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  1. Taha

    Hi any updates and how much power did 7675 make
  2. Taha

    Top build do you know what a 3.4 can rev 2 as I'm thinking of going spool 3.2 or 3.4
  3. Taha

    Street car with a bit more punch then his t517s he has a getrag so super short gears
  4. Taha

    I said there gonna be laggy but he is one if those gtrs came out with twins type lol 😂
  5. Taha

    I'll check it out thanks
  6. R32 GTR Pte 6466 270 tomie cams Arp2000 Metal head gasket Stock bottom end
  7. Hi just seeing if anyone has driven a gtr with low mount gtx2863r twins or know what power and how they will drive asking for a friend car currently has t517s on a built 2.6 with drop ins and a getrag 6speed
  8. What's the os giken gearset like any issues with that
  9. Just seeing if anyone has fitted wheel spacers to a gtr
  10. Taha

    What was your 60 foot time
  11. Taha

    Hi call pj at makemegofast
  12. Taha

    Lol ill be out again next week hopefully box holds up been told 3rd gear is what breaks
  13. Taha

    141 142 he said gtx3584rs he told me 6speed make life hard for drag but beats blowing up 5speeds