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  1. Just seen this thread.. my 99 r34 gtt - red - 2nd oz owner had it since 2005.. 96,000 on the clock. Just starting tracking it, been to sandown and Broadford. Never used as a daily bought it with 36,000 and drove it down from QLD. Best road trip with ma old man !
  2. Duncan, long time stalker of yours haha. I've had my r34 gtt for over 15 yrs and am looking to get my standard box rebuilt as the sincro in 3 and 4 nackard. What options do I have in Vic. Car is tracked (4-6 times per year) and closing in on 325 rw kw.
  3. Hi Folks, What's a good fuel filter ? I normally buy the OEM but would consider something else including a reusable item. Car has 260 rwkw if that influences the advice. Thanks NIZ34
  4. I was at Broadford track day and had a blast ! So good to see many other RB's there !!! When will we get to go back ?
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