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  1. One's a Vspec the other Non VSpec Love them Both, even though one is my wife's
  2. You won't regret it, We've bought another R34 GTR now, so my wife Sophia has one .
  3. Sounds Good , Need a Steak CYA there
  4. CYA_34

    Cya34 Is Back

    Hi mate , good to see your around on the forums. I had to get another 'line' I've had a few other cars but none have put as much of a smile on my face as a Skyline does.
  5. CYA_34

    Cya34 Is Back

    Just had a chance to add a couple more Pics Cheers Chris
  6. Wow.... can't believe it's been 5 years since my last membership, sorry I don't have a clue what my membership number was. Cheers Chris
  7. Sorry , I's been a long ...long...lnoooog time between posts so of course I posted in the spot. Hi all after a long while in the wilderness and without my beloved 34 , I have finally gone once again into Skyline Ownership time to resurrect the CYA34 Plates. and here's the first Pic Cheers. Chris
  8. Hi, Sorry The bonnet has found a new home! Cheers, Chris
  9. As far as I'm aware no Full carbon bonnet is ADR Approved. Cheers, Chris
  10. For Sale my Genuine Top Secret Carbonfibre bonnet to suit R34 Gt-t or GTR. It is used but in good condition, it's extrmemely light. The bonnet is single layer carbonfibre with internal carbon bracing. Included are the bonnet latch locks and bonnet hinges (R34GTR Hinges) to match the bonnet. This bonnet is rare and looks very agressive, a must for your R34 for drift or street. :cool Only asking $650 or make a reasonable offer. Cheers Chris
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