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  1. Made top 10 last vid was a 408 with a 2300 on e85 got eliminated by renu auto built 33 with a gtx42 went 9.0 @150 by 2 cars was happy with the car for a stock bottom end 6466
  2. Best of luck with it I have ppg sequential in my car now beast of a gearbox more a race box then a street box VID-20190816-WA0142.mp4 VID-20190816-WA0143.mp4
  3. Hi my mate had a box built by hasam chalach and highly recommend it he had blown 4 stock boxes at the time
  4. Hi I need a rear left 30 spline halfshaft 32 gtr
  5. Anyone selling rear half shafts 30 spline
  6. Taha

    Gtr parts

    Wanting to buy 2 left hand guards for a r32gtr and a bonnet also if anyone has the items for sale please let me know Thanks
  7. Hi 2 of my mates have them was told around 21k heard there heeps noiser than ppg Birong automotive r32 gtr broke 3rd gear within 6 months on a 2.8 7675 running a samsona
  8. Yeh fair enough best of luck with your purchase
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