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SAU Motorkhana Saturday 18th May Avalon including entry list.


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Saturday 18th May 2024 8:30am Capped 26 entries
Standard Entry Fee: $89
Members Entry Fee: $55 (SAU Victoria Only)
Entries Close: Friday, 17th May 2024 11:00am

Supp Regs: TBC

Disclaimer: Download  Please electronically sign and email to [email protected] or print and hand in and Driver Sign In.

To up our timing game we have invested in professional timing gear and this will be first event using it.


Additional Info: For any questions, please email [email protected]

To compete in this event you will require

A valid Motorsport Australia L2S Licence or AASA licence (Day license is $35.00 via the AASA Website)

A helmet, long sleeve clothing and it is reccomended a 1KG mounted fire extinguisher (But not Mandatory).

Further details within Supp Regs Above.

You can bring and have a passenger in the car but they need to comply to the same safety and clothing as driver.

Entry Link >> https://www.sauvic.com.au/entry/deca/20240518

Entry List:

1. Tony Buckland -180sx

2. Peter Canfield - WRX

3. Michael Dunbar -R34

4. Min Chan 

5. Adrian Mueller 

6. Shane Janssen

7. Warren Clark

8. Luca Stamatescu

9. Ben Simmons 

10. Josh Miller - Ford Raptor

11. Joselito Da Rocha

12.  Sime

13. Ryan Bell

14. Rachel

15. Alix Gabbe

16. Ben Wellsells

17. Rhys P

18. JC Pook

19.Leon Stapley









Reserve list



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