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  1. Just putting it out there, to see if any USA buyers interested in a 1993 Nissan GTR from Australia? Reason is that the currency exchange may work for both parties. I’m happy to assist with shipping and loading.into container at this end. I can give more details about car on request but will say it has road racing past and fully welded roll cage etc. Also a fan of American muscle project and could consider a trade. PM me for information. Hopefully this is okay to list here otherwise, please delete.
  2. WTB RB26DETT engine block with crank and cradle or short motor Let me know what you have, would prefer NSW pick up Have lots of other GTR parts if looking to swap something Karl 0407931302
  3. Have one for sale but race car only with cams log book or are you after street car?
  4. Unfortunately the time has come for me to part with my Nissan Skyline R32 GTR race car. I used this car in production touring events as it allowed less modifications and was therefore a more econonmical categroy to run. It has Cams approved full roll cage, sealed engine and log book for N1 specification so there are many N1 parts fitted. The engine is fresh with forged internals etc. and has only had a few practice laps after being dyno tuned. The list of upgrades is extensive and includes adjustable coilover suspension, digital dash with GPS track mapping, special sump and oiling system, new competition clutch, upgraded fuel system, full N1 Brembo brake upgrade, aftermarket ECU and boost controller etc.etc. The car owes me close to 50K but looking for offers around the 30K mark but may be negotiatable or possibly listen to offers for cheap trade in and cash adjustment. There is a large inventory of spare parts that come with car including some passenger car pieces. Car is square and has not had any structural issues or major hits so good platform to work with. I believe the car could be very competitive but never had enough funding like larger teams to fully develop and parity issues in my category didn't help. Would be perfect for other forms of motor sports like hill climbs, gymkhana, targa or crank up the boost and throw more money at it to go improved production or sports sedan etc. This car is so much fun to drive on track (GTR guys know the feeling)and only selling because I have another race car to complete (different class altogether). Sorry but not big on writing a full spec page of mods or posting pic's but interested people can ring me if genuine on 0421 848 324. Please note that this is a race car only and cannot be registered. Thanks Karl
  5. My comment wasn't specifically aimed at you. I had the car advertised elsewhere and other people didn't show. Hell I even had it sold on Ebay once but the buyer backed out, so much for a binding agreement and now you can't even leave negative feedback to warn others. Looks like the buyer got in the shit with his family and the distance involved didn't help but he should have checked all this before bidding. It's a little frustrating when it's such a good car and no one has actually looked at it. I hope you did well with your new purchase and you enjoy it. Regards
  6. Here are some more pic's. Please only contact me if you are genuine not like the other deadbeats who waste my time and don't turn up.
  7. will try and add more pic's by the weekend thanks for interest
  8. Bump Motivated to sell and open to realistic offers.
  9. thanks Ozco, we'll see how it goes. it's a great car and it will be a shame to let it go they're not your run of the mill gtr as you know and Nissan's homologation model for racing.
  10. Unfortunately it's time to sell my 1990 model Nismo Edition Skyline due to acquiring another toy. It's registered in NSW until October 2013 and has low kilometers. I have all import papers and engineering certificate etc. Car has some mods like Apexi FC, forged wheels, HKS oil cooler, upgraded exhaust, boost controller, torque split and timer etc. Car was painted white in japan (by dealer as far as I'm concerned) as factory stickers are placed over the white paint and I can't see any evidence of the car being gunmetal grey except for the VIN tag. Model number starts with BNR32-100 and RA code also. Car is pretty genuine in that it still has the emergency flare inside, factory jack and tool kit and the sills haven't been bashed up like most grey imports. Only real faults are a cigarette burn to drivers seat (not by me) and vinyl lifting from rear side window trims (just needs to be re-glued). It also has a factory 2 way diff and nismo shocks, nismo dash and shift knob etc. The engine has been upgraded (not an N1 block) with forged pistons, N1 pumps, baffled sump etc. because I wanted to boost it and do some track work but I haven't had it on the circuit yet. I'm open to offers over $20K due to depressed market plus I got an exceptional deal on my new toy which allows me to lower my price (I still believe it worth much more due to condition). Will send pic's to geniune inquiries only. I'm not interested in what people think these are worth and debating value due to mods or colour change etc. (like other posts). This is a regrettable sale but not a forced sale so I'm not concerned if it doesn't sell "so no silly offers".
  11. I have a pair of five spoke enkie 17x8 mag wheels with 35mm offset to suit GTR etc. They are white in colour with white centre caps and are in very good condition (still have enkei stickers on outer rim). I think they are RP01 from memory and I'd like $200 for the pair. Wheels are in Sydney or can post at extra charge. Will see what response I get here before I try Ebay.
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