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  1. Hey guys, tried my Emanage install and seem to have blown up the unit. No power after running for a while, got a red light then died anyone got a spare unit? Or know if repairers in Sydney?
  2. Lol. have bench tested it, 12v stops somewhere... m35, so not many options.
  3. Hey guys, PM me if anyone can fix the Emanage. Looks like short-circuit somewhere. No longer powers on.
  4. Hahaha - in his defence I had been up all night working on the car and would of Looked like a grease covered junkie of sorts...
  5. Masking tape eyyy... might try that on my next big date.. 😁
  6. Tiiiiiidy!! pic 3 - am I trippin or is that a larger mouthed turbo inlet pipe with tape over ?
  7. Hey guys, ive been lurking here for a few months, have been getting to know a few of the members and purchasing parts for ISO-1... or as I like to call it... the Budget Isolation Build! I didn’t read the rules yet... can I swear in here??? This car has been a Motherf#cking pain in the ass since the minute the HICAS light came on 10 minutes into the first drive home... 16 hours later the MAF failed while I was chasing an Alfa Romeo on the way to Brookvale... boom! Black smoke and only idle, no throttle... Mrs came and picked me up, I went and grabbed the trusty 2010 Diesel Subaru Outback and towed the bitch home... the Stagea.. not... you know what I mean. SAU saved my butt that first raining midnight attempt to load the Stag onto the car trailer when it will barely idle?? Forum- Boom!- pull the MAF plug and I can throttle enough to drive it up the ramps! *SPOILER ALERT!!* (for those with short attention spans... this is gonna be a long f#cking post, filled with Highs, Lows, Love, Loss, Heartache, backache, tennis elbow and crippling anxiety, but the hero makes it out alive, I promise) Next day a $240 trip to repco and I’ve got a new MAF, also met another Stag owner in the carpark, he was a rude dickhead and I’m sure he won’t know who is if he’s on here because his Narcissism won’t allow himself to think negatively about himself, much like Robocops prime directives... anyway.. Took that little sensor home, fitted it up and she ROARED back to life. noticed a little rattle amongst the roar and thought that was weird, “maybe there’s a loose bracket or something?” “Better take it for a light spin to settle or shake it loose” Look left... look right.... look left again... little throttle, usual whistle, turn onto street, little more throttle.. but more whistle.. dumb f**k floors it... whistle, bang! Siren. F#ck me. i didn’t want to be replacing the turbo less than 48 hours into ownership... but looks like I will be... *cue dramatic music, or the bit in the Bold and the Beautiful where they do the eye close up thing over dramatic music.... yeah that’s the one..you can see it can’t you, Ol’ Big Jaw Ridge with a spammer in one hand, busted impeller in the other* *Announcer over P.A.* “ Tales of Exhaust Smoke will be right back after these messages from our sponsors!!” Hi guys, I’m Justin, born in Sydney but raised in “you don’t get more redneck than this, Townsville, Nth QLD, where there were always 2 sides of the fence ONLY!! White fellas - Black Fellas... Fords with V8s - Holdens, with V8s Hot Chicks - Ugly Chicks ( glasses didn’t make a lick of difference, you ugly) My Dad loved modding cars and always had a Holden V8 at some stage of build and it always felt great. The same responsible adult bought me my first car, a midnight blue custom painted 1982 Holden Gemini, with the 2litre, celiac 5 speed and a f**king LSD, “Well did you die??” Maybe?? And since then has been the Matrix?? Yeah that car was a rocket, but more like Challenger in my inept teenage hands, but he taught me to drive on the dirt before we touched pavement, and he was Adamant that I learn to “control” the car in case shit went down. I started to learn how to do my own oil, tyre and filter changes and that led to clutches and gaskets etc. Previous decent cars include the love of my life 78 mini when I lived in Adelaide and my 2002 Forester GT which was a 4 wheel tyre smoking beast. BHG was standard fit from factory.. All work done by myself, I’m a father and husband and cash in my pocket is important, would rather spend it on parts than someone else’s labour ( to a point) * back to the show.. This was just as COVID was starting to hit so I put the Bitch in the shed ( the Stag.. not the Mrs.... you know what I mean... 😉) And started collecting parts and diving into SAU, the v35/350 forums and YouTube from the states and some MASSIVE help from my ‘Main N!WORD behind the Motherf#cling Trigger’ Mr ItsRom himself Christian who not only tuned the (soon-to-be) Beast but has had to deal with the constant dinging on his phone from me in the middle of the night while I’m crying In my shed asking myself why they only did XYZ on this particular model and no other Nissan AND matching my stupid ass jokes with even stupiderer ones.... legend of a guy. As well as some to-the-rescue parts from a certain Mr Stabby and Nic PM35, I’m gonna start a build Thread in the next couple of days while it’s raining and I recover from the last 8 weeks of brutal and time-consuming work. its not done yet as I’m still waiting on stuff from Japan, Victoria and QLD to arrive to install, but if you like a good budget(ish) DIY build, then grab your phone charger, plug it in and hire a Nanny for the week to look after your kids because you wont want to redirect your Dry, red and sore eyeballs away from your communication device of choice. P.S. I apologise for the profanity, but I really do feel it adds more weight to certain statements. Cheers Guys.
  8. Hey mate, still got this issue? Happy to swing past to check my MAF, i know it works!! (For Now...)
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