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  1. Also did instagram profile wat is only for this project and other motorsport stuff. Go to follow @tsnmotorsport
  2. Small thins done again. Trimmed fron fenders hor easier air flow. And laminated outside of front overfenders. Last time I fitted front bashbar and fron lights on. Bashbar will need some mods to it. Jus to make it lighter and ic mounts stronger. Also fitted water hose from roof vent. No pick of that. And today started to fit ducktail better. I will do some glassfiber parts to edges and fit ducktail permanently to that glassfiber boot. First I make those fitting parts and then laminate them in to wing and then cut boot under it. Anfter that parts will be laminated together. Also find perfect place for that 2liter breather tank. Behind of right side headlamp is some extra space so it'll go there. Just need to trim some body a bit.
  3. I wanted to see what original dasboard weights. So I put that my spare dash on the scale and it told it's 7,5kg without glovebox and removable panels. That new glassfiber one was 3,5kg without trimming.
  4. First dash removed from the mold. It looks rough. But some sanding and it is fine. This first one is going for sale for my friend who wants that cind of dash. Next time I use more mold war. Took nearly an hour to get it out... I only did rough trimming for the edges and put it on the scale. This fiberglass dash weights 3,5kg. What original is? I didn't have time to dig out my spare dash to see. My other oem dash went in bad shape in molding process 😂 Please do not tell anyone but I destroyed my oem front lights while taking those molds what I don't ewen need 🙈🙈🙈 Too little mold wax and no protection for that plastic lenss...
  5. I buoght projector head lights from other skyline guy instead of makin them by myself. He was selling some parts from his car and those was right price. Original light weight is 2,5kg an those new with projector is only 0,7kg 😳 That is massiwe weight saving. Here is one pic from Mika who made those.
  6. Yeah. My point is doing as much as possible by my self and learn in process. Today was great day in the garage. I laminated first dashboard and took molds for the head light mod. Doing light weight glassfiber covers and bolt projector lights in. On the left side I'll also cut hole for the intake.
  7. Been workin mold for the lighter fiberglass dash also. Mold is done now. I'll do two dashes one for my self and one for other skyline guy in finland.
  8. In motorsport section is larger topic 😉
  9. Hello. I bought myt skyline 4yrs ago. First I drove it thru winter (surprisingly good winter ride). At the spring stock turbo waste got stuck. Car was 3 months in the carage. I put kinuqawa bolt on turbo and cheap low mount exhaust manigold. It was rest of the summer this way. Then I planned to do some little changes at the winter. But as many of you know things start to get bigger. I start building rollcage and strip whole car down. When car was tripped it would be stubid not to do some things like stich weldin and sandblasting the body etc. I also wanted to do some wisual mods and strip everything extra weight out from the body. Rollcage caused some changes also. Like stock heater system is not fitting anymore. Rear subfame and diff bushes changed to aluminium. Rear and front subframes and stock controll arms got some extra strenght also. Bash bars in front and back wore made from scratch. Now car is going back to gether slowly and I hope to get it done before 2030 🤣 Here is some picks of it. More you can see from my ig @nuut3ro
  10. Hello everyone. I'm buildin r33 gtst track car. Slowly but surely. Looking for some ideas and watching others projects from here. In home I have wife and 1yr old son. Working as a truck driver in Finland. And I'm 28yrs old my self. I'm also sorry for my english bit hope everyone can understand what I try to say 😅 Here is some shots from my car.
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