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  1. Im very far behind on starting this build thread, but better late than never. While stationed in western Tokyo (2013-2015) I was able to fulfill a childhood dream of owning a Nissan Skyline GTR. Made the purchase of the car as a reward to myself after making promotion. This is how it sat when purchased in October 2013. What It Came With: Engine: Greddy FMIC Greddy Radiator HKS hard pipe intercooler set MINES ECU Straight pipe from turbo back Suspension: Tein Adjustable Type-TS CruiseMaster Coilovers Nismo Arms and Rods Omori Factory Re-inforced Chasis Nismo Front/Rear Stabilizers 17x9 and 255 40 17 all around Interior: Nismo 230/km dash Greddy Turbo Timer Greddy Oil Pressure and Boost Guage Exterior: Nismo Body Kit (front bumper with vents, N1 bonnet lip and trunk lip) JUN front lip LED Tail Lights The car was in running condition when i got it but it needed some work to get it drive properly. - The clutch was bad. The seller knew it was twin discs, but not sure of the brand in it. - One of the stock turbos in it were bad. The seller had two R33 GTR stock turbos that came with the car. - The LED taillights were of Pinkish color now and only two were working. After saving up and having the car sit for a month or so, I was ready to start buying parts to get this car on the road. I went to UpGarage near the base to find a replacement clutch. Something simple and used, just to see what kinda clutch is in it and to get it operational. I grabbed a HKS Twin isc clutch and was on the lift the following weekend. After dropping the transmission, we noticed it was an OS Giken Twin Disc (TS2CD). After finding this gem, I decided it would be better to buy a rebuild kit for the clutch and put the Giken back in. RHDjapan was able to get me the rebuild kit in less than a week. Once the rebuild kit came in, work was getting more and more hectic, I was not going to be able to do the work myself. Since the turbos needed to be swap too, i found this to be the perfect time to get both the clutch and turbos done. You also get a nice glimpse of the replacement wheels I put on it. Advan RGII - 17x9 +30. The offset wasn't ideal but it gave the car a better look IMO and I could NOT pass up the deal that was offered. I finally got the car back and it was able to boost and shift as it was supposed to. Still wouldn't pass the inspection due to the LED taillights not being fully functional, CV Boot on the front passenger, and the brakes pads and rotors were shot. I got on YAJ and ordered a set of stock taillights and shopped for the R33 GTR Brembos. Was able to source a front set for an amazing price with rotors and pads included. Back to the shop it went. I got it to pass inspections and was completely satisfied with driving it every now and then. I didn't drive the car for weeks at a time due to work and not wanting to break it before getting it back to the States. Nothing to write home about happened upgrade wise with the car until it was time to get it ready for the trip across the Pacific. Here's me at Yokohoma Bay dropping the car off. April 2015. I was stationed in New Mexico next and the car was being delivered to Dallas, TX. The car made it and was ready for pick up in June 2015 After getting it registered stateside I was ready to start adding small things here and there. First thing I got was a Boss hub kit and NRG quick release for the steering wheel. I had a used Nardi wheel that I got while in Japan begging to be installed. Also i bought the Viper 2-Way Security System {5706V} (Remote Start System) and installed it so the motor would be warmed up by the time I came out to drive it. Started doing more research on the MINE'S ECU in the car and knew it would be smart to buy an aftermarket ECU and get it tuned for USA pump gas. So i got on YAJ and found a used PowerFC L-Jetro w/ hand controller at a decent rate. Looked around for boost controllers and the GReddy Profec OLED was what caught my eye, so i grabbed one from RHDJapan. Searched and searched for someone who was able to tune this ECU and have a dyno. Finally found someone in El Paso, texas about an hour away from where I was stationed in New Mexico. Once the parts came in from Japan I scheduled a date and I hit the road to Texas. We were able to get it tuned, but was not able to get an actual HP number due to the Boost Controller not operating correctly. Noticed very quickly the difference in response as well as actual fuel economy improved. The New Mexico dessert heat is quite different from the heat in Tokyo so i thought an oil cooler and Oil filter relocation kit was needed. I sourced one via a FB group and had it installed by some random shop in Alamogordo, NM. It was a dumb move on my part. This is where the trouble for the car began. They installed the oil cooler and relocator, but they didnt use the steel braided lines I brought it to them with. They used thick Motorcycle hoses that had no flex. The car developed an oil leak at the cooler (they used -8An instead of the -10AN) and it never was the same since. Around this time, I had decided to leave the military so i was not in a position to shell out funds for parts. So i would drive the car whenever the urge came, but I was also having to add a quart of oil here and there since I couldn't pay to get it fixed at that moment.
