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  1. Where is that report button? User R0mati send me an weard message of virtual currencys or smthg about 3hrs ago and profile was only 4hrs old.. Clear spam if asked from me.
  2. Lets add some random picks off what I had done lately. Steering wheel wiring.. Main power cutt off at outside off the car... And random rear suspension photo...
  3. I'm so jealous for you in Australia. We need here in Finland goor heaters and thick wals to keep carages and hauses warm at winter. I need to add some extra foam in my garage walls and buy some movable heater if I want to do something at winter time. At the moment here is -12 degrees of celcius. And record here where I live is almost -25. 🥶
  4. Ok dudes! NEED YOUR HELP HERE!!! What are these for? Im doing new wiring to the car and I need to know are these important for power steering or are they only for hicas? And if I need them how I get them in work?
  5. Some good news here! I'll get new garage! And new home. We are moving at april. I'll add some picks when I get keys to new home. Now I have to drive 40km to garage and after we had moved it is only 10meters from the hause.
  6. Painted valve covers, breather tank and thermostat cover yellow 2 months ago... And today I was adding few stickers on.. And bolted new yellow door handles 😂 And also got something real done too. Bolted rain/fog light on the rear bumper. Did wiring for it and finished also wirin harnes for rear lights. And test fitted new spoiler. Only need to figure out how I do wing maunts. I need to get boot open easily. It is light fiber glass lid so it can be lifted off easily. But it won't hold that wing on top. Any good ideas for that wing?
  7. Finished door cards. I felt my self stupid with window electricks. I had issues with passenger side power window. I took door card off and there was nothing wrong. Another try and everything works great. I think only issue was that child lock button at drivers window switch. It was at wrong position... Taped driver side floor with some anti slip tape. Did adjustable suport rods for head lights. Picked up valve covers and breather can from welder. Started to grind old paint of them. And last. Who else hates mice? I do..
  8. Had garage morning yesterday. Installed redline heavy shock prof oil in diff. And also driver side door panel is almost ready now. Also got engine and manifold from machining shop. And engine is waiting internals.
  9. Found out that my glass fiber door cards didn't fit too good and they are f*cking heavy too. So I dumped them away and made aluminium ones. I'll fit tham in with pop rivets and will just hammer them to dit around roolcage. (No photo today) And also used some time outside and made air vent on the bonnet. Angle grinder was allready warm so I took few kilos off the bonnet too. Painted edges to keep rust off. Aaaand also found some old paints and used tose for doing some art.
  10. No real progress here. Had been spending some family time. New race car driver? New n1 oil pump waiting spline drive gears. And collecting fuel parts also. Engine is ready from machinimg shop. Need to get them collected when I have time to get them.
  11. I foun company from here Finland who can do spiral cable at steering column for me. So I did new switch panel behind the wheel. There is now switches for high beams and wind skreen washer also. And I can get rid of that terrible original spiral box. Also did door harnesses ready. Only power window cdles left in doors. Also shortened those cables to suit better for my application. Lowered front suspension, adjusted camper and bolt front stapilizer on. Also fitted horns behind right head light.
  12. At this week I tes fitted radiator, oil cooler and all body parts what I have for this. I'll do new front bumper and rear diffuser at some point. Front fenders and lights need's some adjustment to fit properly.
  13. So you'r doing all new electronics in your car? I'm doing same with my car. ? I'm personaly using PDM-box for all lights etc (I get rid of fuses and relays) and stand alone ECU. Maybe fuel tech, becouse there is ECU, dash display and data logger at the same. Those PDM (CAN stuff) are so easy to do wiring and programm and prices are low enough for normanl builder to buy things at these days. So I personally don't see any reason to do wiring with old relays and fuses anymore.
  14. Little break from fiber glass s*hit and welkome elektrick s*hit ? Light and wiper controls are long gone from original places. Ewerything is now in centre consol. Only horn and side indicator swtches are behind the wheel. These are possible to add there by using original spiral. There is 4 places for wires and 1 was allready for horn and 2 is easy to take in use. Started to do wiring last time. Main power cable is in it's place now. I used green garden hose for extra cover. That green garden hose is so ungly that I'm going to cover that with light nylon sleeve. Also that wiring harnes from dash to boot is almost done. It would be done, but I forgot 2 cables from there (sometimes dpin things too fast and forget something)? Used old cables as long as possible. Took everything what I don't need out and add some new cables. There is only rear lights and original fuel pump cables left from old harness. And new cables for fog light, electronic main power switch conroll, second fuel pump and fuel cooler fan. And I had also my 29th birthday here a week ago. And my wife had bought Cube premium shifter as birthday present ? Had to bolt it on right away and it feels awesome.
  15. Door cards are finally ready to bolt on ? Not the best result, but still happy. Now thinking that I should do them different way from the beginning, but not this time. Maybe if things start to bother me too much. Removed that duck tail spoiler, what was for stock boot lid and didn't fit at all. Thinking different style and maybe better spoiler there.
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