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  1. The car is a clean example of a JDM market Nissan Skyline R33 GTST which the car is only gaining value. It was imported from Japan in 2003 Most of the parts are genuine from Japan , engine bay still looks like stock so shouldn't have problems from the Law. ($8000 spent on engine work) 265kw at the wheel running safely on 16 psi boost never had a mechanical fault or problem since owning this car. Tuned by Just Engine Management. Nistune ECU TD06 Single Turbo High Flow down pipe 555cc Injectors Tomei fpr Blitz blow off HKS Intercooler Custom Air Box Custom Intercooler Piping z32 afm Rare Bee R exhaust from Japan (designed to shoot flames) if you purchase a Bee R - Rev Limiter. Front HKS coilovers / Rear Stock genuine as it gets off the line better RWD(rear wheel drive). Wheels : Super Rare Discontinued Watanabe RS Racing wheels from Japan (valued at $4000 in this market) Tyres: Michelin Pilot Sports 3 Greenslip had been done at a Authorised Inspection Station. Car has just been serviced using engine oil MOTUL 300V 10W40. Firm on Price grab a bargain only selling for $13,500 This is a great car for a collector/weekend car as it has the 90s JDM sports car feel and it has a smooth drive experience with the setup. Serious and genuine buyers as this car is exceptional value at $13,500 which is only gaining value in this condition. Registration expires in August 2020.
  2. The information I get from Japan is below and the tyres are 245/40 Rim Size 8.0Jx17+33 Bolt Pattern 114.3-5H
  3. I'm selling rare Watanabe RS Racing forged wheels from Japan , they are discontinued and rare. They are 16 / 17inch wheels with each condition needs restoration to be perfect. Good sale for a collector. Comes with all four wheels and tyres , two tyres are new Michelin PILOT SPORT 3 $500 value for both tyres. Firm on price. $4000
  4. Haha yeah .. Nissan / Datsun seems to be sought out as collectors cars. e.g such as r32 , r33 , r34 gtr owners. cheers
  5. Not really mate. Valuation has gone up if you know your market. Also contact nengun performance. few e.g. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Nismo-Steering-Wheel-S13-S14-S15-BNR32-BCNR33-BNR34-/192213723994?hash=item2cc0d4ab5a:g:2vwAAOSwbopZPIbA http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Very-RARE-JDM-Vintage-old-school-Nismo-Steering-WHEEL-ORIGINAL-P510-R30-S12-/232436251451?hash=item361e47bb3b:g:a9AAAOSwEgZZgd59 https://www.nengun.com/search/#t:u:y;c:89;k:nismo;g:4
  6. Rare Nismo steering wheel Hi , Selling Rare Nismo steering wheel it comes with the genuine boss kit + boss Hub cover. $1200 firm. Pickup Only thanks.
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