  2. Hello! I have decided to run a flex fuel setup on my RB25DET. The engine is fully built with forged internals and GTX3076R turbo. To increase HP, I’ve decided to change my fuel system to flex fuel to enable e85. However, I’m new to this e85 world and would like to be informed correctly for my setup. I’m currently pushing 400HP at 17PSI. What fuel pump should I run? what fuel injectors should I use? what sensor should I use for e85 and regular octane detection? thank you!
  3. After 4 years at about 350kw I went in to my tuner after I installed my new intercooler to get a checkup. All 6 cylinders had awesome compression and the dyno still showed 354kw atw (lower conversion method used as well). Looking at the shops workers car with the same head setup and turbos using E30 he was getting 437KW...a big jump in response. It convinced me this E thing is worth the investment - now to order some Speedflow 200 series lines. How long are the stock lines in an R32 I cant find anything about that. I know the car is 4500mm. So I was going to get 13m should be enough for 2 feed lines and 1 return. Surely someone has noted it before Thanks.
  4. R33 GTST 280RWKW E85 R33 gtst 280rwkw E85 $13,000 Warragul, Victoria The good: Car is track ready but also have everything to revert back to a street car pretty much everything is plumb back and legal. All mods were purchased new and done recently have lots of receipts Currently making 280rwkw Hyper gear ATR43SS2 Plazmaman FMIC Plazmaman BOV Hi flowed injectors Walbro fuel pump Tomie dump pipe and custom 3" exhaust Haltech platinum pro ecu Haltech wideband Shockworks coilovers Velo suede steering wheel Brown Davis cams half cage with side intrusions Velo GTP1 seats on custom rails with sliders Velo 6 point harnesses Upgraded coilpacks Gktech extended LCAS Gktech superlock knuckles Kaaz 2 way Car will come on 17's with Nankang semi slick and with a full set of stockies Parts not installed brand new in boxes: Gktech solid subframe bushes Gktech solid diff bushes S14 non hicas subframe freshly sandblasted and power coated with gktech reinforcement kit welded in Gktech toe arms Gktech camber arms Gktech traction arms The bad: Paint is average front bar has patch of primer quarters are wrecked from smashing tyres off at the drift Car has intermittent idle problem Would consider swap for a clean s chassis/180 but prefer cash. Price is negotiable. Can be made cheaper if I keep some of the parts and sell separately
  5. ECU Vipec PlugIn for r32/33 gtst/gtr Hey all,I have a Vipec PlugIn ECU for sale which is out of my R33 gts-t.Comes with 3 bar map sensor, flex fuel sensor and a mac valve for boost control.Ecu is currently in an R33 s2 ecu casing. I believe it will work with all R32 and R33 variants.Wanting $1400 for everything.0405003666Thanks.
  6. Bass Hill United No longer selling E85. Hey guys, just a heads up.. Went to Bass Hill United last week to fill up my jerry's to only find out they don't sell E85 anymore. Also Prairiewood United are no longer 24 hours, opening hours are 4am - 10pm. Hopefully no other changes other than good ones...
  7. ITEM: 6 x Bosch 1700cc injectors - part # 0280158827 CONDITION: Slightly used ~ 1,000kms LOCATION: Blacktown, NSW PRICE: $450 (over $900 new) CONTACT: PM OTHER: Selling as I have upgraded injectors to 2000cc
  8. So i'm going to be converting my car to e85 soon because theres a pump near my house and why not. Been looking at items for the fuel system which i'll need and have a couple of questions, will i need an fpr? if so any suggestions? Im looking at getting 700-800cc injectors, preferably on the cheaper side without needing an aftermarket fuel rail any suggestions? i've found these http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/121546852066?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2648&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIThowever it says they are to suit a top feed rail, is it possible to run a top feed with the standard intake plenum? sorry if they're noob questions, thanks!
