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  1. You'll be happy with their work mate ive been a customer there for 15years & IMO one of if not the best engine shops in OZ . Yep on my smaller turbo atm I'm pretty happy with 1100 at only 35psi for now.
  2. IMG_3423.MOV-1.mov Pressure underneath the valve and also on top.
  3. No shakedown yet but we had it on the dyno last week made just over 1000hp 32psi on a dynapack. Couldn't finish the tuning as the precision blow off valve wouldn't hold boost worth a damn. Waiting on the new turbosmart power port blowoff to arrive then back to the dyno.
  4. About 3 years ago one of Nizpro's customers ("Steve" with an FG) went through various upgrade stages and eventually ended up with an EFR8374 with T3 internally gated housing on the stock exhaust manifold which he went 9s at just over 140mph with - in a full interior FG Turbo Falcon. He then upgraded to an EFR9180 and ended up running ~9.4s and trapped as high as 150mph with it, from memory. He now runs twin EFR7163s and has trapped near 160mph. The above is a good example of a well sorted combination using all the power efficiently, fast shifting gearbox with good gear ratios, great power band, no lag and no driver error. Horsepower and weight is only two parts of the equation XGTRX. Carry on thinking a dyno figure and weight MUST = MPH
  5. http://www.supraforums.com/forum/showthread.php?668656-The-Big-Thread-BW-8374-EFR-vs.-Precision-6266-CEA-(Jourbal-amp-DBB)-DYNO-RESULTS If you want the actual facts of that comparison there posted in the above thread unfortunately it requires a account to access the page. The manifold is a copy of a HKS T4 divided single wastegate. In the above thread people complained about the HKS manifold not being a true divided design with twin wastegates so SP racing carried out further testing of the same turbos comparing a true twin scroll dual wastegate fullrace setup against the HKS manifold. Make up your own minds with the facts available. http://www.supraforums.com/forum/showthread.php?672553-Hks-full-race-t4-exhaust-manifold-test-results&p=8809015#post8809015
  6. XGTRX thinks if you make X horsepower on a dyno you MUST run Y MPH down the strip or your telling lies about dyno figures. Don't confuse him with diff ratio's and weight which might effect the outcome
  7. If anyone needs custom turbo work done the guy who owns the cars I posted results on works for MTQ in Brisbane and will happily make it happen. Ask for Rossco.
  8. The tuner said he didn't notice any shuffle or surge at all.
  9. Standard setup besides a set of Splitfire coil packs.
  10. At those levels i'd imagine it would be getting quite high and pushing the 25psi actuators open. Ill let my mate know about the actuators if he feels like pushing it further although he did say its plenty quick now so I'm sure it'll stay like this for a bit.
  11. If only it was a easy fix the falling off in boost problem bloody twins
  12. What did your setup make paul with the -5's?
  13. Results from the 2530's with the GTX67 front wheels. Ran 28psi and the 25psi actuators wouldn't hold so they left it there. 618hp was a 33% toluene tune and 661hp was E85 on the 2530's.
  14. lol