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  1. Another option. How much space do you have back there? Enough for a pneumatic right angle drill? If you can drill it and you have enough room for the tap/ezy-out, then it's worth a shot.
  2. If you can get a MIG welder onto it, you might be able to get it out in-situ. But otherwise, probably yes. Lid off.
  3. It's actually very simple. Start with something that Hypergear says about one of his larger single turbos for RBs. It can be installed as internal or external wastegate. if internal, it can be low mounted off the stock manifold. It will make ~100kW more when high mounted with external gate than low internal. It's all about the pipework, the crowding, the compromises and the big wastegate. Anything you try to jam into the spot where the factory twins live is going to be compromised by the the tight confines.
  4. A much better option (than what PFC offers) is just Nistune with a windows tablet mounted somewhere/how.
  5. Which is...... 1000HP twins don't look low mount and stock.
  6. To be fair, I have a short length of vac line in my glovebox, because I have been left stationary a couple of times in the past when a piece somewhere did something it wasn't supposed to.
  7. I might also point out that unless you are prepared to make a bump steer gauge and learn how to use it, and sink many hours into playing with the settings, OR, you pay a really good wheel aligner (with the requisite measuring equipment) to spend a lot of time on it, you can't just change the traction arm length at random without potentially making it a lot worse than doing nothing at all.
  8. Yes yes yes. You change the camber arm length without changing the tow arm and you will change the bump steer curve, and not for the better. It has nothing to do with toe angle setting. It has to do with how the toe angle changes as the wheel goes up and down.
  9. You are probably one of 0.05% of Kia buyers who would even consider the question of the quality of the paint. The vast majority of their customer base think of the paint on their car in exactly the same way they think of the paint on their toaster. And for that reason, Kia give no farks for paint quality. It doesn't matter what it is like new, because it falls off of all Korean cars within about 5 years anyway.
  10. Um....is it not that the signal and signal earth are both inside the shielding? In which case, why be surprised that they are shielded. The voltage between those wires can be as low as 1V, so it makes sense to protect them from RFI. The shield should be earthed at the other end (ie, it should only be earthed at one end).
  11. I think ultimately what holds the PowerFC back is that when you get to the point where the stock CAS becomes too unreliable to generate your timing, you have no (easy) way to implement a crank trigger.
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