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  1. Yea Buddy, Cheryl and I are joined at the hip. 2022 will see her back racing.
  2. One day you will drill a hole in the firewall so life is easier to get at the starter motor bolt.
  3. And more updates, I was initially going to run just normal rubber air hose behind the walls, but sitting there having a beer or 10, I thought if it blows or starts leaking I would have to pull the wall paneling out to fix it. So I thought screw that, off to Bunnings to buy copper pipe and fitting, as well as quick release airline couplers. I couldn’t find any adapters to fit the couplers to the plumbing fittings so I used some spare water temp sender adapters, stuck then in the lathe and tap my own larger threads. Just to be sure I soldered all the buggers together. All soldered and mounted, so now the real test is turn the compressor on, spray water on all the joints and see if I had any leaks, well bugger me 3 hours later the compressor cuts in, I can still solder properly. Stoked. Now if you are wondering where my hoses go to, I’ll explain, compressor to water trap/regulator, one hose goes to the sand blaster, disconnect it and the other connects to the copper pipe which terminates close to the hose reel, with another water trap/regulator so both cars can get clean air. The other hose between the cars disconnects from the compressor and connects my nitrogen bottle to the hose reel. Simple. The other thing I thought prudent was to not run wood wall paneling behind the grinders as that would just stuff the paneling over time, so out with a sheet of aluminium checker plate and install that instead. Fun times. That's way enough for now. Cheers and hope you like it all. Neil
  4. Yea Duncan air flow is a big problem, whilst I'd like the roller doors open when I'm in there, the flies and bugs are just a pain in the arse. I have 2 floor fans that rotate air flow but they make more noise than action, I'm going to look at 2 ceiling fans and one of my jobs very soon is to install the air cond compressor/evap behind the shed, just another shit job. Yes my shed is exactly like you described, I bought really cool rubber mats as you can see in some of the pics from the auction shop up here, great investment.
  5. Don't be jealous mate, Summers can get very hot and winters bloody cold, inside my garage before any insulation I've seen -4 in winter and in summer 45. Funny enough once it get past 37 it's all the same, you just sweat sweat and sweat.
  6. Thanks buddy, it's getting there. A chippy that concretes, wires, plumbs and house keeps.
  7. Here’s some more updates. I’ve done most of the wood framing, installed heaps of insulation and have started putting the wall paneling up. Massive job only because stuff has to be moved out of the way so I have access and me manhandling 3 metre long sheets without breaking them was interesting, but you can feel the temps drop and it stays warmer at night. Check out the cool grey cabinets, scored these a few years back, my old bosses brother in law renovates offices in Sydney and these came out of a Bank’s call centre, all 11 of them for free. So I decided to be fair and both girls get 4 each. I have mounted them to the walls, sounds easy, ha ha no way, but now they are up and loaded with parts. The one thing I was lacking was a decent work bench, I was tossing up whether to make a wood framed one or a metal framed one with a kitchen bench top. Then face book comes to the rescue, I follow a market place site for up here, comes in very handy. Turns out a linen shop was closing in town and they are selling off all their wood display cabinetry, 2 hundred bucks got me 4 metres of this goodness, plus the 3 sections on top. That’s enough for now. Cheers Neil
  8. I have more stuff I'd like to clear 1/ Not mine, Upper intake manifold, Series 1, dirty as, but seems in good condition $50 2/ Not Mine, Lower intake manifold grubby condition and in need of work, all 3 water connectors need replacing $50 3/ Assorted water and fuel pipes, pick one, pick all, pick anyone one, your call, all in good condition your call on price 4/ Not mine R34 GTT pistons and rods, Standard size your call on price 5/ My Speedo, swapped out years ago $100 6/ My top half inlet manifold, clean as a babies bum, great condition $80 7/ My cross over pipe $50
  9. You can mount it anywhere you have a reasonable flat surface, Mines mounted to the left hand rear inner 1/4 panel without the bracket but the bracket allows multiple mounting areas. The bottle itself has 2 of it's own mounting holes. Hope that helps Neil.
  10. Hey girla, It's part of the intercooler kit and apparently much sort after. Mainly it's used to remove the factory washer bottle out of the way for the Intercooler kit to fit properly. Yea you can remove the rear washer if you actually have one using the blanking plug. Install it in the boot or where ever using the flat mounting bracket, swap the hoses and wiring. No its way to small for an effective water sprayer. Hope that helps. Cheers Neil
  11. I have some stuff I'd like to clear, almost all of it is 2nd hand, some are my personal parts that were removed off my racecar and I can vouch for them, others are from an ex running motor that I bought which broke a ring land but would be very very acceptable. I thought I would post here and give all you guys 1st chance. Happy to negotiate prices, but please don't be stupid. PayPal would be my personal way of payment, but direct deposit would also be acceptable. I am more than happy to post anywhere and I mean anywhere, but YOU pay the freight and after saying that I am more than happy to get you a posted price. 1/ My factory sump, now I know its undented, sump plug thread is perfect and the mating surface is great. It dirty but so would you be if you were in storage for years. $100 2/ Front Timing Case Cover set, Not mine, but looks in great condition $ 60 3/ Series 1 standard fuel rail with standard injectors and standard regulator, not mine but came off the used engine I bought, it's dirty but hey, the engine was running so they should be good $80 4/ My Boot lid and Fuel Cable, what you see is what you get, nothing wrong with it, I just deleted it and open the fuel flap from within the boot area $30 5/ New Greddy Intercooler windscreen washer replacement bottle, comes with bottle, mounting bracket, pump rubbers and alloy delete plug for the rear washer. Has some little marks on it from storage, but brand spanking new $100 6/ Steering Column Shrouds, not mine, but both halves, they have some scratches, but it is what it is. $30 7/ My Factory Series 2 ECU with mounting brackets, now this girl is interesting as my car had no speed limiter, not sure if it was modded at factory, but it had never been opened, nor the wiring harness ever touched, so you make your own assumptions. I had since removed the ecu's covers to mount longer screws to mount it elsewhere $250 8/ My Series 2 Heater Core, No leaks ever, some slightly bent fins but worked absolutely perfectly $60 9/ New Oil Cooler mounting sandwich,, never used. goes between filter and housing $50
  12. Popped down to Sydney on Saturday to pick up my 3 pallet loads of parts and my girls refurbished motor, Cheryl's engine is now home, thank god. I have to control myself as my plans at the moment do not include getting her in and running quickly, just nice to have her home.
  13. I'm slightly confused buddy, do you mean not losing 10mm sockets, as that's just a stupid piece of crap on faccy or are you suggesting I'm bludging ???.
  14. New motor is built and sitting in Sydney, but I'll be buggered if going down there at the moment.
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