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  1. Yeah my apologies, forgot to reply with photos
  2. Selling my Nissan Skyline R33 GTST 1994. I regretfully am looking at selling the car as I just do not get the time to drive it as much as it should be driven, as well as been given a work vehicle. Details are as follows: Engine/ECU/Control -Built RB25 (have receipts for work) *Forged CP pistons *ACL race bearings - conrods *ACL race bearings - mains *Nismo Ring Set *Trust oil pump *Tomei Metal Head Gasket *Nismo Engine Gasket set *6L Race Sump *RB26 Rods -Haltech platinum pro -Haltech 4 bar map sensor -Haltech air temp sensor -AFR Wideband Kit with Gauge -Flex Sensor -150psi oil pressure sensor -150psi fuel pressure sensor Turbo/Intake -GT3080 with 0.82 housing -T3 manifold -PTP Turbo Blankets - TURBO BLANKET LAVA -40mm turbosmart wastegate -Turbosmart kompact blow off valve -Plazmaman plenum -Plazmaman fuel rail -Plazmaman piping -Large frontmount -Turbosmart E-Boost 2 controller -Oil cooler -PWR radiator Fuel System: -Turbosmart Fuel Regulator -1700x ID injectors -Spitfire coil packs -Custom catch can -Radium surge tank in boot with 2x walbro 450 fuel pumps with 50amp relays and wiring -All black teflon braided lines Suspension/Drivetrain: -NPC twin plate clutch -Rb25 gearbox -Hardrace camber and toe arms -Hardrace traction rods -Full HICAS eliminator kit (not lockout bar) -BC racing coilovers -Evo big brembo brake rotors caliper setup fronts -345mm Rotors front -R33 gtst standard rear calipers -DBA slotted rotors -Pumped guards Wheels: -Discontinued BuddyClub wheels powdercoated black 15x8 +32 5x114.3 x2 (drag setup with Mickey Thompson Et Street R tyres) -Work Meister S1R 5x114.3 Matte Black with polished black lip. Front: 18x9 + 22 = Nitto invo 225/40 Rear: 18x10 + 30 = Achilles ATR sport 265/35 Other: -Tuned by DVS Jez to make 330kW on 25psi on his hub dyno -LETZGO plates included -Carbon Fibre bonnet colour matched -Rego till 29/10/18 (5+ months) -Ran 11.8 @ 124 Negatives: -Front left wheel has a slight bend (does not effect anything), right left wheel has gutter rash -Gearbox crunches into 4th at high speed. -Car requires an amp to rewire speakers to (removed as wanted nothing in boot). Car has been maintained with the best parts and always serviced on time. Has had the following done 1000 km ago: -New oil -New oil filter -New NGK spark plugs -Full system coolant flush -Gearbox oil (hardline shockproof) -Diff oil (hardline shockproof) No test drives without deposit, no time wasters will be tolerated. Can bring your own wheels for a cheaper sale price. Price is $19,000 with both wheel setups.
  3. I'm assuming I couldn't just slap on a 6boost t4 manifold to suit the turbo and housing? The only reason I was considering just doing the single entry was due to less stuffing around. It does make more sense though to do it once and get the better outcome of the twin scroll setup. Ive read before about the larger housing being more ideal so not doubting you at all. To be honest I'm not sure how much fab work would be required to get it to work and mainly fit I assume? How much boost do you think the setup would want if you had to have a guess?
  4. I had a play around then, tried to not change too much just obviously the must have info. In regards to boost how would I know what to type in for each part of the Rev range?
  5. Would you be suggesting t4 twin scroll setup with a .80 something housing? I did originally like the setup idea but seemed like a fair whack of fab work involved to get it all to work and sit in the bay. I could be wrong tho
  6. Yeah I considered the 3582r. But thought would rather overshoot then upgrade again in 6 months time to be honest. definetely doing sprints but still uncertain about cams and size
  7. All good bro I wasn't too sure, I just wanted to get the clutch sorted for good kind of thing, knowing I will want more power later.
  8. Not sure who your talking to exactly, but western clutch in St Marys NSW fixed me up. Clutch was about 2400 on its own from memory
  9. I went NPC twinplate clutch and do not regret it at all. Such a tough clutch and got amazing service
  10. Any thoughts on the mca x series - r ? 9kg fronts and 4.5kg in the rear?
  11. Ran 11.8 @124 mph 1.7 60' last night at Eastern Creek. R33 GTST 330kw, tuned by Jez
  12. Hey mate appreciate the offer but I'm in Sydney. would you happen to remember how much boost you were running to achieve what power?
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