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  1. Yes, I understand. I’ll make sure to change that!
  2. Hello, I’ll reroute it to make sure. The coolant line doesn’t tough the exhaust manifold. The white substance does wipe away, some of it is harder to wipe (kind of crusty) but it does wipe away. I snorted it as well and it didn’t fee like the usual cocaine... hah
  3. The hose you see there is my coolant hose. I hate that it touches my manifold buuuut it’s pretty back there. Could it be a coolant leak?
  4. Hello! Nothing is wrong with my car, all gauges read correctly, the car fees responsive, and it overall is functional and great. However, with the cold temperatures, I noticed there is smoke coming out of my hood (the hood is vented) but I thought it must’ve been my valve cover filters that are venting to the atmosphere. I checked and to my surprise I found a whole substance on the exhaust manifold and turbo flange. I’m guessing it might be a leak? What do you guys think?
  5. I hace checked the ohm and it’s not reading anything. Where I love to get a new sending unit it’s $500 USD so I was wondering if there’s a part I could replace on the unit to make it read the correct ohms again?
  6. Hello! I cleaned it out with a cotton tip to hopefully get a better reading but the gauge still only reads from the range of full to 3/4. The board looks great, nothing looks physically broken, so I’m thinking the board doesn’t work electrically?
  7. Hello guys! This week’s car problem isssssssss the fuel gauge is reading incorrect fuel level (always at full or close to full) I have an RB25DET wired to a S13 hatchback fuel sending unit. I have double checked that the fuel gauge is grounded properly and connected correctly. So, next step was to check the fuel sending unit which I found is reading 0-2 ohm in both fuel and empty. So! That means it is reading the incorrect resistance. Is there a way I could fix this without buying a whole new sending unit, perhaps a resistor? Thank you all!
  8. Hey guys! I hope you’re all doing well. Just a quick update. I ordered coilpacks and learned that the s1 has internally built in ignitors and s2 doesn’t. I didn’t know that after I purchased the coilpacks so the attached image are the ones I ordered. Are they looking like the right ones? They are on back-order and won’t be shipped till 5-7 more days, unfortunately. But perhaps fortunately if they’re the wrong ones for my engine. My CAS was just painted, I read online that’s a good indication that it’s a series 1, plus I only have the coilpacks harness without the rear box usually found in series 2. Thank you!
  9. Also, this image wasn’t the end of the tune. The base tune stopped at 300hp flat.
  10. The attached image is the base tune i drove on to break the engine in. The car drive perfectly without issues. But I didn’t capture the final tune to show you.
  11. Yes, my fuel injectors are new new. I suggested I gap my plugs at .032 and my tuner said he prefers .02 with his tune. My ecu is stand-alone so he will have access to the AFR I believe. It can be wirelessly tuned so by “verifying” I mean he can access my ecu’s memory and check if everything is looking good. The car had been on the dyno and he said it was good but now that this is happening he’ll wirelessly remote the ecu after I install new coils and plugs to .02 (he insist on it).
  12. The fuel pump is a 550 walbro and it is brand new as well. I’m not sure what an FPR is, could you inform me? Everything on the car is brand new, even the ECU.
  13. The car was on the dyno but is now home. It drove home fine but it hiccuped on high rpm so I thought spark plugs. Once they were changed, it did the same and backfired. I’m still waiting for him to verify my tune.
  14. I’m running deatschwerks 740cc fuel injectors. Should I be driving the car at all? I’ve been staying out of boost.
  15. I purchased the coil packs, they were $485 USD! Ouch! I’m running a link (AEM) ecu so my tuner can tune the car wirelessly without it being there. I shot him a text earlier today so I’m waiting for him to get back at me. Unfortunately, I don’t have any dyno sheets. If the car keeps running like hell after the new coil packs, new spark plugs at .02, and after my tuner verifies my numbers look okay, I think my problem will lay something in the fuel system like a fuel controller or something, right?
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