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  1. R32 GT-R parts program for Oz Good new for R32 GTR owners! Quoted from Motor Magazine's Aug 31st 2017 publication... https://www.motormag.com.au/news/1708/nismo-readies-r32-gt-r-parts-program-for-oz
  2. Hey mate, Can I get pics for this: - 180SX DS headlight frame and motor $30 Cheers
  3. Love the colour. Am considering this colour scheme for my S14...
  4. hey mate, would you be able to post them to melb?
  5. Hey mate. How much to get the gtr34 wheels posted(wheels and postage) to Melb 3103? Cheers
  6. [VIC] Looking for a Pair of Work Meister S1 18" Hey folks, I'm looking for a pair of Work Meister S1 (2 piece) 18inch wheels 5x114.3 Let me know what offsets you've got. Cheers
  7. Hey mate, Have you found your R34 yet? I towed an r34 that looked similar to yours afew nights ago. Its been recovered by the coppers. Is it Auto? I posted a thread here
  8. Picked this up this morning in Camberwell. Grey r34 gts auto. Driver side door keyhole, window and ingition barrel are shagged. The rest seem good. Car is now in holding yard awaiting fingerprinting. Owner can sleep now since its found. Cheers
  9. Glad you found your car mate.
  10. Hey there. Is ZNO yours? the coppers have found it and its in a storage yard awaiting to get dusted for prints. Car was found in Syndal train station carpark. All the best. Cheers
  11. This morning picked up and dropped an R33 GTS white, rego ZNO077 in a holding yard. Car will be there to get dusted for prints. To the owner - Its found, but the front bumper is gone. Smashed front headlights. Bent REO. White Enkei RP01s are still there. GTR rear wing still there.
  12. will the s207 reach our shore? love that yellow sti