  9. Brief build thread with better photo's but will still list some in this thread http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/topic/437884-r32-gts-t-rbr-322/#entry7175161 Spent so much money on this build just to get it where it is it's not funny. But I am negotiable on price as I know I am competing within the market. Reasonable offers in person will be considered. Car: 1989 R32 GTST (2 door) Nissan Skyline Kilometres: "Unknown". Approx 45000 on engine but cannot be proved. Odometer hasn't worked since purchase of the car. Colour: White Location: Eden Hill, SA Transmission: 5 speed R33 S2 Manual (Brand new exedy HD clutch 400kms old) Engine: R33 S2 RB25DET Fuel type: Caltex E-flex Power: 235.1rwkw @ 12psi, 259.8rwkw @ 16psi (tuned 01/07/14) Preferred contact: TEXT or PM. Contact #: 0412996851 Price: $9999 Negotiable in person Rego: RBR 322 [Expires 29/9/2014] Swap: SA only (11.5k value) -R34 GT/GTT. Manual -V35 -Maybe a 1000cc bike Engine Bay: -100000kms service done for peace of mind.(gates water pump and timing belt plus all fluids in diff, powersteering, brake, gearbox, engine, coolant changed on 30/01/14) -Coolant done (28/06/14) -New 42mm alloy radiator with big 16" fan and custom made fan shroud -Blitz FMIC with custom intercooler piping for better flow and use of existing factory cut holes! looks way cooler -Oil Catch can -Bosch 1000cc 14mm injectors with turbosmart fuel regulator and BPP fuel rail -HKS pod kit -Crank angle sensor from another series rb25 to make use of ex cam gear -Tomei 256 degree with 8.5mm lift poncams -T04E t3/t4 ar50 turbo (480hp) Top mount -GFB bov -R35 gtr afm -Splitfire coilpacks -Tomei adjustable exhaust cam gear -Brand new battery Suspension & Wheels: -Adjustable front castor rods -TYPE HA TEIN adjustable Coilovers -R32 GTST rims with New 16" Toyo R1R semi slicks on front New $90 16" tyres on rear. full set has only travelled 400ish kms in the last 7 months. Interior: -E-Boost street boost controller hidden in car with unlit boost gauge mounted in dash. -nistune ecu -Clean carpets. no tears -no cracks in dash Exhaust: - turbo back 3" exhaust with screamer to a, -Remote controlled Twin tip varex muffler (complete's the stealth look) You can be loud when you want to, but also reasonable to your family and neighbours early morning or late at night. also great to have when next to police in traffic. Fuel Setup: -Aeromotive 340 Stealth (intank) Exterior: - R series number plates "RBR 322" -GTR style front bar and side skirts. Bad points: -slow leaking abs unit. recommend an aftermarket abs delete kit. -paint isnt perfect, few carpark scratches, key marks, small dent etc. -it's been in a front end accident sometime in it's life, could have been tracked who knows. But Drives perfectly straight and planted under boost. -left side gtr skirt is cracked -front bonnet needs to be resprayed. (could get away with a can spray) -trip metre, odometer and speed don't seem to work since the conversion.(there is a HUD speedo which is gps mounted above the dash which is more accurate anyway) If you require more photo's please be very specific as to what you would like to see.
  10. Hi guys Have for sale 6x 2000cc Bosch injectors Top feed , 14mm comes with 11mm adapters if needed Used for approx. 100kms so practically brand new Selling as the don't suit my application http://www.sonicperformance.com.au/BSS2000/Bosch-2000cc-Injector/pd.php $850 delivered anywhere in Australia pm or ph 0422151003 Thanks Brad
  11. Hello, I am thinking of upgrading my fuel system to E85 and wonder what sort of power I will get with my -5 garrets? I have to upgrade my injectors anyway to push these turbos further on 98 but will I get much more power going to e85? Thanks
  12. Hi guys, Im after a Walbro 460 F90000274 Fuel pump Thanks
  13. Is there any benefit in switching from caltex eflex to United e85. I understand the e85 has a higher ethanol content than eflex. Will there be much of a gain after a return on United e85. The reason on changing is more an availability issue.
