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  1. I'll be there of course. With the camera out in full force too I'll bring the boat out too
  2. Steve's Car Alarms has always been a popular choice around here
  3. Lol 34th! Not bad for someone that had no idea what they were doing 😅
  4. Coil packs are fixed!! Ready for Saturday! Since this is my first time doing anything like this I am both excited and terrified!! 😱
  5. Exciting! of course my coil packs started to die over the weekend so hopefully I’ll be all fixed up and ready 😱
  6. Thank you!! As for helping out, I'm going to try get some photos (and maybe a little video) throughout the day, depending on home much downtime I get. (I'm the guy that runs this page https://www.facebook.com/jdmmelb/)
  7. Anyone have any recommendations for where to buy reasonably priced helmets for this. Never done a motorsport thing and have no idea where to look.
  8. At least you won't be the one driving an R34 Sedan on the day 🙃
  9. Sweet! I’m in then! Kilsyth is such a convenient spot too!
  10. Would my NA R34 be welcome? Really wanting to try out this type of event 😶
  11. Name: Anthony Location: Melbourne, VIC Email: anth@madewithhearts.com.au Website: madewithhearts.com.au Socials: instagram.com/jdmmelb, facebook.com/jdmmelb About me: Automotive and event photographer based in Melbourne. I attend most big car meets and am also available for private photoshoots. Was recently hired to do official photography for Custom Cars & Coffee at their latest Sandown meet. Full photo galleries of prior events are available from my Facebook page.
  12. Can I change to JDMmelb please? Thanks
  13. How often are new memberships processed? Just wondering as I signed up at the start of August and haven't heard anything.
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