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  1. Doesn't really matter, as he's not responding. Cheers Neil
  2. I definitely have a pair, actually I have 2 pair, I can't remember if series1 and 2 are the same. I bought an engine and I have no idea which it is and I have a pair from my s2. If it doesn't matter then you are sweet. Chuck me a message and we can go from there. Cheers Neil.
  3. Great to see you are making progress buddy, pity your 3.5 hours away or I would help. Post some pics of her painted please. Funny enough, I had a shit day at work and thought I would read your whole thread, cheered me up, thanks. Cheers
  4. Here we go again, this bloke has the bar up for 3 days at a time https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/w195232427 I'm up for it, a quick conversion is $125 buck plus freight, can you get it for me. Cheers Neil
  5. Here's another one, https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/h316255778 開始日時 :2018.08.24(金)23:37 Is this the start date of the auction? 終了日時 :2018.08.27(月)21:37 Is this the end date to the auction? Cheers Neil.
  6. Hey Alex, this bar looks like what I'm after, https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/w195232427 I'm new to all this, what do we do next?. Cheers Neil.
  7. Hey Aaron, thanks for reading about her. Yes I still run power steering, all we did from memory is remove all the rear steer wiring and everything worked properly. Cheers Neil.
  8. I would be interested in a factory M front bar for my 1996 R33 GTS-T S2. I don't care about colour, just as long as it's in good condition. Cheers Neil.
  9. Neil

    Good Tow Cars?

    Wow Philip needs a good slap around the head, what a dickhead. As I said above,,, the towing vehicle is the one that has to be in control,,, cross winds and trucks make for un-controlled lane changing in a sedan or wagon. Been there,,, never again. Great to hear Fatz, the Patrol is also doing great.
  10. Here's what I use. Just Jap boss kit and a alcantara wheel. The problem with a deep dish wheel and a coupling is the column stalks are way far away
  11. Neil

    Good Tow Cars?

    Seriously you should be looking for something that has a real 3500kg towing capacity. The really important thing is to make very sure that the tow vehicle is the one dictating what is happening, not the other way around. Very few towers weigh their stuff, me included, as we think we are fine. But in the not to distant future the road authorities and the police will be doing road side weighing and that could be a real problem for some of us. I know the Vics have been trialing it with some scary results. Cheers Neil.
  12. Buggered if I'm playing favourites buddy. Cheryl's new engine has actually passed the thinking stage,,, 1st up is a massive head job,,,followed by re-profiled rb26 cams to suit hydraulic lifters. Cheers Neil.
  13. Cheryl finally called it a day at the Nulon Nats. After all her state hillclimb championship class wins she decided enough was enough. Poor girl seeing 9000 grand all the time, I actually feel sorry for her.
  14. The exhaust sounds absolutely fantastic,,, please leave it alone. I'm starting to love this big beast,,, might have to look at one when the Patrol has had enough. Cheers Neil.
  15. Seriously a Jeep,,, those things are so gay. I would be embarrassed even letting anybody know I paid good money to own one. Unreliable, ugly, crap service, parts are expensive and un-obtainable, all round piece of shit in everybodies books. Drive one into my Mechanics workshop and he'll tell you to do a U-turn and get out. Cheers Neil.
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