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  1. Plenum drains are in the corners. If they're blocked, you should see all the leaves & shit. A high pressure hose is a reasonable way to look for windscreen leaks.
  2. If it's not a heater hose, the two obvious options are; Windscreen seal. Plenum chamber drains blocked.
  3. Straps up and over the tyres, like a tow truck, is the most secure.
  4. Townsville is about as far from Coffs as Adelaide is....so I'm guessing neither of us will. But it doesn't need to be a "good skyline ac guy". Any decent AC specialist will be able to suck it down and recharge it.
  5. That's not actually true. Was clearly written by someone with half an understanding. What really happens is that the ECU leaves the values in the fuel table alone and DOES NOT modify them. It may or may not use them as the base for the calculated fuel qty that it will then apply the feedback factor from the O2 reading, and also apply the long and short term fuel trims if and as they exist. And how do I know? Well, the Functional Description documents that I have been writing recently for Burner Management Systems for a couple of different rotary kiln systems with fuel-air ratio control WORK IN EXACTLY THE SAME WAY. I even have a CO sensor in the kiln exhaust as a Safety Function. The capitalised names above are capitalised for a reason. A Safety Function is such a serious thing that we use capitals when writing about it. A Functional Description is what is used by the system integrator and programmer to write the PLC code. All of this is covered by AS 3814 and AS/IEC 61511. The words that are in all caps are just me shouting.
  6. I used propane in mine for a while and it was great. But I eventually got the receiver-dryer changed over and ran R134a and it was fine. Slightly not as good, but nothing to complain about. "Seems to have gas" is not the same as "hooked up to a set of gauges and proven to have the right charge in it". If you swap to R134a, it is as Josh says above. Also need new adapters screwed onto the charge ports. R134a uses different fittings. Also needs different lube and a sticker on the inner guard.
  7. Toluene is used as a paint thinner. Most HCs of this sort smell sweet to me. But that's just the old Chem. Eng. in me.
  8. I vote the Profec also. Ultimately, they all do the same thing. Unless you're racing for sheep stations, there's little to split any of them.
  9. He either has absolutely no idea about anything, or he is absolutely incapable of expressing himself. Still haven't worked out which.
  10. BK, The "Aromatics" in BP's ingredients list is going to be largely toluene. They will be listing benzene and saying it is max 1% because toluene is made from Benzene (simple methylation), and so there may be trace benzene in any toluene they receive. And while benzene is definitely a carcinogen, there is very little evidence to say that toluene is. Hence they can just lump toluene in with whatever other aromatics might be chucked in (and so avoid the hands in the air paint thinner Today Tonight brigade), but need to point out that the carcinogen content is "low".
  11. Black. No more than 6 spokes (or 12 if they're split). No less than 5 spokes (or 10 if they're split). No polished lips. No machined sections. Just black. No 3 spokes. Not now. Not in the 1990s.
  12. Do a search. There's old threads on here talking about these. They are also available on eBay, so you might be able to glean some part number info from that.
  13. le sigh again. He's just seeing if they are even with each other. Not trying to set the mixtures a la 1970s "turn it off while at load and cost to the side of the road" plug tuning. Sheezuz.
  14. le sigh. We were making 30% toluene blends into 95 to make decent fuel in the 1990s.
  15. That's good. Count your blessings that you didn't fry some shit!
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