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  1. 2018 AGM & 2019 SAU-VIC Committee Elections Location: Tower Hotel 686 Burwood Rd, Hawthorn East VIC 3123 Date:5/12/18 Time: 7:30 - 9:30pm Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/146023009461504/ The 2019 SAU Vic elections will be held via AGM at the November Club Meeting on the 5th of December 2018 At this meeting, the new Committee for 2018 will be elected the annual report and financial position of the club will be presented. All Committee positions are up for voting and nomination. However it will only be the Executive Committee who gets voted in on the night of the AGM. The Executive committee will then pick the general committee as they see fit from the members who are nominated here. Nominations can only be made by financial members of SAU-Vic. If you would like to be involved on the Committee, please nominate yourself. If you think someone else would be great in a Committee role - please nominate them. For a nomination to be valid it must be seconded by a current Club Member and the person must accept the nomination. Don't be scared - this is a great way to get more involved with your club. The Committee is currently structured as such: Executive Committee roles: President Vice President Secretary Treasurer General Committee roles: Social Events Motorsport Events Again, this is a great way to be a part of your club. All current financial members are eligible. All committee members have to stand down and be re-nominated and re-elected - so everyone has the ability to be involved. Please post any queries or nominations in this thread. Role Descriptions Executive Committee roles: President This is the clubs leader. This person is responsible for the clubs "public" face appearance. Their responsibility is to ensure the club is heading and following the direction that the members want. They should also show good leadership examples to other committee members and delegate tasks to the general committee. The President should endeavour to run all of the monthly general meetings. Vice President This is the clubs second in command role. This person is responsible for day to day running of the various "departments" of the club. They act as a fill in for when the President is absent from meeting, events and other appearances. They also cover any absences for any decision-making requirements and processes. Secretary Responsible for all club mail, notices, memberships, member inquiries, member questions and bulletins. The secretary should also track our various club affiliation agreements (insurance etc) and ensure all of the club information is up to date and correct. The secretary should also handle all memberships add/changes/deletes Treasurer The treasurer is responsible for the clubs trading funds and bankroll. It is their responsibility to ensure funds for events, purchases, stock, merchandise, deposits etc is handled correctly. All money transfers, transactions, purchases need to be logged and recorded for our regular balance checks and yearly reviews. This person has direct access to the SAU bank account and financial data. This person is called upon also when cross planning events and new ideas to ensure adequate funds and capacity is available. As we are non profit car club this role is very important and all steps must be taken to protect the clubs money.
  2. Bit of a shame as they have been good there with our members. Glad it was sorted easy enough for you though
  3. Well that was an awesome day of motorkhana-ing. The team at SAU Vic would like to thank all our competitors and we hope you had a great day out there! A big thank to our volunteers who not only braved the cold but also the wet so this event could happen, big ups!!!! And thanks thanks thanks to the awesome SAU Vic committee who once again put together an event that was fun for all. Results will be released in the coming days so keep a look out for them and we hope to see you at our next Motorkhana later in the year!
  4. Hi Paul, send an email through to [email protected] with some details and they will get things sorted for you by the weekend
  5. I will have someone contact you about this very soon!!!
  6. For our March event we will be heading out for a cruise along the Black Spur. This is a great drive and if you have never done it then this is a perfect opportunity to come on a cruise with a great bunch of people.Meeting at Lilydale Bunnings carpark 6:30pm, we will make our way up the route to the Black Spur Inn for a meal and chats.This event is open to all SAU Vic members and non members alike.For non members to take part we ask for a gold coin donation that will grant you a day membership so you can take part. These donations from events throughout the year will be given at the end of the year to a charity of the SAU Vic communities choosing.See you there!
