... hows the face? LOL put a failside bodykit on your 32
  3. unfortunately it was a fatality, easter won't be the same for that family ever again! hope it wasn't someone from the forums
  4. Please don't get me wrong, superpro are a great bush and all who have joined part in this group buy will be very happy, i was simply stating that if anyone else is interested or prefers a different brand (nolathane in my suggested case) then there is another option available to you. Nolathane and whiteline are both owned by Redranger, an australian owned company, the bushes are designed, tested and made in Somersby, NSW (not korea) also the product was altered a while ago to a slightly softer compound after complaints about being too firm. sorry i upset some people! anyone who missed out on this group buy can still express interest and i can see what prices i can obtain based on the amount of people interested, and start a new group buy
  5. anyone interested in Nolathane bushes instead, please PM for interest, as i can organise a group buy at much better prices than these superpro ones
  6. still have these p/n: 48159) Nolathane castor rod bushes adjustable - $100 (p/n: 46218) Nolathane rear upper control arm bushes - $40 (p/n: 48160) Nolathane front castor radius rod bushes - $95 (p/n: 46216) Nolathane rear lower control arm bushes - $55
  7. what are the nismo coppermix single's like? everyones talking about eh twin plate nismo's... how bout the singles?
  8. Ruffels


    i've got nolathane bushes to suit your car if your interested
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