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  1. Taha

    Lol ill be out again next week hopefully box holds up been told 3rd gear is what breaks
  2. Taha

    141 142 he said gtx3584rs he told me 6speed make life hard for drag but beats blowing up 5speeds
  3. Taha

    He done a 10.0 on a 1.4 60ft
  4. Taha

    You cross line in 4th
  5. Taha

    6speed be alot harder but b2r done 9.96 on stock 5speed at 140mph 141
  6. Still Running a stock box lol
  7. What time did you run
  8. Going 30 when it blows I done 1.52 2nd launch snapped cv and night was all over would of been a high 9 be back next week
  9. Running a twin ceramic extreame 230mm held up with drag abuse on slicks so far so good on 550kw
  10. Taha

    140 mph has a 9 for sure
  11. Taha

    How much boost
  12. Taha

  13. Taha

    Was so close to buying that turbo how much power is it making
  14. Taha

    Thanks Found today of a gumtree add if all goes well be back out Wednesday