  7. Some info from our scrutineer, please read. Good afternoon All Competitors & Come and Try Entrants. Your competition vehicles will be scrutinised by myself (Haider Butts) on the day of this event. I will like to take this opportunity to remind you of some recent updates in General Requirements for Cars and Drivers. In this post I will only mention the ones that affect competitors and vehicles at this event. I would highly recommend you to read this recent update in requirements in your own time: http://docs.cams.com.au/…/GQ00-Regulation%20Modifications-2… 1. Display a blue triangle to indicate location of the battery even if it is in the standard location of that vehicle. An additional triangle to be added if the battery is located inside the cockpit on or adjacent to the battery. 2. A visible towing point capable of accepting a 40mm cylindrical test object. 3. A fire extinguisher must display: a. Capacity b. Type of extinguishant c. Weight and volume of the extinguishant d. Date of manufacture of the extinguisher 4. A fire extinguisher of minimum 900gms weight which meets AS1841 standard must be installed using a metal bracket within the reach of the driver fully harnessed. All drivers will be required to undergo this check at the time of scrutiny. 5. Fire extinguisher service tags are no longer accepted by themselves. A certificate of service is required on paper for each fire extinguisher installed in the vehicle. 6. SABELT Harnesses, I will be using the following identification post from CAMS to pass or fail SABELT seat harnesses. Please take a moment to read this carefully and if affected replace your SABELT harnesses before this event. Failure to do so may result in failing scrutiny. 
https://www.cams.com.au/…/officials-newsletter-issue-4-scru… 7. A harness tagged “FOR FHR (frontal head restraint) Use Only” shall be only permitted if the driver is using a FIA certified FHR Device. Failure to produce a FHR device will result in fail scrutiny. That all for now. If there are any other changes that apply to this meeting I will update this post. So watch this space. I will be attending the Victorian Scrutineers meeting on the 20th of February. If you wish me to raise any questions or seek clarifications on your behalf in this meeting, please message me directly on Facebook. I will have your answers posted by COB 21st of February.
  8. Canceled but something else will take its place, stay tuned
  9. SAU Vic will be catching up with our good friends from Zeitaku VIP for a mini meet on the 20th of January. A great venue with great food, Pizze Societe is one of Melbournes small gems found along the Yarra. Come say 'Hello', have some pizza, chat and look at some amazing cars! Venue: Pizze Societe - 2 S Wharf Dr, Docklands VIC 3008, Australia - https://tinyurl.com/y863yc9w Time: Meet 6pm in surrounding Carpark
  10. For our first monthly meet for the year , we are visiting the Tower Hotel. A regular meeting place for a number of Vic car clubs with great food and a wide variety of drinks to choose from. Come join us to say hello and meet some of our members. Venue: Tower Hotel - 686 Burwood Rd, Hawthorn East Date: 10/01/2018 Time: 7pm till 9pm
  11. Get this instead and put it in your fridge https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Forum-Novelties-Head-In-A-Jar-Halloween-Decoration-Scary-Props-Zombie-Blood/222685409514?hash=item33d915b0ea:g:FskAAOSwiIxZ6b7B
  12. Come celebrate the end of year with SAU Vic at our Xmas breakup on Wednesday the 13th of December from 6:30pm.The King Yuen Bar and Restaurant will be our hosts for the night offering a delicious Christmas special Banquet.This includes - Chicken & Sweet Corn SoupSesame Prawn Spring RollLettuce DelightGarlic PrawnsLemon Chicken w/special fried riceBanana FritterCoffee or Tea On top of this SAU Vic will be picking up the bill for all soft drinks on the night. Along with this the first 20 people to send payment will receive an SAU Vic goodies bag!!! Price is $20 for club members and $40 non club members. Attendees - Tony Olsson Robyn Ryrie Simon 'Danger' Henman Sam Lehmann Mel Thornton Brett Patching Mitch Patching Liam Clements Jamie Lee Novica Popovic +1 Sean Power Rob Kirk
  13. Well done Joe, always fun to see that car of your on 3 wheels!!! And well done to everyone else. Some times now to beat next event at Winton
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