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  1. Should have been removed from the car before it was fitted.
  2. When you get 5.something you will be about as fast as a Skyline with a stock Neo turbo.
  3. Clear covers just get filthy anyway. Inside and out. Have no place on a working engine.
  4. There is an exploded diagram of it in the R32 workshop manual.
  5. I just watched the video. Car starts moving at 12s. Hits 100 at 19s. That's a nice 7s 0-100 time, plus or minus a bit. That is hybrid Camry fast. I'm impressed.
  6. Yes, the idea of a "tune-up" in nonsensical since about the mid 1980s, certainly since the last carbies departed in the 90s.
  7. Yuh, sorry. I'd just finished groaning over an equally daft situation in another thread. I swear, the Qs around here are getting worse daily.
  8. Le sigh. If the key won't turn the barrel, then either they don't go together, or the mechanisms in the doors are jammed. The first is 1000000% more likely than that both doors have f**ked up in the same way. Nevertheless, you could take the door cards off, and check out the locking rods, clips, pivots and so on and spray some lithium grease on them and see what's happening. In fact, if you take the cards off and then use the internal lock mechanisms (near the inner door handle) you should be able to see if the only possible thing that could be wrong is that the lock barrels won't turn. Then you get a locksmith. And FFS. You've had the car 2 years and haven't attempted to get a spare key?!!!
  9. That could be difficult though.....need to get the engine running first.
  10. Make sure they point to point check every wire on the ECU loom plug before they plug it in and power it up. Check all earths are earths, all powers are powers and no signal/sensor wires have 12V or some other shitty error. Just in case. I have had dumb arse instro-eleccies kill multiple expensive controllers and flame detectors and other stuff by plugging them in, killing them, then going to the commissioning spares and grabbing another. They eventually fix the wiring problem when they run out of spares.
  11. Not sure why you would say that. To pressure test the inlet tract you should probably google up a guide - it has been discussed here bazzillions of times. You basically just need to access the inlet of the turbo (and some bits and pieces). The diagram you were shown, shows all the pipe and shit that could participate in a vacuum/boost leak. I've circled the BOV for you cheers
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