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  1. Cruisey update today, I need to start getting stuff off the floor. I store my rags in a plastic bucket which just always seems to be in the bloody road, so using 2 BMW roof airbag transport protectors I mounted them to the sides of the cabinets. The man that invented thread inserts is a legend. Here’s what I did. So now the bucket can go up on the mezzanine floor.
  2. I said Summer was coming you lunatic. Sorry but I'm not on Instagram, so no pics of my awesome welding but the air con bloke was impressed. Great service from him, turned up on time to quote and turned up early to do the job. I was a bit worried about re-commissioning it after some years in storage, but it works perfectly. Now I have to sit down and work out what bits I need for the sprinkler system.
  3. Love the build George. Did the car come with the top radiator guide or did you buy it?. I'm in need of one. Cheers Neil.
  4. With summer coming I thought it prudent to actually do something about re-installing the air conditioner. I was going to go to Bunnings, but marketplace came to the rescue again. A bloke was giving away off cuts so I took all of them and made up brackets to mount the evaporator to the water tanks steel base mount behind the shed. That was a job I actually enjoyed doing, used the mig welder, so much fun. Then I properly mounted the inside units bracket and got a bloke out to give me a quote on running the pipes with covers over them, insulate them and re-gassing the system. We had an interesting conversation, he asked me what I expected it to do and I said if it takes 10 degrees off the shed temps then I’m happy. Then I said to him what do you think about running a sprinkler system on the roof, I got a strange look, so I explained to him that I did this in Sydney. He said we only do that up here as a bush fire aid, but it would absolutely help the air cond, he’s booked for Monday arvo. So I’m going to start that as my next project, I’m thinking I’ll use the transfer pump to supply water up to the roof from the tank and it can run back into the tank using the gutters. Just have to buy the piping and fittings, see how this one goes. Cheers Neil.
  5. I have photo's somewhere of her at Oran Park when you 1st got her.
  6. Nah, just buy a bigger one mate, Duncan went big, would be great for his input. Not sure I want to eat out of your oven, Yuk.
  7. Hey, I sorry NOT. I sold an RB25det head with just valves and springs, nothing else for a 1000 bucks and he paid the freight. Didn't think I needed 3.
  8. Yep, crazy idea bolting it down, I learned that lesson using Duncan's at his old place. The thing weighs 67kg's, no reason to bolt it down.
  9. Living in the country has so many advantages and so does facebook. Marketplace is awesome up here as one instance. I scored a dishwasher for free only because the on/off switch was broken. Opened it up and just bypassed the switch, bloody thing works perfectly. So I now have a parts washer after 1/2 an hour of work. I did a test run with just water, it removed some dirt but not good enough,so I used a proper tablet, wow way to aggressive,it sends aluminium white. I need to find something in between. Anybody got any suggestions?. Cheers Neil
  10. Ewan, I think the supercheap one is the same as mine just smaller. Bet they are all made in china by the same manufacturer.
  11. Dan, I am the proverbial hoarder, so I brought tons of stuff up here. Some weeks I make more money than the wifey. Some people are happy to pay stupid money for stuff.
  12. Crappy job over the last couple of days, years ago I bought a Hare & Forbes sand blaster, great thing but they really need sealing between all the joints,the medium ends up everywhere over time . So I decided it was time to fix it. Pulled it totally apart and bought rubber strips to go between all the joints. I also removed the stupid fluro light and sealed up it's openings. New gloves were also purchased just because I could. Sounds easy but I had to sit there and clean every part so the rubber strips would seal properly, no way am I ever doing this again. Finally I had to replace the 3mm plexiglass lid because it was just to thin and warps over time, replaced with 6mm lid from bunnings. Here's a game I've never played before, cutting and drilling this stuff, turns out slow and easy is the way to go. Now to decide which medium to buy.
  13. It’s been a while between updates, I’ve been busy selling off Skyline, Kawasaki and all my other old stuff so I can finance the shed without using our household funds. That has actually worked out great. I bought a garden shed and cement to get all the garden stuff out of both the garage and my shed. I also bought a Hydraulic Press and bought cartridges for our old printer so now that is in the shed and working perfectly. I also bought an awning for the private door, yet to install that. Did some more wall panels, so 2 walls are actually finished and started doing more. The roller cabinets above the work bench were interesting, how do you hold them up while bolting them in, I came up with this novel idea, it worked out great. I also needed to sort out all my fasteners, so I started using old flour containers, seriously these are great and that is probably never going to end soon, so many different stuff, wow, just wow, I didn’t realize the amount I have. Cheers Neil
  14. Yea Buddy, Cheryl and I are joined at the hip. 2022 will see her back racing.
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