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  1. I made contact with a package developer and after a lot emails and thinking it definitely didnt fit my budget or time frames. Would've hated to be at the track and required tweaking. A right click on a axis sounded way easier to me lol Engine is close to being finished ill post pictures of that soon. Once i get that back full steam ahead.
  2. Sorry been slack on the updates unfortunately. Lots of changes since i last posted. Ecu change, tuner change, added a second nitrous kit, a few more sensors and chased converter setups all year. Ran it hard for around 10 roll race meetings at no less than 1000hp and as much as 1400 with all the nitrous. We were using these roll race events to iron out bugs and evaluate changes to transmission and torque converter setup all while having alot of fun doing passenger rides and racing door to door. She still hasn't been down the strip as i felt the converter combination wasn't quite where i wanted it to be. End of 2018 we removed the M150 as the GPR software was strangling us and we consider going down the custom firmware route but decided a Emtron would do everything we wanted right out of the box so i repined the wiring harness and have absolutely loved the change. The car made 1100 at the hubs on about 35psi on the 7685 Gen 1. With the progressive direct port kit 1340 on the same 35psi. We pulled the engine mid last year to do a bearing check and upgrade the turbo but after much thinking decided the cast block would be on borrowed time where we were headed so we gave it a new set of bearings and sold the complete short to a mate for his project. The money from the sold short engine has funded a new billet 3.2 combination that's going together currently. New turbo is a GTX55 91mm on a 6boost manifold. One device we found very handy was the performance meter Dragy, it made tracking changes to suspension, tyre pressure, tune very easy. Even with 4 x 275/60 radial pro's power management is a absolute must on a slippery track. With no nitrous completely untested setup we were doing 100-200kmh mid to high 3's, suspension tweaks and tyre pressure dropped to around 3.30's, 125hp Single nozzle nitrous kit around 3.15's, no passenger just over 3's then with direct port kit and more suspension tweaks just under 2.70. As a example a mates barra VL ran 2.99 on a 8.12 170mph pass so we were pretty happy with our result on a non prep'd surface. Fingers crossed ill have a engine to install in the coming month and hopefully keep this thread updated with a few new pics and some info.
  3. Unknown history apparently came from a damaged car no visible damage. Advertising for a mate. If you're thinking about doing a gearbox build this would be ideal. Pm me for his details. $4500. Location Gold Coast
  4. Long shot but I’m chasing a set of diff gears or a complete diff to suit a R34 GTR. Vspec or non Vspec doesn’t mater. Cheers Ryan
  5. Beast of a setup mate that will be a wild ride with some boost and ethanol added.
  6. Good work mate. What size engine and turbo you running? Bit slow over Xmas & New Years but updates coming on mine now as I’ve finished up working away so I’ve got time on my hands now to get it out.
  7. Not to my knowledge. Its a pretty impressive accomplishment considering it was on 17" radial tyres also. From memory the owner before RIPS purchased the red 32GTR ran 7's with a sequential.
  8. Just chasing AWD transfercases but would purchase a complete auto gearbox and transfer. Let me know what’s available. Cheers
  9. Top set is a aftermarket fibreglass item. The second set is plastic and possibly from a R33GTST. Had both sets on a 33GTR
  10. Before the last tuning session finished the nitrous system and fitted the new turbosmart valve. Much better quality than the precision item. With only a 40hp jet picked up 150hp through the mid range.
  11. Thanks mate. The coil pack bracket came from rips nz but there's other kits available now that are made locally which will do a similar job that don't require a CDI unit and are cheaper. Check out Godzilla motor sports they do a nice kit. My coils are CBR Honda coils.
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