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  1. @Ben C34 Ah shit. So I’ve connected the vacuum port on the intake manifold to the GReddy sensor unit. Removed the factory solenoid and all the lines connected to it. Installed new solenoid, ran a hose from the actuator to one port on the solenoid and another hose to the fitting on the intercooler piping where the factory solenoid had a hose running to. Blocked the fitting on the stainless pipe where the bov plumbs back into the intake as I assumed I didn’t need that anymore after removing old solenoid. Tapped into the 12v acc for the controller and chassis ground. Like I said everything was running, didn’t change any settings on the boost controller. Simply turned the car on, warmed it up and gave it one rev to make sure the controller was getting a correct reading and that was it.
  2. Hey y’all, just got myself a new GReddy profec boost controller and installed it this afternoon. Started the car and let it warm up, everything was running fine, idling with no issues. Once she was warmed up, gave it a rev and instantly the engine cut out. Attempted to start again and it would just splutter a few time and cut out. Strong smell of fuel and also a lot of smoke coming out of the exhaust plus a lot of black liquid (not oil, I’m assuming fuel). I’m assuming the cars gone into limp mode as I’ve unplugged and removed the factory solenoid and it’s no longer getting a signal to the ecu?? Also being a 3 port solenoid that came with the GReddy profec, I’m assuming I’ll neeed to also take the car for a tune once I’ve worked out what’s going on. Currently running factory ecu for the moment, I have an apexi pfc w/ hand controller ready to go for when I can take it for a tune. Any input into what may have gone wrong would be greatly appreciated. thanks
  3. Hey guys, the name of the post says it all. I just finished removing all my old N/A parts from my 34 and put in a det Neo motor with a 33 gtst box ect. I'm running a loom atm that has been chopped and changed WAY too much, extra plugs and wires everywhere that apparently I don't need according to the auto Elec.... last thing I want is my car to catch fire due to electrical fault after so much work... ? if anyone has one that hasnt been chopped or knows someone, pls hit me up. Thanks Jake
  4. I have a receipt that states that an s14 viscous LSD and drive shafts have been installed in the car by the previous owner... either way mine is starting to act more like an open diff. what would the be the best option to go for when swapping this one out? what diff is everyone running and whats your experience with it?
  5. Exactly what you said @GTSBoy I mean series 1 and 2 r34s. I mean is there a difference in wiring between the 1998 model through to 2002 or can I use any engine loom that’s out of a 34 GTT ?
  6. Thank you for the advice @Kinkstaah . Trust me I’ve thought about this long and hard and I’ve come close to taking the easy way out and selling the car + engine and all other parts I’ve collected and just buying a factory turbo however I’ve had this car since I first started driving and I know every inch of the car like the back of my hand. The sentimental value of the car is worth too much for me to sell it and hence why I’ve decided to go with the hard route and proceed with the conversion. I’m confident with the mechanical side of things, more than confident Installing wiring but I don’t have much knowledge or experience in modifying wiring and I havnt messed around with RBs prior to this conversion hence why I’ve made this post to make sure the parts I’m gathering are going to all match up. I’ve got a series 2 rb25det neo ready to go in and I’ve just sourced a loom out of a s1 GTT but I’ve been told that there is no major difference between series 1 and s2 loom and ecu. Can yourself or anyone confirm this ? Thanks
  7. Yes manual mate, id rather ride my push bike than drive an auto skyline?
  8. Hey guys, bought a series 2 RB25DET neo and now looking for a loom to suit. Will a loom out of an s1 work with the s2 motor?
  9. Thanks for the info mate will have a look around to see what I can ungrade too since this one is so shit it only ever locks up half the time aswell it definitely belongs in the trash. It was installed in the car when I got it and I have receipts and everything for it so it’s pretty believable that it’s in there.
  10. Hey guys, currently going though converting my 25gt 34 to a gtt. Before anyone says it’s not worth it, it is to me cause I’ve basically build that car and brought it back to life and it looks like a 03CDCE67-5BB2-446A-A4A3-694E82955E33.MOV beast but just needs to go faster lol. Now I have an s2 rb25det neo sitting there waiting to drop but I need a loom and ecu. Ecu is covered but I need a loom to suit the engine going in. Is there a difference between an s1 r34 loom and s2? I have an s1 ready to go but don’t know if it will be compatible with my s2 motor. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Jake
  11. Hey guys, currently I’m running an s14 diff in my 34 skyline (don’t ask why) it came that way ? from my understanding it’s roughly the same as all S chassis and R chassis run r200s. Mine however is starting to slip and isn’t locking the way it should so there are definitely some teeth missing and she’s abit worn out. What’s the best plan of action here is what I’m trying to get at ? Should I rip the whole rear end out and convert back to stock gtt rear end or should I get the s14 one fixed. If so where is a good reliable place to take it to?? any help would me much appreciated. Jake
  12. Hi guys, wondering if anyone knows any reputable places in Melbourne that would be able to fit an alarm system/immobiliser/gps tracking in my 34? Had a look through some other threads and couldn't find any that give names of places in vic. Thanks
  13. I'm looking to buy a hood like the one in the first pic, any idea on where to get one preferably in vic ?
  14. Wtb an rb25 det NEO either running or in repairable condition. Preferably in vic region. Had a quick look online but there isn't many around at the moment, if anyone could help me out it would be much appreciated. Thanks
  15. Hey guys hit me up with anything you got want to pick one of these up as my bonnet is suffering from abit of fade and instead of just getting it sprayed I think it's time to change things up a little! Thanks Jake
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