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  1. I'm pretty certain that no-one here has the slightest idea how a compound turbo system on a random BMW diesel 4cyl engine is supposed to work, let alone how to diagnose a mystery problem with one.
  2. Spray carby cleaner at possible leak spots. If the idle drops, you found a leak. You can also pressure test the intake tract (up to the TB anyway).
  3. It couldn't be the other thing, could it?
  4. And long may such automotive hypocrisy continue. The last thing we should be doing is dropping the old cars because the new cars are simply faster. Why would anyone continue to play with the Historics, a la Goodwood, otherwise?! I am dismayed with myself for not keeping the wreck of my HG, because whilst it was proper f**ked in the late 80s when I binned it, it was actually quite repairable. I am dismayed with myself for putting my HQ Monaro into harm's way and letting it be stolen. I occasionally kick myself for not fixing my VC Commode when I bought my ALFA, and then selling it for a pittance. I continually kick myself for offloading the ALFA when I bought the Skyline. I bought the R32 for very good reasons in terms of what it would cost me to make the ALFA perform as well as the already turbod, already 4 pot braked, etc R32.....but I still miss the way the 116 chassis handles, and that car would be worth 5x what I got for it by now. I simply cannot contemplate paying as much money for a new car that would actually not be a soulless transport appliance. $100k is much better spent elsewhere. So I will never part with the R32 and never stop dailying it, unless there is no option.
  5. The answer is heaps is pulled out. Subarus from the 90s were really good. Well engineered, good quality components. By 2010 the rot had started to set in and they had so many common problems. Head gaskets at 130000km. Leaking seals. Shit suspension/body bushes by 30,000. Etc. Bad electronics (coils, ignitors, etc). Nissans became Renaults and all sounded worse than an SR20 or 4G63 (which are both about as bad as a 4cyl can get). All BMWs from the last 20 years have time bombs built into the engine and the gearbox and the electronics. Same with Audis. Merc used to be pinnacle engineering and they are now riddled with cheap components and poor engineering choices. This is not to mention the lack on investment in actually achieving emissions standards and just cheating the tests! I'm look at Ze Chermans here in particular.
  6. Measure the resistance of the sensor when cold and when at operating temperature and compare with the KNOWN temperature-resistance characteristic of that sensor. Job done.
  7. Meh. I have one of the last of the previous shape RAV4s. It is a transport appliance. We also have a recent previous shape Swift. It is also a transport appliance. There is nothing to love about either of them, even with them being arguably the best-in-class. I'd rather drive my R32 even when it is being bitchy than either of them.
  8. Um.....female pipe threads (BSP, NPT) are always parallel. The taper goes on the male.
  9. Um. What? That's the standard Nissan rear bar. You won't find an aftermarket one with SKYLINE moulded in. You will need a normal GTT bar. Vented bonnets are a dime a dozen on eBay.
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