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  1. Do the Ganadors fold? No. Therefore, they don't need or have all the wires needed to run the folding motors.
  2. The engine has a boost sensor, but if the NA ECU is not connected to it and can't see any input from it.....what does it matter? The NA ECU will keep just running the engine as if it thinks it is connected to an NA engine. The CAS is the same. The AFM has a different calibration, but it's electrically compatible. As to why it ran well and now it doesn't? See my original reply. You've probably damaged it by doing the wrong thing. Te wrong thing is using the wrong ECU. Too rich. Too lean. They're both bad. You've probably cooked something.
  3. Why would it not be possible? The ECU does not control whether or not you make boost. The ECU just has maps in it to say how long to open the injectors for each combination of rpm point and airflow meter measured load, and similarly, maps to say when to fire the ignition. Will those maps be correct for a turbo engine? f**k no. The fuel tables will likely be wrong all over the place. Could well be too rich down low. Almost certainly too lean in the boost regions. The ignition map will have too much advance and you will be at risk of destroying the engine. All this because the maps in the NA ECU are set up to work with a particular capacity airflow meter and particular size injectors. Your turbo AFM and injectors will both be different to what the ECU assumes and the result (fundamentally rich or lean) will depend on which of the thing (AFM, injectors) is further away from the assumption. Possibly/probably unning lean on boost is a simple effect of NA engines not needing anywhere near as much enrichment near peak torque as turbo engines do, because turbos will ping themselves to death if given lean** mixtures on boost. **where lean means "not actually lean, just too lean". Truly lean is anything >14.7:1, but in a turbo on boost, lean is anything >12:1, ie still pig rich by NA terms.
  4. There should be no connection between what you have done and the problem that you have. So, either you have a bad coincidence, or you have somehow f**ked something else (unexpected) while playing with the fuel rail. Sadly, we'd only be guessing as to what that accident might have been. If the pump is not running, then the thing you should be doing is fault finding the pump, starting with the power and earth, to see why.
  5. If I wanted to pass a 4" exhaust pipe under the chassis rails, I'd just make a flat oval section up, no more than 50mm high, but as wide as it needs to be to add up to more than the equivalent cross sectional area of a 4" pipe. That looks like a 2" pipe split down the centre, with a 5" wide flat spliced in top and bottom, or a ~6"x2" rectangle. Add offset transitions at both ends to 4" pipe, or just at one end and take the rectangular outlet all the way out under the sill.
  6. As large as you can fit. The larger the better.
  7. I thought it was well known on these forums that you shouldn't buy parts from that supplier.
  8. Almost certainly the noise is coming from the rotor face. Anyone how can afford R35 calipes can afford to hang a GoPro or similar camera on their suspension with the microphone pointed at the brakes. Diagnosis techniques for this kind of thing have been made infinitely more accessible in the last 10 years. But I would put money on it being the brakes and being a problem.
  9. More likely to be faulty IACV than anything else. In this case "faulty" mostly being dirty to the point of sticking open/shut when it is supposed to be moving. The ECU keeps cranking on it until it responds, and then it responds too far, hence the unstable idle and possible stalling when stopping. It's only like the 2nd most common question on here with literally thousands of threads to look through. I don't like the chances that the original fuel pump is doing 370awkW on E85. That would be outside the bounds of possibility. More than 99% likelihood of it being upgraded.
  10. Why not just jack the car up, undo the caliper bolts and find out for yourself?
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