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  1. Hey everyone, Had a look through the forums and can't seem to find an answer. Recent swapped my Rb25det + gear box into a new shell, got it all running fine but the gear box won't hold the uneven gears (1,3&5) I can't hold the shifter in the gear and it drives fine but as soon as I let go of the shifter it pops straight out. Anyone had a similar issue?
  2. R34 Dash Removal Hey guys, I'm looking for guidance on removing the dash from my 34GTT, I've searched the forums (including skylineowners) any forums i've come across with directions the photos have expired or been deleted. Any assistance would be great
  3. R34 Forward Facing Plenum and Front Mount Install Hey everyone, I've been looking around the boards for any information on how to do this but haven't been able to find any I'm looking at installing a forward facing plenum onto my GTT, i've already done the front mount and the lag it suffers is horrendous doing basically 3 laps of the car before reaching the intake. Has anyone installed a forward facing plenum and have any tips on how to go about it? However I'm more after ideas on where to run the intercooler pipe from the exit? Will i need to relocate the battery or is there a section on the GTTs where I can safely run the piping? Any help / thoughts would be of great help! Cheers
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