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  1. Taha

    Gtr parts

    Wanting to buy 2 left hand guards for a r32gtr and a bonnet also if anyone has the items for sale please let me know Thanks
  2. Hi 2 of my mates have them was told around 21k heard there heeps noiser than ppg Birong automotive r32 gtr broke 3rd gear within 6 months on a 2.8 7675 running a samsona
  3. Yeh fair enough best of luck with your purchase
  4. Hi they said the whole kit will be a bolt in kit similar to the supra kit
  5. Isn't the Hollinger around 28k also there's a local dealer with all parts in stock at Penrith I'm waiting on exact price and ill go from there
  6. Re-Nu Automotive Transmissions 13 Bullecourt Ave, Milperra NSW 2214 (02) 9792 1324 https://g.co/kgs/4RHXck Nice to deal with most big shops go there
  7. 1500hp rated and there's a few dealers Australia wide used in alot of drift/race cars i heard the 0s88s are easy to break my mate broke his 1
  8. Anyone heard of them HGT Precision Gearbox Quote Dec 18 - AUSTRALIA.pdf
  9. Thanks for enquiring about HGT Precision Gearboxes... HGT has the best value for money sequential gearboxes in the market today with our industry-leading 7075-T6 Billet CNC casing. This keeps our gearbox case super rigid enabling the gears to run true which significantly reduceswear, heat, and noise vs competitors; whilst being able to handle sustained torque loads of 1000nm/738ftlb. We have turnkey solutions for most rear wheel drive performance cars including: 6, 5 & 4 Speed Sequential Gearboxes Shifters Shift Cut Knob Paddle Shift enablers Digital Gear Position Display Speed Sensor Temperature Sensor Slip Yoke or Yoke Clutch Release Bearing and shims Bell Houses to suit most performance engines A range of Input Shafts Breather Kit Here are some links to video of HGT Precision Gearboxes in on-track action: 830 hp Time Attack Car TA2 V8 Circuit Car - Paddle Shift 810hp Ford Mustang Drift Flat Shift in Circuit Car 720hp Mazda Drag Car 700hp Cobra Circuit Car 1500 hp Roll-On Drag 900hp Mazda 20B PP Circuit Car 1000hp Mazda 20B Turbo Drift Car 5speed and 6speed
  10. Hi my friend is building a drift car would the gtx 3076 or gtx3576 be a better option on a built 26 in a competion drift car
  11. Hi My mate has a 34 box and diffs in his car making 650kw been holding up fine any advice from guys with experience
  12. Thanks got a series 3 box in it now ill see how I go
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