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  1. My pasenger window was also disabled on purpose I think... No alarm nor An imobilizer yet can't trust this city to leave it anywhere predictably dodgy yet! If you see a white r33 with qld plates you'll know who's car it is
  2. I got a 140k km auto 97 as my second r33 For 4k recently on gumtree and the only issue is AAC valve the abs doesn't work and my disks are warped but mechanically it's a1 for an auto! Drove it from qld to Vic with minimal issues other than overheating and worked out it was simply the rad cap not holding pressure. Got an apexi exhaust to go on shortly and a HDI FMIC but slightly worried if I start getting too keen the auto isn't going to like me! Sounds like you got your work cut out for you also... Had a headlight die on me this week any tips for parts sources in this town would be helpful!
  3. my silver stagea magicallly turned into a black 300zx coupe .. from one headache to another.. although.. parts are craploads cheaper and more common thankfully.. although working on the car at this point is worse than the m35 :S PS Cam .. sorry to hear about your loss.. least you didnt have to give it away for debts like mine.. miss it dearly!
  4. saw a dodgy as , r34 front conversion on chinook street everton hills. hard to describe but everything was off.. looked terrible. But mind you i cant talk.. i just bought a 300zx.... tears to come
  5. minus britian , a few european countries didnt get skylines or stageas .. in norway and a few other countries anyway because of left hand drive. and what japan actually released as lhd cars. if they dont come as left hand drive and require conversions they cant rego them. they got plenty of s13's , s14's and s15's though. but damn expensive. - which they only drive in the summer. then in the winter they drive audi and bmw beaters , the nissans are expensive in comparison.. and because they salt their roads when its snowing they rust to buggery.
  6. http://vancouver.en.craigslist.ca/pml/cto/2619410616.html
  7. no but i ran a power fc on a r33 , with only a hks 28/71 , z32 afm. walbro pump , hks intercooler , pod filter ,custom turbo intake , 3 inch xforce exhaust system and a ,gizmo boost controller at 22psi and was just hitting 398hp atw. on stock injectors ,,, would light up the cheapo 235s all the way into 4th last track day. -and i did few low 11sec runs.. also beat a 6.3litre r8 supercharged commodore supposedly 513hp ,but knowing holden that wasnt atw, but felt great shitting on a new bommodore in a 93 beater r33 ive only heard bad things about nistune setups - but cant say first hand.
  8. haha yeah i hated accidently doing that especially in qld.. youd wonder why your legs and back would start sweating until you saw the orange light. what i found was more disturbing was when you attempted to reverse in snow mode instead of sports mode and it would do that jerk motion like trying to rock itself out of a boggy ditch , and never fully engage the diff without realising you had flicked the switch. i only 'had' a rx , everyone seems to have much better ones on the forum if i was going to buy again it would be axis then RS depending on looks/condition . all i had was the heated seats. no lsd , but fortunately no hicas! (wonders if he'll get shamed out for choosing a c34 instead next time a late model neo based one or a 260rs - theyre getting cheaper!)
  9. PetroDola


    Hi Dale , Thanks for the warm welcome back. , i have definitely missed chatting to the m35 crew yeah shit happens , just gotta move forward , the guy who got my stagea definately got a good deal so he was pretty happy, and the mate who bought my skyline got a killer deal so he was equally as happy and i was happy to see it go to a friend (who has now ripped out the 400hp atw rb25 , and stuck a 25/30 forged build in there with a r34 neo head , pvr clutch, billit flywheel ,with haltec and a garrett gt35r -but the car has no interior now and is roll caged going to be purely a track beast methinks but i hope he doesnt kill himself , hasnt got it all together yet still has external pump and ecu , catch can to go in and some minor changes to the engine but hes hoping for 580hp once tuned. . Hope things are all going well for you guys also, and yeap gave it a go , but im a sucker for these cars now so im willing to do it again ! i bet everyones m35 is bombed to buggery these days. anyone else hit the 300kw barrier yet atw ? be interested to hear about mods. P.S im currently driving a pulsar n16 lol.. 96kw .. bit of a change of tempo , shameful but least its a nissan and its cheap on fuel hehe. Cheers Keir
  10. PetroDola


    my business went under.. lost about 150k worth of business investment.. still got a few service agreements that i live off. but ive had to go back to fulltime work.. all my cars had to be sold quickly to survive in between working to keep the family afloat... got 10k for the stagea which i spent about 35k on with mods.. (wasnt expecting to get 30k back mind you ..probably real value was about 15-18k) ..sold my skyline for 3.5k for a tuned 400hp r33 skyline and registered. that i pumped about 12k into also. so in total i got back 13.5k so yeah lost a bit of cash. shit happens.. but im back to work now and saving ..mrs is going back to work and soon ill be getting this stock low km clean r33 and then another stagea when i can afford too.. miss them so much but anyway back on topic.. Turbo is going to Scott - sold
  11. PetroDola


    if no one wants it.. its going in the bin! so any offers are accepted.
  12. PetroDola


    i got it from dunc and jetwreck .. believe it was dunc's old turbo.. not sure. but its done about 100,000kms .. still in good order.. has sat in a box in a plastic bag ever since.. no compressor play , unsure of condition (its never been used by me but dunc or jetwreck could confirm); i paid $300 for it.. plus postage. people can have it for whatever theyre offering. ive lost about 50k on cars this year.. i dont really give a crap what im offered.. someone can have it for $200 + postage if they want it.. or pick up if theyre in brisbane.;
  13. PetroDola


    havent been online for ages since i made a bit of a dick of myself after having a bit of a meltdown earlier this year and got flamed on a forum - my own fault had some family and personal issues at the time and lost the plot a bit.. but anyway... ive had numerous messages from people chasing a spare m35 turbo its still sitting there if anyone wants it.. regards Keir
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