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  1. Super cheap auto selll generic ones that are like s shield over any pod
  2. I'm making 525rwkw with this and it has been doing that since 2013, without ever opening the surge tank, I'm probably due to check the socks hanging off the pumps etc Regardless it's fair to say the walbros do the job just fine as I have never had an issue with it. I definitely recommend a fuel pressure gauge, as I did have an issue with the hat on the fuel tank which restricted the return line and made the pressure jump to over 100psi.. had I not had the gauge to spot it straight away I'd hate to know what would have happened eventually I think people have issues using the wrong type of hose which breaks down internally
  3. I have a pioneer deck that's pretty much new that I'm willing to sell. Bought it for my car and ended up getting given another deck for it
  4. If the tyres are mega sticky third gear will go eventually, I have done this three times doing anything from simple changes launching to just a light clutch pump. I run a direct twin plate so there is zero slip. Slip is annoying as hell especially when you've built the thing to have power.
  5. Rear will hang out the guards 10-20mm depending on camber
  6. I run a standard rb25 throttle body and get 525rwkw at 30psi.. so fair to say No need
  7. Radium Surge tank with twin walbro 400s submerged in the surge tank making them silent Depending on the ECU you have surely you could setup a fail safe in case you drop fuel pressure?
  8. Stands can go on the subframe either side of the diff cupping into that curved piece
  9. Preferably silver and series 2 although will consider anything Let me know what you're offering
  10. As per topic 20 inch wheels rims tyres Decorsa Stellah Stellar Brand new condition Suit falcon, skyline, Silvia, 200sx, xr6 turbo xr8 G6e, ford 5x114.3 20x8.5inch +35 offset $1000 west Sydney Wheels are in brand new condition front and back No buckles no gutter rash have been looked after meticulously
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