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  1. hahaha no anger I was smiling as I typed it you just couldn't tell
  2. 2rismo my old friend, explain to these newby f*ckers why you would want 15x7 rims for your skyline
  3. Trust type R BOV with bugle located in West Sydney $300
  4. Direct port inline 6cyl nitrous kit 2x15lb bottles with gauges and super high flow valves braided lined from bottles to solenoids fuel reg T piece and fuel supply line 6 foggers and multiple jets purge kit bottle heater hard lines with distrubition blocks nitrous filter (for andra) To use as a single just use one fogger in intake and run the lined direct to the fogger rather then the distrubition block Full complete kit, located west Sydney $1200 Brett
  5. Added pics of fuel pump, also lowered price on manifold and gate can include a HKS adapter for T04 bolt pattern
  6. ok Head and Plenum sold Great to see it going to a mate, doesn't make me feel so bad
  7. Sorry mate I sold that plenum a while back but have a new Endless plenum with throttle body now will post pics later but looking for about $2200 for it SOLD
  8. Hi I've got a HKS T51r manifold and HKS GT wastegate for $2000 all you then need is the turbo
  9. R33 RB26 head, all covers, HKS 280 pro cams, tomei type 2 springs and buckets, tomei cam cap studs, some porting, machined and fitted rear oil drain, machined for cam clearance, trust cam gears, trust oil cap, hks centre cover plate, massive braided lines from rocker covers $3200- SOLD HKS T51r ported manifold and HKS GT wastegate $1900 Waterman 500 mech fuel pump & manifold with flow chart and reco reiept this is the perfect pump for a methanol set up $500
  10. Of course mate there's plenty of other variables, IMO with the GT30 you wont have to rev it near 8000 to be able to get a 3000-4000 useable band of power
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