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  1. ^ Not even close. They abandoned all those silly rules years ago. So long as the wheel + tyre fits (doesn't stick out, doesn't hit the car), the rolling diameter stays within limits, and the track remains within the limit, you can fit anything. And no Turbo R33 has ever had 6" wide std wheel. Or 7s. All had the extra 0.5", unless GTR, which are of course 9".
  2. That was said in the project office I am sitting in about 30 minutes ago. "Hope is not a management tool".
  3. Cracked, as in cracked through/broken, or cracked as in crazed/hazed? If the latter, then yes, pulling them apart (very gently) and working on the inner surface might help. There are full aftermarket LED retrofit type things available too.
  4. What specifically is wrong with the headlights? And, are you actually in a position where GTR headlights are easier to get hold of than GTST lights? I ask these questions because there are other things you can do to improve headlights, and whilst I don't know for sure (because R33 and I prefer not to know too much about them).....It is unlikely that the GTR headlights swap with GTST. They don't on R32. Well, they do, but they are different. Different grille brackets, etc.
  5. I would suggest that you stop doing what you are doing and take the car to an auto-electrician. I don't think replacing the alternator was likely to be the correct response to what appears to be a wiring problem elsewhere. The likelihood that we can diagnose what the real problem is across the internet is, on all previous evidence, f**k all.
  6. As if you wouldn't put a massive Yank crate motor in the thing. This is why the USA exists!
  7. Why not power it up and measure it?
  8. Well, yes. They could be stickier or less sticky than previous. To cause tramp, it's more likely that they are more sticky rather than less. They could have a different sidewall stiffness and/or different inflation pressure. Try a bit more and less pressure ans see which feels better. That might help tramp and make handling worse, so you may have to find a new compromise. I have axle tramp. I will never do anything to get rid of it that will adversely affect the lateral grip of the rear end.
  9. That is just insane. You'll very soon be able to get a 400Z for about the same coin. Objectively about 30x better.
  10. The fact that it is behind the centre console doesn't mean it has anything to do with gauges. It actually belongs on the other side of the steering column, next to the fuse box.
  11. I usually remove my pipes to work on the PS pump/belt.
  12. Yeah, well, I assumed RWD sump put on the 26. Better than hacking up 26 sumps.
  13. + Autospeed intercooler water spray controller. Very effective way to boost intercooler effectiveness. Could implement something similar these days with an Arduino for peanuts.
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