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  1. Yeah the R32 and R33 had the R180 in them. With the R32 anything with a CA18i in it will have a R180. For both of them with the RB20e you will have to check the build plate, if it says RB39, RB40, RB41 it has a R180, if it has RC and any 2 digit number, it has a R200.
  2. Is the solenoid on the steering rack plugged into anything?
  3. It looks like someone has used shear bolts. You can and undo them with some vice grips or if that doesn't work, drill the heads off them.
  4. A press and a bearing seperator works pretty good. Those snap rings hold the outer shell of the bearing, the hub and inner bearing can be removed with them still in place.
  5. Trust/GReddy dump front pipes $750 R32 RB26 ati balancer part no. 918599, used for 11.000km $450 Exedy twin plate clutch, comes with arp flywheel bolts, 11,000km old. I needed a different clutch when i changed to a 6 speed. $700 Whiteline rear swaybar links and offset bushes $50 Whiteline rear springs. These are the whiteline springs that Sydneykid offered in his group buys years ago. They are brand new and have just been sitting in storage for years $50 R32 gtr engine brackets $25 R32 gtr bov return pipes $50 R32 gtr fuel rail $20 R32 gtr balancer $25 All parts available for pick up in Brisbane or can post at buyers cost.
  6. Remove the reflectors and send them off to someone who does vacuum metalizing.
  7. You need one of these http://www.kudosmotorsports.com/catalog/wheel-bearing-rear-suit-nissan-300zx-skyline-25gt-p-1158.html
  8. Best place to buy from is Jesse streeter. Some other brands are Cusco and OS giken.
  9. Part No. 37300-24U00, try Amayama Or go a 1 piece tail shaft http://www.driveshaftshop.com/import-driveshafts/nissan/skyline/r33-1995-1995/gt-r-awd
  10. I think thread answers your question https://www.sau.com.au/forums/topic/439623-brake-clearance-thread/#comment-7208820
  11. Considering there is nothing on the shell Australia website about it and the only place on earth they are selling it is Illinois USA Shell e85 i'm going to say no.
  12. Hit up Hybrid Turbos, hybrid turbos and turbo dynamics are the same company but turbo dynamics list the 8374 external gate as sold out. $2400 Australian dollars for my turbo, the 8374 would be under $3k delivered to your door.
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