  14. Nissan Skyline R33 Gtst Series 2 - 360rwkw https://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Nissan-Skyline-1998/SSE-AD-4796564 Some of you might recognize this car, old plates were 'GR33DD' Regretful sale, but i don't drive it as much as i would like to these days. Time for the next owner to take her home and enjoy it. Last production of the 1998 R33 GTST Series 2 . I am the 2nd Australian owner and it has been flawless for the past 5 years I've owned it. With majority of the hard work already been done by the previous owner and myself, The car talks for itself. Jump in and enjoy it. Well looked after, Very fun car to drive, Handles great, Stops great, very responsive for the street & sounds tough with plenty of power to back it up! Can be driven daily nice and quiet with the exhaust closed or open for a race day with a push of a button by the Varex muffler. Big money spent on quality parts. It has been driven mainly on weekends only as i have a company truck to drive around in during the week. Paint/Body is in good condition and is washed and waxed regularly. Rust free body. Mechanically always serviced on time by myself & my dad every 5000kms. Always Garaged. Modifications include: Resprayed in Nismo 400r Super Clear Red II (Paint code AR1) Suspension & bushes replaced with Bilstein shocks & springs/Whiteline rear subframe kit & bushes (Adjustable ride height) Aftermarket rear camber arms Aftermarket front camber arms HICAS Lock bar R33 GT-R Series 3 Red stitched Full interior (Door cards, front seats, rear seats, etc) Upgraded Dash lights pure white & blue LED Hybrid frontmount intercooler Haltech Platinum Pro ECU Haltech 3 bar map sensor Haltech o2 wideband sensor kit Garrett GTX3076R T3 .83 twin scroll turbo Turbosmart 50mm External Wastegate 6boost twin scroll manifold T3 ARP head studs Upgraded valve springs Camtech Camshafts 272/272 in&ex 9mm lift Greddy exhaust cam gear HKS 3" exhaust straight through to Varex Muffler 3.5" out (Quiet or Loud with switch in cabin) Greddy ProfecB II boost controller Shadowpro mechanical boost guage Walbro 460LPH E85 Fuel pump Raceworks top feed fuel rail Raceworks 2200cc top feed injectors Genuine SARD Fuel pressure reg Splitfire Coilpacks 4" steel intake pipe K&N Pod filter Plazmaman forward facing plenum OS GIKEN TS2CD Twin plate clutch (installed 1,500kms ago) Nismo 1.5 way mechanical differential installed/serviced by Unigroup Engineering Aftermarket Brake Stopper RDA 324mm GTR front slotted & dimpled rotors with URAS Adapter kit DBA Rear slotted rotors Desmond Regamaster EVO 17x9 +18 square Federal 595 RS-RR Semi slick tyres Custom Oil Catch can/Washer bottle Custom Coolant Catch can 42mm Fenix alloy radiator PSI Parts Carbon Fibre Air Guide Sony CD/bluetooth/usb head deck with 4 channel amp. 15% window tints Nismo front strut brace ALL intake, turbo & exhaust gaskets have been replaced. R33 Sedan fog lights (Original Series 2 fog lights will come with the car too) Aircon has been regased this year, you will be frozen in 2 minutes. Might be a few other things i've missed, feel free to ask questions. The car will come with 2x Keys. Compression test was done September 2016 with good results of 150 - 160 across all 6 Cylinders. New turbo setup was done at this time. Tuned by Jez @ DVS Tuning making 360.2rwkw @ 25psi high boost, 336rwkw @ 19psi low boost. Dyno sheet provided. The car runs on UNITED E85 FUEL ONLY. Can be tuned to go flex fuel if you wish with a flex sensor. Cons about the car: - Couple of scratches around the body as you would expect for a 20 year old car, but nothing too noticeable. - Minor oil leak behind the head coming from the half moons. Will need replacing. - Front tyres will need replacing soon NO low ballers NO swaps or joy rides. Deposit must be taken before test driving the car. Price is Negotiable, Reasonable offers considered. Price can be adjusted lower if you do not want the wheels and want to bring your own. More pictures & videos of the car can be found on my instagram account @98gtst
  15. E85 Fuel Consumption General question around what level of consumption people are seeing when running E85. I had a fairly full tank when I went for a cruise on the weekend through the hills, did about 175-200ks or so and had about quarter of a tank left (R34 GT-R with around 350rwkw). When I did a track day I had a full tank plus 80L with me and ended up with around half a tank left in the car and all jerries emptied after 5 or so 8 lap sessions of Winton, so 25 or so k's per session? I can run the car on 98, but of course less power etc, but I'm just curious what others are seeing as I'd like to do some longer cruises and I'm thinking I might only be able to do so on 98. There's very little E85 around here too (Regional Victoria) so I keep a 200L barrel in the shed
  16. R34 GTR fuel delivery issue Hi Guys, Got a bit of an issue with the fuel delivery on my car and was wondering if you can help me out... Just a quick background on the car: - Brand new 1000cc xspurt injectors with resistor pack removed - Brand new walbro 460lph e85 fuel pump with relay - Apexi powerfc - 2860-5 turbos - titanium turbo back exhaust - ARC intake (stock afms) - manual boost controller - set to 18psi I got my car tuned today only to find out the car was only able to make 290awkw on e85 @18psi safely. I was aiming for 350-380awkw however my tuner said the car struggled to go above 290 due to the car leaning out. Apparently he had to trick the ecu into thinking the injectors were only 550cc in order to get the car running right, where as when they were set to 1000 it would just run lean. He was reluctant to up the boost for obvious reasons. Im taking the car back to one of the boys who used to work at racepace to do a check on Monday (he was the one who installed all the parts for me), however this is something ill definitely be losing sleep over during the weekend. Just wondering what everyones opinion on the issue would be? Only thing i could think of was that the injectors dont like the ecu or the fuel filter in the engine bay is dirt.
