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  1. GTSBoy

    They may well be illegal. To meet ADRs that have to have washers and self levelling. Do they?
  2. I think that one is for the temp sensor in the radiator and it is for the overheat fan function. It's not the one that connects to the fan though. The wires are too small to run any useful fan, for one thing. And, it is right next to where the temp sensor in the tank lives.
  3. I was thinking the same thing.
  4. Well, no. No belt means the compressor can't run, which means it can't make cold air. But blowing "warm" suggests that the heater tap is stuck open. Which happens, because they are old and get crud in them. Search this question. It has been covered here recently.
  5. GTSBoy

    Synchros don't make noise while the car is in gear and under drive. The noise will either be bearings or it will be gear noise from worn meshing faces. Or both.
  6. GTSBoy

    You don't want a "resonator" in the middle of your exhaust. You want a full size centre-offset oval muffler. Well, you would if your exhaust followed the normal path. You probably just want a centre-centre oval muffler. But the point is, you need a muffler there.
  7. I suppose the advantage of the truck coils is you can can fit the coil cover back over the top. Most of the pencil coils are too long.
  8. There's absolutely no point in doing it. The LS coils used to be the only way to get a big fat upgrade. But they are a bit of a pain in the arse to use with narrow dwell limits, problems with fake copies, etc. The new hotness is modern (truly modern, not the nearly modern that the LS coils are) pencil coils, like they use on just about everything these days. The usual choices for RBs are Toyota (Yaris, Celica, etc), Audi R8, and even Nissan's own VR38 original coils. They are all cheap, very powerful, reliable, etc etc. The Toyota ones are Denso, which would be one of the best manufacturers of these things. I think both the others are too.
  9. And while that one may be is on a hard plastic part of the door trim. Not the squishy part. Sheezuz!
  10. Oh. My. God. Siebon. They make CF things. Actual carbon fibre. Real carbon fibre laid up like manually, with skill. Not dipped pieces of crap.
  11. GTSBoy

    Given the (lack of) money involved in buying these these days, I would suggest getting a 34 GTT instead. Better motor, newer by several years, nicer in most ways than 33, and in the most important way - it doesn't look like a Maxima rear-ended a Magna.
  12. OK, here's an exercise for you. Go dip a vinyl glove. Let it dry. Put it on. Scrunch your fingers. What do you think will happen to the dip? Really? What do you think will happen? Wheels are rigid surfaces. Door trims are NOT. They are vinyl backed by polyurethane foam to give them the "soft touch" experience that people want. If you want the tacky tacky experience of carbon fibre dipped door trims, tou would first have to remake the door trims out of something hard, like ally, or fibreglass.....or carbon fibre.
  13. Yes, but again.....dipping onto surfaces that are flexible (the door trims) is not going to be a long term proposition. 2 weeks later it will be all flaking off.