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  1. Car runs fine until it gets some boost then I get what sounds like a high tension short. I've got LS2 coils and use the factory boots. Has worked fine in the past. I've replaced plugs, cleaned surfaces etc. Other than getting into a dark dyno room, is there some other way to find which coil is shorting? Maybe dust the area fingerprint style, then look for burnt dust?
  2. MrStabby

    If you're ok with soldering you could try pulling it apart and looking for dry joints to re-solder since that issue has been noticed on other stuff (eg AFMs and the digital clock). Probably easier to just get another tho.
  3. MrStabby

    Only problem with supplying parts yourself is if something goes wrong, its messy. Yeah its pretty hard to go wrong with bushes but I have had some lower control arm bushes fail on me many years ago (what were the light blue ones? IIRC the company went bust).
  4. MrStabby

    Due to the geometry of the arms, the lower the car, the more camber you get. Obviously the factory adjustment range suits the factory height but is often too little if the car is lowered much. Your aligner probably pulled the rears as straight as they could, but if you find the rears wear too much on the inside for your liking, you'll probably need to add adjustable bushes or arms to get more adjustment.
  5. MrStabby

    That AP bottle shape/profile is exactly the same as the Motul bottle. The fluids may come from the same factory and just get an AP or Motul cap colour and label.
  6. Well that's not cool. What the factory clearance? On page EN-96 of the shop manual, it says "Measurement position 5 is the figure obtained by subtracting the housing flange outside diameter from the the inner gear inside diameter" and shows a micrometer being used on the inside of the inner gear. If "housing flange" is some weird engrish for the crank mating area, then the clearance is 0.045-0.091 mm (0.0018-0.0036 in)...
  7. MrStabby

    Add 15ml of engine oil to 60psi cylinder and try again. If psi goes up, then its piston/ring of not its head/valve.
  8. I dont know anything about engine building, but if the reimax gear is made from a different material to the N1 gear, then it could have a different co-efficient of thermal expansion and therefore require a different clearance. That's just theory tho - I have no intuition on whether its a likely explanation in this case. Let us know when they get back to you.
  9. Agree. Went from 200 to 100 cell and fumes noticeably worse. May eventually go back to 200 cell.
  10. MrStabby

    Answering my own question - i got it out by removing the fan, shroud, belt and PS reservoir to pump tube. Part number appears to be 23100-AM610 (best guess based on the numbers out there and what's still readable). Searching ebay there's none locally but plenty in the US starting around $345 delivered. I'll see if my local guy can rebuild.
  11. Solid center clutches are much tougher on the gearbox than sprung center clutches. At the SAU NSW tech night at Award Diff and Gearbox, Terry said the the two biggest problems for gearboxes is solid center clutches and owner abuse... So yeah, swap to a sprung center, but you're at the power level where people have problems with 3rd.
  12. I can jump start but there's only 11v when running so looks like the alternator's dead. It pretty tight in there - should i take the radiator out to get to it? Or do i need to take the oil filter+heat exchanger and sway bar off?
  13. MrStabby

    Ah. I've already replaced the thermostat, and at this stage I CBF taking it off again.Guess i'll keep going for a while more.
  14. Front guards wider because wheels that steer require more space?
  15. MrStabby

    If there's oil on the outside, then yes it sounds like a leak, but if were leaking you'd be loosing boost too, so be down on power and running very rich when the turbo is flowing. If you're sure the pipe there is ok, i'd be replacing the clamp with a better one. The ones which have the slots cut in the strap for the thread to engage in are often pretty crappy, and sometimes only made for single use.