  17. hey guys, just getting a EOI out there for my GTR $60,000 im in no rush to sell it as its been my pride and joy for the last few years but looking at buying a house so just seeing my options. but i will let it go for the right price if your interested drop me a line. also check out my build thread you will notice a lot of work and time has gone into this car and not only a lot of money and parts, quality parts. I never bought any ebay rubbish only ever used branded names. I don't think you need a list as you can read my build thread ( build thread link located in my signature ) if you are really interested that way you can see everything that's gone on and saves us chatting when you could probably find the answer on there... although happy to answer any questions. car right now has 388kw @ 20psi (e85) e flex tune also has a switch with a low boost setting aswell 314kw @ 14 psi (e85) also make 320kw @ 20psi on 98 for the right buyer the car can come with a lot of extra parts and I even have some stock parts that I have kept also if the new owner wishes to put anything back to stock. don't hesitate to call or txt 0409076032 or pm me here I do shift work so if I don't answer straight away im probably at work or asleep
  18. Hi Guys, I'm thinking about going in a different direction with my car and as such i'm looking into selling my Haltech setup. Everything is brand new still in the box and it includes pretty much everything Haltech sell. 1 x PS2000 IQ3 Street Kit which comes with ECU, Harness, IQ3 Display Dash, CAN Wideband and Sensor, Free Mini Can Hub. 1 x Haltech I/O Expander 12 Inc 2.5m Flying Lead Harness 1 x Flex Fuel Composition Sensor - Suit 3/8 hose (inc plug & pins) 1 x Coolant Temp Sensor - Small Thread 2 x 150 PSI "TI"Fuel and Oil Pressure Sensor 1 x 4 Bar GM Map Sensor 1 x Boost Control Solenoid RRP for everything is $5400 but im putting it up for $4500 ONO. I will not split unless everything is spoken for. Pickup is preferable but will post at buyers expense. Items located in Rouse Hill, NSW and best contact is 0403858714. Thanks, Brett
  19. AI SP1200 Surge Tank and Holley Dominator Pump Hi Guys, I have for sale my AI SP1200 Surge Tank and Holley Dominator Pump. Was running this setup in my car for the last year or so during which time it's done maybe 3000km's total so not much at all. Was providing plenty of fuel for the 470awkw setup I had at the time whilst being next to silent (couldn't hear it inside the car). As the Holley Dominator is technically 2 pumps you can run them in a staged setup which is how I had it which keeps fuel temps down when you don't need a lot of fuel. All working perfectly when removed and comes mounted on a nice little plate ready to be installed. The only reason I have removed it is this system will cap out at around 650awkw or so and I need something a little larger for my new setup. Price is 1000 ONO. Item is located in Rouse Hill, NSW and pickup is preferred over post. Any questions contact me here on SMS/Call 0403858714. Thanks, Brett
  20. Where to buy E85 in Perth Hi Just move to Perth Rockingham area and looking for places to buy E85 i notice not allot of servos sell the E85 but surely there should be outlets that sell them in drums
  21. I am currently in the process of pricing up and converting my car to e85, and with so many rumours, myths and misinformation I just wanted to get a few things straightened out before I go ahead and fully convert to e85. My current build: I am unsure of the brand of my intank pump, but I am making 450rwhp on pump 98. 1000cc ev14 injectors, turbosmart 1200 fpr. Short term goals: After conversion to e85, aiming for 500rwhp. Long term goals: Building up a 25/30 with a power goal of 650rwhp on e85. What I am thinking of running: Using my intank pump as a lift pump, feeding a surge tank (2-3L), then twin bosch 044 pumps feeding my rail through a -8an line. Using something along the lines of ( http://www.aftermarketindustries.com.au/surge-tank-kits--accessories-c1/surge-tank-kit-spr044-p241/) as the tank/pump setup. Obviously I will be getting new lines made up with speedflow fittings. My questions are: (sorry, some may sound stupid. I may have the correct answers, but due to misinformation from many sources I would like to be sure) Can I use my standard fuel tank, or does it need to be anodized? I have heard bosch 044 pumps hate e85 and break down after 100/500 hours. How true is this? Will the setup I mentioned above be enough to support my power goal and flow requirements? Should I upgrade my lift pump as well? Is the single -8an line going to provide enough flow? Is there anything else I am missing or is required? I work FIFO (fly in fly out, 2 weeks on/1 week off) so I only get the chance to drive my car 1 week out of every 3. So the car spends a lot of time just sitting at home, and when I am home I barely go through a tank of pump 98 (maybe drive 100-200 kms, with the exception being if I have track/skidpan days). Will the fuel go bad if I leave it sitting for too long? Would it be better to fill up before I leave or the day I get back? Cheers for any help fellas!
