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  1. Lumleys said they wouldnt cover the car at all if it was ever tracked...
  2. Looks like Famous are no longer an option. I'll get quotes from Shannons and Enthusiast, is there anyone else i should try? What are people getting for agreed value for a decent 32 GTR?
  3. The Fenix one i got is a perfect fit. Sorry I don't have the part number. Have you tried asking them? No shroud - its on the Fenix in the car.
  4. Are you in Sydney? If so ill sell you a near new OEM Nissan one (3 months use) for $200. Otherwise Fenix do one for around $400 (can't remember where i got it). The OEM is about $800 new, so the Fenix is a much better option (its thicker). I was stuffing around with radiators until i found the problem was with the fan clutch
  5. FWIW my M35 cranks hard even when it doesn't have enough electric power to start. First thing i'd do it try a jump start after double checking battery connections and charge. IIRC the battery should be 12.6 volts when fully charged.
  6. Use synthetic fluid when you re-fill. Its got a higher boiling/flash point. Just got some new track tyres so I want to try luddenham.
  7. Check for loose / leaky hoses, in particular the ones to the fuel pressure regulators. When they've hardened a bit with age the boost can blow them off. In mine, the fuel trims maxed out when i had leaks. If you can measure vac at idle, i'll check mine so you can compare.
  8. Its time for a new set of tyres so i guess i'll try the AR1s. Ebay can deliver 265/35/18s for around $300each, but is there a shop in Sydney that will supply them for something close to that?
  9. Looks like its normal to see 0 in hobdrive. My issue was fixed with new coilpacks.
  10. I see from https://www.sau.com.au/forums/topic/465219-m35-stagea-running-like-crap/ That the MAF signal is 0 and i'm getting the same thing. Is anyone getting non-zero?
  11. My VQ25DET was needing about 0.5-1L of 0W-40 per 5000kms, but the cam cover gaskets have been changed (pink slip fail) so hopefully that consumption will reduce (not that the garage floor showed more than the occasional drop of leakage..).
  12. Engine is running poorly, and OBD said that the signal from the MAF was 0.0. I replaced the MAF insert (22680-6N21A), and its still 0.0. Inlet temp sensor works with old and new insert. So either the problem is; 1. ODB misreporting MAF signal, and there's some other issue that doesn't trigger a CEL 2. new MAF is dead 3. wiring issue I'm starting with looking at #3.There's 5 pins on the connector to the MAF. I've measured resistance to ground with ignition off, and then voltage with ignition on. Pin - resistance - volts w/ Ign on 1 - infinite - 5 2 - 111 - 12 3 - 0 - 0 4 - infinite - 5 5 - infinite - 0 Does anyone know the MAF pinout? Where is the ECU? I've got an ECU pinout from here, so i could check the MAF to ECU wiring.
  13. Could be just the oil from the crankcase ventilation system. All those pipes will be covered with an oily film on the inside and its normal. However, if there is a boost leak of any significance there you would expect to be down on power and see black smoke out the exhaust. Quality pipe clamps (a type that are meant to be reused) are a worthwhile upgrade over the factory stuff.
  14. My 2c, with a lot of agreement with what others have said. The key things are: exercise, sleep, nutrition, meditation, medication, therapy - Exercise helps most people but not all. I find exercise makes me feel worse but this is probably due to chronic fatigue (which is better known as exercise induced fatigue). I partially mitigate by being careful not to go too hard at the gym and getting massages. I wonder how much of this issue is due to medication...But for most people this is probably the first thing to get into and should help. - Sleep is really important. Make your room pitch black. I've got black tape over anything with an LED to achieve this. Avoid bright lights and screens a few hours before bed as blue light suppresses melatonin production. Caffeine has a long half life, so better to avoid after midday. Even if it doesnt prevent you from falling asleep, it does reduce sleep quality. Check you dont have sleep apnoea. https://time.com/5189387/dark-room-sleep-study/ - OP mentioned lethargy & apathy - i've heard depression also called a lack of vigour. A little Adderall or Modafinil can help with this symptom, but you'll need a script. - The biggest mistake with people starting meditation is that they believe that the goal is to not be thinking, and therefore if they catch themselves thinking, they have failed and give up believing they cant do it. The goal is to catch yourself thinking, as you have to realise you are thinking before you can try to stop. After 20+ years, I am still mostly in a trance of automatic thought, occasionally catching myself and entering brief periods of mere observation without thought. - A lot of therapists suck. Expect to have to churn through some to find someone decent. - For mild depression medications are about as effective as placebo - For major depression medications can help, but none are a cure and finding which one is best is found with experimentation - When you're deep in, sometimes all you can do is wait, and that's good enough I need to get around to reading this; https://www.foundmyfitness.com/topics/depression
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