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  1. Why confused? Use the most modern turbo available. That would be either a GTW or an EFR. Lot's of happy EFR campers on here nowadays. You don't need long duration cams for 400rwkW on E85. You could do it with stock cams. So reconsider. The smart money is on using non-Jap Camtech et al. You should do some searching on here for all the myriad posts on these topics.
  2. For completeness and clarity, I had the wheels off again today so checked that measurement. The main barrel is ~390mm, and the bit of the barrel immediately closest to the spokes is ~380mm. That smaller section is from the spokes back towards the rim centreline, about as far as the hub face on the 8" rims I have. No idea what it looks like on 9.5s with different offset. It might be the clearance limit on a brake caliper, or it might not. Either way, they were a little larger than I remembered, but not huge.
  3. SydneyKid would be the name, if it was him.
  4. Jack one corner of the car. Change corners if it doesn't make it work. If that doesn't work, jack under the diff and let the wheels hang - this should open the rear of the car up a bit.
  5. Drop the exhaust. Look in the cat for the turbine. Then douse it in petrol and throw a match on it.
  6. I'm staying on the sensible bandwagon. Strapping a fake vagina onto a bloke does not make me want to f**k him. Same principle.
  7. Spark or fuel. One will be not working right. Search.
  8. 'sgot nothing to do with whether sequential is good or bad. It's to do with jamming shifts into an H pattern gearbox with even less than zero f**ks given.
  9. Yuh, probably only need 3mm plate + gaskets to gain the clearance you need.
  10. Stupid f**king idea. Just because it is possible, does not make it sensible.
  11. Check valve is easy. Remove hose from both end connections. Suck and blow at one end. If you can both suck and blow, it's broken. Get a new one. The booster can also suffer a broken diaphragm and can leak at the shaft seal. It's surprising that this is the first time you've had this on this car. I did the booster in my R32 at the beginning of the century. You can get them rebuilt.
  12. Get the brand new piece cut'n'shut by a competent welder before it ever sees any refrigerant or compressor oil and win?
  13. Are the plugs the same as the R34 coils'? If so, that's a bit more convenient. Only need to do a mounting plate and shorter boots. Saves wiring changes.