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  1. Hi I have for sale a brand new bare RB26 head, new in box. Would suit anyone wanting to build a fresh or High HP engine. It comes with ARP Stainless Steel Exhaust Manifold studs installed also. Contact Ben Text me on 0447211110 Located: Mackay QLD I will post at buyers expense. Asking $1200
  2. f**king dead as a maggot up in here!
  3. Ah yeah 96 degrees should be fine mate it should've done any damage. Let me know how the water-cooled wastegate performs I'm interested to see what the engine temps would do under extreme abuse. NOS will let us run nearly 100% duty cycle on the wastegate solenoid and will allow us to put more timing in, as long as the intake temps stay in the safe range.
  4. Yes it is very quiet on here indeed. I don't no what's going on anymore I'm stuck in my little bubble, don't get to see anyone as I am renovating my house and saving to get my shed/workshop built. Once the shed is up a GTR will be going in it. Where about's was the leak Cal? If you don't already have one invest in a air/coolant bleeder tank, they reduce your temps a fair bit and will removal all the air pockets from the system. Very handy when you start giving the car a fair flogging. My brother and I have been discussing what our final round of modifications for the N1 Dragger will be, cost effective for maximum gain and get as close as to 7's as possible and make it twice as hard for these guys down south to beat us. The car is getting full gutted no interior trim at all just a Motec dash and a steering wheel, that will gain 50+kg weight. Will be changing from the 17" rims and going to a smaller 15" rims with bigger rubber = bigger run out and a higher MPH across the line. Finally for the engine, seeing as the Turbo system is completely maxed out and the intake temps are climbing. We are thinking about putting a 200HP Direct port Nitrous System in to give us that little bit extra power and lower intake temps back to where they should be. Then all our focus will be on the new chassis when it arrives very soon, it will be a busy year but we are expecting add more records to our resume. AMS's R35GTR your going down!!!!!!
  5. Did it look something like this Sean? This is my old GT-T i sold it ages ago i think it is still in Mackay.
  6. Drags tonight and Tomorrow Who's going. Taking the Richards Supra and the Drag GTR out for a play. Mackay will get to see its first 8 sec GTR.
  7. See that Aircon Line in Pic above with the Silver shit on it, my mate melted that exact line in his car it was running a top mount GT3040, it melted through the silver stuff then eventually through the Alloy air con pipe. Best option it to run either the Silicon Fire Flex Sleeving, this is good stuff I use it on my wastegate and oil/water lines on turbo on top of the SS Braid as the rubber inside the braid goes hard and brittle after awhile, this stuff is good for high temp. Plus we also use this awesome titanium exhaust wrap from Quantum Racing in Brisbane on the dump pipe and exhaust manifold. Got to wrap everything makes life much easier especially to work on at the track, might be ok on a street car as you only on full boost for a short moment at a time, but the dyno will sort you out . http://vpw.com.au/Category/Index/5553
  8. Looks good mate keep up the good work, that turbo looks very snug in there not much room hope you got all your air con lines covered. Them f**kers melt
  9. Nah Cal can't help you maybe try repco or Geoff Walsh. If not little back zip ties that will melt eventually. I use all -AN type fittings now on all my important vacuum signal lines, if they blow off you will f**k your engine, I have had it happen before. Wastegate especially, melt that line it will over boost then lean the engine out then say bye bye pistons
  10. Nah haven't seen the link on 180sx. I can't justify a billet block for a Time Attack car it's 10K just for the bare block, that money could by me a lot of light weight body components or better funding in loosing Unsprung and rotating mass will give you the biggest benefit, Carbon fibre clutch, carbon tailshaft, carbon brake rotors, lightweight monoblock calipers, this is the biggest gain you will make and also the most expensive.
  11. Haha yeah he might beat me I just bought a house and the missus wants to do renovations so i'm gotta do lots of overtime I guess, its gonna cost me approx. $45k to get the R32 in prime Time Attack condition to compete with the big boys or a lot less if I go povo setup. Will have to do more sums and weigh up the options. The new GTR chassis is going be full tube prostock style frame work with a full fibre glass front section the rest will be original steel GTR chassis. Custom tube subframe's with modified suspension towers to allow bigger rubber. Engine will be the current one for now but will probably change turbo setup to a 1600-1800HP system and upgrade to a Liberty Clutch less Air shifted Transmission, that will put us straight into 7 second territory. Plans are in the works for a Billet engine, combo undecided yet, my brother keeps throwing the VR38TT idea at me, I think he is f**king dreaming .
  12. Yeah that's the plan, A new R32 GTR Drag car chassis is getting built and the old chassis will be sitting there not being used going to waste so I thought this was an opportune moment to use it for Time Attack. The car is perfectly setup for it already just have to change a few things. I shall call it The R35 slayer, I told Spencer I am going to beat his car .
  13. I got one on my car as Ross has sponsored it to me. I can back them up they work a treat car now runs and tunes much smoother. More accurate at the higher rpm rev ranges around 10000+rpm, the car is punching out approx. 1200HP no dramas at all. I am running dual triggers one on Crankshaft and Camshaft with a Vipec V88 ECU, so far so good, I have only used it for one drag meet so far which was Brisbane Jamboree. So I haven't had much time to properly test it. But I did notice a fair few GTR's at WTAC where running these setup's so they must be doing something right.
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