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  1. Update time.. engine is built and mounted. GTR rods, ARP bolts, stock pistons, new rings, honed, all surfaces machined and new OEM gaskets. Turbo is a gt 3576r wonder if it'll be too big for this thing? Engine is now dry dumped and 1000cc injectors now fitted, powerfc ecu is in a box on the bench.
  2. Pulley drives completed today
  3. Working on dry so placement today. Should be able to get the belts mostly under the floor.
  4. Ok, so the engine has been fit for measurements of sump etc and its back out again now. Any advice for the dry sump inlet to the block? I was going to feed it in where the oil pump feed oil into the block but it looks pretty small? Should I be removing the oil filter stud and put a fitting directly in there?
  5. I do have a capacity rule, 1.7x for forced induction and have to be below 5000cc. If trials go well and the engine platform shows potential, then plan is to go to 2.8 stroked rb. I race short circuit ski sprints and boat only circuit races. Hopefully engine can spool up quick enough for a competitive launch and top end has enough torque and hp to get the mph
  6. Hi all, Just purchased my first rb25. I have been racing boats with in line six Holden engines for years and looking to upgrade (hopefully) to a boosted Nissan 6. I am currently working out how the marine conversion and will be running as close to stock rb25det to see if the boost will come early enough for a direct driven boat? Will it have plenty of low down and need top end? I'm not sure.. currently running N/A 202 Holden with around 300hp and max speed of 70MPH. Thought I would join the forum and get involved with the community for advice and sourcing parts etc
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