  22. Hi Ive recently had a starting issue. tried changing the plugs and testing for spark. Tested the CAS by spinning it. Checked for fuel after the rail. got the car started by spraying start aid to the intake. It started straight away. but when throttle is applied it seem to die or drop revs till it dies. ive recently started using united e85 so im thinking maybe dirty injectors. But when the car started it ran for 10mins without a problem. but dies when revs applied. The first time this issue occured the car died in the middle of the road, lost all power but the revs were still present. As soon i applied more throttle it died. Thereafter never managed to start it till now. any help is appreciated as im trying to to waste money on something that isnt broke. R3GTT, VIPEC PLUGIN
  23. ***For Sale 1998 R34 GT-T RB25DET 2 Door Coupe*** 350rwkw Tuned for E85 Tuned by Trent at Chequered Tuning. 105,000km Serviced every 5000km Custom purple Reborn leather seat retrim with skyline logo. Tinted windows Holandia 300 Sunroof Garrett GT3076R Turbo Apexi Turbo Timer Z32 AFM Apexi Power Intake Pod Filter Blitz Front Mount (Blacked out) Intercooler Nistune Ecu Injector Dynamics 1000cc injectors Blitz Nur- Spec R Exhaust Adjustable Tien Street Advance Suspension Blitz Dual SBC – Spec R boost controller Upgraded BOSCH Fuel pump Spitfire Coilpack Modified Automatic Transmission Runs the standard housing with the internals upgraded / replaced by MV Automatics with items that should be good for 350rwkw+ Things that were done to the box: * 2,800rpm High Stall Convertor * Shift Kit * Strengthened Bands * Housing Strengthened Volk Top Secret Gold 18x9 18x10 Wheels Custom Car Audio system with Custom Boot install worth in excess of $5000 including diamond splits front and rear 2 x MTX T5500 subs mono block 4 channel Amp Comes with 2 Brand new 265x35 Bridgestome Potenza Re11 tyres that have not yet been put on the rear. Very Regretful Sale A lot of money spent on this car Change in circumstances has been forced to sell this car $15500 neg Open to Offers
  24. TukeH

    Flexfuel kit

    Hello and here comes stupid question ? I have been thinking To buy e85 flexfuel kit but Will it work on stock stageas Only mods now is fmic and removed center muffler. Later I will make new downpipe
  25. Hi im currently building a 1jz vvti s13 drift car and it has come time to decide on a fuel setup. Im just wondering if this looks about right as I only want to do it once I currently have a 60lt fuel cell, aeromotive a1000 FPR (i believe) and x4 bosch ev14 2200 cc's (from my sr setup but I've decided against them in favour of bosch ev14 1000cc's) and was looking to purchase Walbro 450lph f90000274 (the high pressure version) Radium single internal pump e85 surge tank Bosche ev14 1000 cc's BPP fuel rail I was going to run a 1/2" stainless fuel line from surge to rail with a Y piece on the end to x2 -8AN fuel lines, 1 feeding either side of the rail with a -6AN return in the middle to the FPR then a 1/2" return line back to surge tank and possibly a fuel cooler in the surge circuit I currently have an 040 as a lift pump (again from sr) but i believe I shouldn't run a high pressure fuel pump as a lift pump. If so any recommendations for a lift pump? Car will run on e85 between 400 and 540 hp (depending what the car is doing/ how im feeling. Anywhere between 15 and 30psi) which I've seen the walbro 450s are not recommended below 500hp or is that not a concern? And is the f90000274 needed over the low pressure f90000264 pump? Base fuel pressure will be 40-45psi which running 30psi I believe I will be very near exceeding the f90000267's limit but I cant find any specific info on the 2 pumps and differences. Any advice/ discussion? I think i have it right but just want to make sure!
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