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  1. Hi My mate has a 34 box and diffs in his car making 650kw been holding up fine any advice from guys with experience
  2. Thanks got a series 3 box in it now ill see how I go
  3. As my car is a a street car at the moment I think I'll be going with ppg syncro gearset as my cars is not drag car and i dont plan on cageing it got the booted for 140mph before ppg said msm grey 32 with 7685 @ 40psi in this vid if my box held up I would of done a 9.88 on 2nd pass and once I run a 9 it will never go back till I change set up
  4. Cool thanks for info 👍
  5. Thanks for your help will a dogbox be unbearable on the street or can be driven smoothish
  6. Hi just seeing if any1 can help I spoke to renu gearbox and he said installing a ppg healical syncro gearset with factory input shaft and sandwich plate will work fine at my power level 550wkw. Just thought I'd ask for advice as it is a street car don't want a dogbox
  7. New world record 6.97 @202mph Street registered https://m.facebook.com/CroydonRacingDevelopmentsOfficial/
  8. Taha

    Pte 7275

    Thanks please keep us updated on power figures u have a beast of a car
  9. If it helps my mate had a 6266 same set up he was 100 rpm more responsive but he went 136 137mph I went 140 141mph at wsid
  10. 6266 would choke up top on a 3.2 but each to there own changing setups can get expensive so if you plan to build a stroker get the right turbo for you and what you plan to do with the car I see full boost under 5k pulls to 9 with 270 cams on a 2.6 shit on my old twin set up
  11. Taha

    Pte 7275

    Hi looking into this turbo and was planning my build anyone had any experience with this turbo or a 7675 on a 30
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